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1. transitive To perform or participate in, as a sacrament or solemn rite; to solemnize; to perform with appropriate rites.

2. intransitive To engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event.

3. transitive To extol or honour in a solemn manner.

4. transitive To honour by rites, by ceremonies of joy and respect, or by refraining from ordinary business; to observe duly; to keep.

5. To laud, magnify, glorify.2, 3. Keep, Observe, Solemnize, Celebrate, Commemorate. Keep is an idiomatic word for observe: as, to keep the Sabbath; to keep Lent or feast-days. To observe is to pay regard to, in a reverent and especially a religious way. (See observance.) We speak of observing the Sabbath, of observing the wishes of one's father. To solemnize is to celebrate religiously. To celebrate is to mark, distinguish, or perform with joy and honor: as, to celebrate an anniversary; to celebrate a marriage. To commemorate is to keep in memory public and solemn acts: as, to commemorate the resurrection by observing Easter.

6. To make known, especially with honor or praise; extol; glorify.

7. To commemorate or honor with demonstrations of joy, sorrow, respect, etc.: as, to celebrate a birthday or other anniversary; to celebrate a victory.

8. To perform solemnly or with appropriate rites and ceremonies: as to celebrate mass; to celebrate a marriage or a public funeral.

9. To perform a religious ceremony.

10. To observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity.

11. To make widely known; display.

12. To extol or praise.

13. To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing. synonym: observe.

14. To engage in festivities.

15. To perform (a religious ceremony).

16. To honor by solemn rites, by ceremonies of joy and respect, or by refraining from ordinary business; to observe duly; to keep.

17. To perform or participate in, as a sacrament or solemn rite; to solemnize; to perform with appropriate rites.

18. To extol or honor in a solemn manner.


1. From the expression on her face, I knew that it wasn't time to celebrate.

2. ‘‘The radio link will allow women on the outer islands to report on their activities to celebrate the day,’ says Teao.’

3. ‘For their part, the Central Festival Center organized music shows, dance demonstrations and a whole day of fun activities to celebrate the historic event.’

4. ‘Afterwards the wedding party celebrated the great day at the Seven Oaks, Carlow.’

5. ‘Teachers from Banglamung district, VIPs and over 2,000 people from the general public gathered to celebrate this special day.’

6. ‘It's her birthday on Sunday but because she is being whisked away for a romantic mini break, we shall gather the troops to celebrate her happy day next week.’

7. ‘She is planning a formal wedding and reception to celebrate the happy event.’

8. ‘The university community is invited to three public events to celebrate the occasion.’

9. ‘A North Yorkshire equality campaigner is celebrating a landmark victory in the House of Commons which will enable men over 60 to claim free bus travel.’

10. ‘Brigid was given a surprise party to celebrate her big day.’

11. ‘Two of her nieces attended the party to help celebrate her special day.’

12. ‘Many happy returns to Margaret and Pat James Duffy who are celebrating their wedding anniversary on Friday June 6th.’

13. ‘Students and teachers from Annandale North Public School are celebrating the end of a four-year battle to extend their playground.’

14. ‘Communities across Australia will be celebrating the event with tree planting activities to green up Australia.’

15. ‘No one knows exactly when the tradition got started in St Lucia but the event is celebrated with gusto and much frivolity with activities lasting up to a week.’

16. ‘For all you fellow bloggers and visitors out there who celebrate Valentine's Day, here's wishing you an enjoyable one tomorrow.’

17. ‘Nonetheless, the family still gather every year to celebrate Mum's wedding anniversary.’

18. ‘To celebrate the occasion the happy couple renewed their wedding vows and enjoyed the celebrations with their family and close friends in the Waterford Manor Hotel.’

19. ‘Staff at the Fat Cat are planning to hold a party to celebrate their success and plan to get ‘very merry’.’

20. ‘Happy anniversary to Leo and Kitty Burke, who celebrated their special day recently.’

21. ‘Last week I was due to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Venice.’

22. ‘A Lisselton woman celebrates a birthday with a difference this Tuesday as she reaches the magical 100 mark.’

23. ‘Orkney's oldest resident celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, reaching the grand old age of 103.’

24. ‘He celebrated his birthday on Monday, the anniversary of the infamous 1963 robbery.’

25. ‘It represents an early birthday present for the £900m shopping mall, which celebrates its fifth anniversary next month.’

26. ‘A number of centenarians celebrated their birthdays earlier this year.’

27. ‘Speaking of sound engineers (and, indeed, of sound men), a gentleman of the Australian nation is celebrating his fortieth birthday today.’

28. ‘Also celebrating her birthday is Kate O'Neill, Avondale, Waterford, who reached her latest milestone on Tuesday, September 13.’

29. ‘Carlow College of Music, under its Director of Music, Majella Swan, B.Mus, H. Dip, in Ed., is celebrating its tenth birthday.’

30. ‘Damien is also celebrating his birthday today.’

31. ‘Also celebrating his birthday on Saturday, September 17, was Michael Kiely, Waterford, who turned the big 40 at the weekend.’

32. ‘Fibbers, the York live music café bar in Stonebow, is celebrating its tenth birthday this weekend; but why is it called Fibbers?’

33. ‘The Platinum clubhouse is celebrating its third birthday this month.’

34. ‘If your pampered poodle is celebrating a birthday you can also pick up a Dogsters frozen ‘special occasion cake.’’

35. ‘It's also the choice of our sister-in-law, who's celebrating a birthday, and the choice of several other women who'll be in the audience.’

36. ‘Today my sister Rufie is celebrating her birthday.’

37. ‘Maestro Camplin was especially charming about halfway through the evening, when he asked if anyone in the audience was celebrating a birthday.’

38. ‘Les, Robyn, and Steve are all celebrating birthdays this weekend.’

39. ‘A primary school pupil celebrating his seventh birthday was due to unveil a £151,000 revamp at a Melksham supermarket.’

40. ‘The school - which has just celebrated its centenary - is owned by the Licensed Trade Charity.’

41. ‘Travers celebrated the Requiem Mass and delivered a lovely ceremony celebrating the life of Dessie and referring to his special love for music and life.’

42. ‘It was the first time the enrolment ceremony for these Sacraments was celebrated within the Mass.’

43. ‘The Pope said Catholic priests were forbidden to celebrate Eucharistic liturgies with Protestant ministers.’

44. ‘Fr. John O'Gorman celebrated the Requiem Mass for the late Jack Curran in Newcastle Church near Athenry last Thursday.’

45. ‘Fr Paul also celebrated his Requiem Mass where he paid tributes to Larry.’

46. ‘Father Purcell celebrated the Requiem Mass in Dunhill Church and the soloist was Margaret Moore.’

47. ‘Fr. Colm Burke celebrated the Requiem Mass and Eddie was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.’

48. ‘In the early Church, as in the Synagogue, the altar was a sacred table upon which were placed the books and instruments used to celebrate the Eucharistic sacrament, or Mass.’

49. ‘Fr. Peter Gannon celebrated the Mass and officiated at the ceremony.’

50. ‘If you have a child for Baptism you are asked to give two weeks' notice so the Baptismal team and the priest scheduled to celebrate the ceremony may arrange to visit you.’

51. ‘The following day Fr. Shanahan celebrated Requiem Mass and he was assisted by Fr. Crowley.’

52. ‘A Latin Mass in the old Rite was celebrated by Fr. Robert Ruttledge in Rathduff Church on Sunday evening last.’

53. ‘That would see ordained lay deacons performing most of the functions of a priest, apart from celebrating the Eucharist.’

54. ‘James Conor Coleman, Cross, Edmondstown recently celebrated the sacrament of Baptism in Monasteraden.’

55. ‘Grange priest Father Christy McHugh celebrated Mass at Staid Abbey for the first time in over 400 years.’

56. ‘In my early years I was puzzled by the fact that a priest from a neighboring men's cloister came to celebrate the liturgy exclusively for women.’

57. ‘Requiem Mass was celebrated for the repose of his soul on Monday in Meelick Church.’

58. ‘Mass will celebrated for the repose of his soul in Castlebar at a later date.’

59. ‘Clonaghadoo's annual cemetery Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, July 4th at 4pm.’

60. ‘If the weather is unsuitable, the Mass will be celebrated in the church.’

61. ‘The media across the Islamic Arab world have endorsed that promise, praised the film, and celebrated its new life in the United States.’

62. ‘Several universities, institutes and schools in the U.S., India and other countries have been honouring Chawla with awards celebrating her spirit.’

63. ‘Those honoured include celebrated benefactor John Harrison, brewer Joshua Tetley and cricket legend Sir Leonard Hutton.’

64. ‘This is an opportunity to celebrate your neighbours and honour volunteers in your community.’

65. ‘Those leaders now perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity are celebrated and honoured.’

66. ‘Four categories have been created to make sure that all elements of community work are celebrated, with honours being handed out to those champions who have gone the extra mile for the sake of creating a better way of life.’

67. ‘Whilst both books should be celebrated and praised as artistic successes, it is Brite's novel which is truly the more shocking work.’

68. ‘The hall of fame was instituted four years ago and honours and celebrates a combination of past broadcasters and those who continue to enliven the airwaves and engage and entrance the imagination of listeners.’

69. ‘Mostly the film celebrates friendship and enjoying life (which seems to be having friends, sex, food and wine), though it's not as hedonistic as it sounds.’

70. ‘One is a film that celebrates the wholesome things in American life: men on horseback, women weaving tapestries, oil well firefighters in Texas.’

71. ‘Yet the film celebrates the idea that if you have the will and tenacity, you can come through hard times, and that there's no need to depend on the federal government to save you.’

72. ‘Russian Ark is a film that celebrates high culture unequivocally.’

73. ‘For all it pretends to laugh at that 1950s ideal, covertly the film celebrates it.’

74. ‘Her own marriage, to celebrated New Yorker film reviewer Anthony Lane, could not survive without it.’

75. ‘We're saying that cinema can be an event, it can be a fun place where film is celebrated.’

76. ‘‘It is to inspire an interest and love of international cinema and to celebrate the art of film,’ she said.’

77. ‘I do think it's time to celebrate what's on our doorstep.’

78. ‘The theme will be to celebrate who and what make up the essence of Keighley.’

79. ‘"Natural Forms" is a fascinating exhibition celebrating nature in its lyrical diversity.’

80. ‘Four major exhibitions celebrate different aspects of Turner's artistic achievement this season.’

81. celebrate Christmas

Other users have misspelling celebrate as:

1. celebrat 7.17%

2. celibrate 6.52%

3. celbrate 3.7%

4. celabrate 3.04%

5. celeberate 2.39%

6. celebrada 2.17%

7. Other 75.01%

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