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Linguix vs. Writer.com: Grammar Checking Benchmarking Analysis

The Linguix team has conveyed a series of benchmarking tests comparing the performance of the two popular grammar checkers, Linguix and Writer.com*.  You can check our benchmarking against Grammarly here.

To check these tools in action, we used two datasets of 1515 English sentences, part of which contained grammar mistakes and the rest of which were correct. All in all, the test datasets featured several thousands of grammar mistakes to detect. 

Below are the results of the performance analysis. 

*Pro/Premium versions of Linguix and Writer.com were benchmarked.

Linguix vs. Writer: the number of mistakes detected 

First off, we compared the number of single tokens, that is, distinct words with mistakes detected by each checker. Linguix was able to find a total of 1,537 mistakes, while Writer’s result amounted to 1,402 mistakes.

Linguix also turned out to be better at identifying incorrect phrases (token spans) with 1,209 mistakes found, while Writer was able to detect only 1,183 faulty spans.

Linguix vs. Writer: skipped mistakes and overall accuracy 

When it comes to false negatives, Writer.com skipped more mistakes both with single tokens (798 vs 661 by Linguix) and token spans (923 vs 896 by Linguix). 

Linguix’s progress

Our team is rigorously working on increasing the quality of Linguix’s grammar-checking model. Since March 2020, we have significantly improved the accuracy of detecting both single words and phrases with mistakes while keeping the number of false positives low.

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