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1. In the way it sounds, particularly: written to describe the sound rather than the dictionary spelling.

2. In a phonetic manner.

3. by phonetics


1. After some thought, she opted for a phonetic spelling, although she was not even sure if her pronunciation was correct.

2. `Oh yes,' Wesley nodded, `yes, the phonetic link's very explicit.

3. The phonetic graffiti on my car is probably intended to humiliate me.

4. For example, when a person says his or her name, listen carefully to the pronunciation and write down the name phonetically to help you recall the name later.

5. •As soon as possible, write down the name phonetically so you remember the pronunciation later.

6. She led us through the word phonetically: Ch-trv-tek.

7. What van Helmont did was to change the meaning to kinds of air other than the air we breathe; and his stroke of genius was to spell the Greek word phonetically, i.e., as he and other southern Dutch-speakers would have spelled it, if, knowing no Greek, they had heard it, and had had to write it down in Dutch.

8. These thugs ran a violent insurgent operation back home under the the acronym of FRAPH — ostensibly standing for The Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti but ironically translating phonetically into the French word for “hit” or “to whip”.

9. ‘The/l / at the end of bell is still phonetically a lateral consonant for me, pronounced with the blade of my tongue in contact with the roof of my mouth.’

10. ‘They found that baby-talk vowels are not just spoken more clearly, but are phonetically different from their adult equivalents, New Scientist magazine reported.’

11. ‘Now, even the phonetically challenged will master the pronunciation of ‘Tuiasosopo.’’

12. ‘Instead, the list of names with front vowels surely differed from the list of names with back vowels in many other ways, phonetically and otherwise.’

13. ‘There is more to phonics than merely learning to spell words phonetically.’

14. phonetically realized

Other users have misspelling phonetically as:

1. phoneticall 7.69%

2. foneticaly 3.85%

3. Other 88.46%

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