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Other users have misspelling segue as:

pie chart
  1. sigue 12.85%
  2. seguem 10.82%
  3. segui 5.49%
  4. segu 4.08%
  5. Other 66.76%

Definitions of segue


  1. proceed without interruption; in music or talk


  1. the act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another

Examples of segue

  1. Colours Beyond Colours" opens with a Jamaican-sounding speaker ostensibly describing the supersensory effects of LSD, and then segueing into a cod-'60s-didactic announcement about the electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. In interview, he'll often segue into a boorish, rambling mode which - while always hilarious - still seems like performance.
  3. He was struggling to read a funny e-mail, but it rendered him speechless, so he segued into the next song without introduction.

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