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How Linguix Business Will Improve Corporate Communications in 2021

Make boosting the quality and effectiveness of your corporate communications your New Year’s resolution for 2021 and find the solutions you need with Linguix. 

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that enables you to produce quality error-free text that is suitable for your audience. But it can deliver more than that too. Here’s exactly how Linguix can make 2021 the year of top-class corporate communications for your business.

Linguix can help you deliver better inbound and outbound communications

Rest easy that with Linguix, the quality and consistency of all of your inbound and outbound communications will be better. The Linguix tool will pick up on any spelling, grammar, vocabulary or stylistic mistakes that you make in your writing and offer up expert-crafted solutions that ensure your text becomes error-free and relays the message you are looking for.

As well as correcting the texts you and your team craft, Linguix also enables you to grow as English writers, providing a fully stocked dictionary that provides definitions of both the words you write and the words you come across anywhere on the web. The Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge enables Linguix to pick up on your writing errors and identify words wherever you are on the web.

And what is more, Linguix integrates perfectly with many of the most popular business tools, such as Twitter, Slack, Asana and much more. It all combines to create better inbound and outbound communications for your business.

Linguix can boost SEO performance

An essential aspect of any company’s marketing approach is SEO efficiency. Linguix can help here by enabling you to produce highly readable content that satisfies the algorithms of the likes of Google and Yahoo. 

With the Linguix readability score – based upon the highly respected Flesch-Kincaid system – you can better understand the readable quality of the text you have just produced. Furthermore, other statistics and insights that Linguix provides will help you produce better SEO-friendly content. With Linguix, easily discover the average length of your sentences in your text. Find out the style and level of your writing in terms of knowing who the suitable audience is – Linguix will tell you which grade of student will best relate to your writing. Also get stats on the average reading time of your text. All of this information allows you to better target your text in terms of SEO.

Linguix can improve your conversion rate

Conversion rate is one of the most important business metrics, but how can Linguix help here?

Think of all of those aspects that influence the conversion rate. There is your marketing approach of course, and we have already talked about how Linguix can boost your SEO performance and generally shape the suitability of your text to your audience. Then there is the quality of your inbound and outbound communication methods which help establish a relationship with your customers and clients.

All of these things combine to boost conversion rates as a business. But Linguix helps in other ways too, for example by creating consistency in written quality and message across teams and even the entire business. The Linguix writing assistant tool allows for your website, blog and all external communications to be error-free and impactful in the right way. Additional Linguix tools such as templates and snippets all allow for written work to be produced more efficiently too.

All of these elements stack up to boost your company’s conversion rate.

Linguix can deliver first-rate user experience

Through it all, Linguix delivers up a user experience which is intuitive and even educational. Avail of a fantastic range of templates that can help you kick-off your writing more quickly and be sure that you are producing content in the correct format. Overcome the problem of writer’s block, increase your English vocabulary, and grow in your ability to write in English with the help of Linguix. Avail of Linguix for Business to roll out a number of user experience-related features that will boost efficiency and productivity across your whole team or business.

Linguix will soon provide plagiarism and style guides too

A new update to Linguix will soon enable you to avail of a plagiarism checker and style guides feature that will help you and your team produce 100% unique and original content that you can be sure does not mimic someone else’s words. The style guides feature will further enable you to produce the kind of content that is perfect for your audience and speaks to them in the style, tone and voice that can maximize impact.

These are just some of the things that Linguix can do to help boost corporate communications in 2021. Make your New Year’s resolution come true with Linguix. 

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