Definition of 'bygones'


Word Frequency
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1. plural things that happened in the past


1. There are good reasons to recognize the continuity of bygone days with the here and now.

2. They are eerily compelling relics of a bygone future age.

3. Just a fond memory of a bygone time?

4. But the album is by no means just a tribute to one bygone time.

5. Before his eyes had risen bygone times.

6. In bygone days, a whale bone was used but tended to snap.

7. Like the railway itself, this peaceful film is a throwback to a bygone age.

8. Far from being a relic of a bygone age, they are the future for deployed operations.

9. Perhaps a caretaker had lived here with his family, in the bygone days of Soviet power.

10. Their knowledge of ancient languages gave them access to the esoteric writings of bygone ages, writings which supposedly contained secret knowledge about the nature of the world.

11. Her lifestyle doesn't come into her career, and it is a bit of a throwback to a bygone age to suppose it should.

12. Most of us love to read letters because, like photographs, they give us a sense of intimacy with bygone times and people we have not known.

13. And the old man and his daughter and the porter were most awfully decent to us, and the porter's wife said, Lor! let bygones be bygones is what I say!

14. The memories of his early youth and the bright days of his boyhood came back to him as the only antidote to the distress and disappointments of his age, and he strove to forget everything in "bygones" -- "Præterita."

15. Still, I am willing to let bygones be bygones, which is why I want to invite Bill and Hillary, as well as Chelsea and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, to my younger daughter's wedding next year.

16. But who can recall bygones, Arthur; or wrong steps in life?

17. See House itself an old clergyman approached him with outstretched hand and the words, "I would like you to call bygones just bygones."

18. let bygones be bygones

Other users have misspelling bygones as:

1. byjune’s 33.33%

2. baygons 33.33%

3. Other 33.34%

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