Definition of 'disgusting'


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1. which causes disgust, repulsive, distasteful.

2. Arousing disgust; repugnant. synonym: offensive.

3. That causes disgust; sickening; offensive; revolting.

4. Present participle of disgust.

5. Causing disgust; offensive to the taste, physical, moral, or esthetic.


1. What a disgusting world we live in.

2. The things we tasted went from the sublime to the ridiculous to the outstanding to the disgusting.

3. This is outrageous and plain disgusting.

4. It is really ridiculous and disgusting.

5. It's disgusting that these places are being so comprehensively ignored.

6. If true, this is a further disgusting murder.

7. They've had to munch all manner of disgusting dishes in their roles as MasterChef judges.

8. "Of course," he said -- he used the two words very often, and pronounced the second, rather mincingly, to rhyme with _sauce_: "Of course," said Mr. May, "it's a disgusting place -- _disgusting_!

9. The word disgusting came to mind, though I suppose it was pretty in that cottage-chintzy-curtain-fabric way.

10. She said she and other parents are trying to mobilize to protest their treatment, which she called "disgusting."

11. Lusaka appealed to the international community to look into the plight of the refugees to avert what he described as disgusting human suffering.

12. 'If it were not for what you call my disgusting pride, I should degenerate into that loathsome animal a sponge,' said Ida, rising suddenly from her dejected attitude, and standing up before her admiring little friend,

13. Sarah Palin's husband defended her Thursday against what he called "disgusting lies" hoping to discredit a new biography that accuses the popular Tea Party figure of drug use and infidelity.

14. Karzai's office on Wednesday slammed what it called a disgusting "rise in recent incidents of immoral nature among foreign soldiers."

15. ‘Lee said showing the 1962 war epic was a disgusting and offensive way to mark the emotional trip.’

16. ‘We wish to object to the disgusting sight we have to put up with whenever we look out of our window.’

17. ‘Alexia looked at me like I had just said the most vile and disgusting thing about her.’

18. ‘It was, without exception, one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.’

19. ‘I hope you will stick with this inquiry and expose their disgusting operations.’

20. ‘This disgusting man will only serve four years and then be free to inflict pain and suffering on other women.’

21. ‘They were both in a disgusting state the last time I walked that way.’

22. ‘In two of three houses the suspect has raided he has left behind his own disgusting signature by using the properties as a toilet.’

23. ‘This is the disgusting context in which tomorrow's debate must be set.’

24. ‘From time to time, I am simply floored by a disgusting newspaper article.’

25. ‘Tourists will continue to shun the disgusting stock of hotels that are being constructed.’

26. ‘I am appealing to their sense of decency to stop this disgusting greed.’

27. ‘It may yet take a national inquiry to establish the full extent of this disgusting phenomenon.’

28. ‘Imagine, if you can, sharing a small room and lavatory with someone with disgusting personal habits.’

29. ‘Go into a movie and instead of smelling your partners nice perfume you smell the disgusting smells of cigarettes!’

30. ‘It's a disgusting habit that really mystifies and intrigues me at the same time.’

31. ‘There was something frankly disgusting about the wealth and splendour on display.’

32. ‘But why should others have to suffer the disgusting smell and the possible health risks?’

33. ‘We hope the public will help us to stop this disgusting practice.’

34. ‘Why do some people make such a damnably disgusting munching sound when they eat that can be heard miles away?’

35. a disgusting smell

Other users have misspelling disgusting as:

1. discusting 31.82%

2. diskusting 5.19%

3. digusting 4.55%

4. desgasting 2.6%

5. disguasting 2.6%

6. discosting 2.6%

7. diskasting 2.6%

8. discussting 2.6%

9. Other 45.44%

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