Definition of 'bosses'


Word Frequency
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1. Plural form of boss.

2. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of boss.


1. You come across so smartly and can impress the toughest boss or a group of experts.

2. She is stylish, loves leather and bossing men around.

3. More than 50 serious concerns have now gone to bosses as part of a whistleblower scheme.

4. WORKERS will be given the power to block excessive wage rises for their bosses under plans to be unveiled this week.

5. There were no witnesses, but she told her boss and handed in her notice after he refused to do anything about it.

6. She said:'It was just like talking to my boss about work.

7. As it is bosses don't want to appear out of touch or have disgruntled employees complaining about the set-up.

8. But that is no surprise as he sees similarities between his new and old bosses.

9. What should you do if your boss often comes into work smelling unpleasant?

10. The ability to boss other people around destroys much of human decency.

11. Twitter users questioned whether that was aimed at her property boss hubby.

12. But the new boss just wants a proper go at it this time.

13. Having the national team boss in charge sends out a strong message.

14. And it also becomes a way in which bosses and governments make their problems your fault.

15. Telling your boss may put him in an embarrassing situation.

16. We did our best to boss him around and keep him out of our way.

17. Health unions last night blasted the huge pay rises for bosses.

18. Site bosses must hand all such messages to cops.

19. Where could party bosses parachute him in?

20. Your boss asks you to do a piece of work for the following day.

21. What on earth is the boss talking about this time?

22. Politicians and union bosses are demanding an independent inquiry.

23. England's caretaker boss names his squad today.

24. Normally, players turn it on for the new boss.

25. Online Lloyds banking group to reignite bosses' bonus row timesonline.

26. The label bosses have refused to renew the contract of the 22-year-old sister of Beyonce Knowles.

27. I would personally agree with going after the people responsible for giving the orders to the CIA operatives, but not the actual Operatives themselves also going after the contractors and their bosses is a good course of action.

28. And the few times I didn't follow my own path; when I paid too much attention to my label bosses, or let anyone else override my best instincts, it jus 'didn't work.

29. Sir Peter Blake's original collage image was revamped to insert the faces of US label bosses from Capitol Records Photo: Record Collector Magazine/PA The list also includes the famous banned "butcher" sleeve which was briefly issued in the US Beatles sleeve featuring the faces of music executives in place of the Fab Four has been declared the world's most valuable record cover.

30. Sir Peter Blake's original collage image was revamped to insert the faces of US label bosses from Capitol Records, replacing the band and many of the other notable figures who had originally featured, although Bob Dylan and Sonny Liston were among those who were retained.

31. The Tipsy hitmaker, real name Jarrell Jones, has not been seen by his loved ones in St. Louis, Missouri since the beginning of February (09) - and his label bosses are growing more than a little concerned.

32. BAND re-record their new album after their label bosses deem it to be too experimental

33. By now it's become legend: the band records an album that leaves their label bosses scared, confused, and panicky.

34. I guess for the unthinking, any suggestion of strengthening the union bosses is good.

35. if you want to leave early you have to ask the boss

Other users have misspelling bosses as:

1. bossies 13.95%

2. beyoissues 2.33%

3. bosse's 2.33%

4. Other 81.39%

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