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Other users have misspelling phonetically as:

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  1. phoneticall 7.69%
  2. foneticaly 3.85%
  3. Other 88.46%

Definitions of phonetically


  1. by phonetics

Examples of phonetically

  1. Yet since the type-I genitive case (prototypically -as) is almost identical phonetically to this other case (prototypically -is), I find it odd that they didn't just merge considering that they would then also have almost identical semantics too!
  2. It's wonderful to watch her now going through things phonetically learning how to spell things.
  3. I put the blame squarely on dysfunctional English orthographic traditions recognizing, as Tom/汤姆/tāngmǔ says, that there are even less phonetically-helpful orthographies in the world.

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