Definition of 'rambunctious'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Energetic, noisy, boisterous and difficult to control.


1. Always, the drier, the colder, the more English the better, and now this rambunctious Mid-western Swede.

2. He quickly raced to the top step of the building so he could keep an eye on his rambunctious students.

3. ‘Victoria Gottis is a divorced single mom raising three rambunctious little teens.’

4. ‘Most of the kids at the school were rowdy and rambunctious, but they knew not to mess with the principal.’

5. ‘It turned out we had a lot in common; we were loud, unpredictable and very rambunctious.’

6. ‘They are more rambunctious, they are more competitive, they are more likely to get in trouble.’

7. ‘Laila is blind, rambunctious, with a laser-sharp wit and a highly infectious laugh.’

8. ‘Clarence remains the most rambunctious of the two, Carl the most laid back, the philosopher.’

9. ‘There's no mistaking any of the songs here for easygoing Philly soul or rambunctious New Orleans funk.’

10. ‘Nearby a nanny was keeping her eye on the four rambunctious children.’

11. ‘Like him, it's a little loud and rambunctious, insatiably curious, and extroverted in nature.’

12. ‘This is very different from Michael Skakel back in 1975, who was by all accounts a very rambunctious kid.’

13. ‘So as soon as the tiny rambunctious Bastian came I was kicked out.’

14. ‘It's followed by one of the album's several rambunctious pop tunes.’

15. ‘His rambunctious, charismatic appeal does call to mind the scrappy sort of life force so present in American folklore.’

16. ‘Today, a normally rambunctious 10-year-old boy was brought to the office by his mother.’

17. ‘Zarle, by nature, was rambunctious and actively explored the woods.’

18. ‘Lewd, alcoholic, and rambunctious, she was a terror around the mining towns and military forts on the western plains.’

19. ‘It is the occasion for a rambunctious Carnival celebration that draws more than half a million people each year to Santo Domingo.’

20. ‘And that's what a rambunctious crowd is shouting about at a meeting on this spring evening.’

21. ‘She was a rambunctious girl of eleven full of curiosity and enthusiasm.’

22. ‘Despite a warning to follow me step by step, one of the young airmen was a little rambunctious and proceeded at his own pace.’

23. a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand

Other users have misspelling rambunctious as:

1. rumbunctuis 66.67%

2. rambuncious 33.33%

3. Other 0%

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