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Linguix Tips: How to Use Linguix For Business

In some aspects of your day-to-day business functions, you require your staff to write. This writing could take many forms: sales emails, marketing content, press releases, blog articles, website copy and so much more besides.

Now, think about some of the potential problems that may arise as a result of staff members generating these various forms of content. These problems could be, but might not be limited to:

  1. Poor quality of written content, complete with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and poor tone.
  2. Inconsistency of content due to the fact you have various individuals producing the content. As a result, there is no clear organizational voice.
  3. The sheer volume of time that is spent producing this content. For example, employees can spend large parts of their day simply compiling emails. And as you well know, time is money.
  4. The inability to effectively manage the quality and consistency of the content. You don’t have one easy organizational tool or set of statistics which regularly and reliably informs you about the quality of content your team is writing.
  5. The difficulty in hiring staff based on the quality of their content production.

So, that’s the bad news. The good news is that Linguix for Business will solve all of these issues for your organization. Here’s how:

AI-based writing assistant

Linguix is an AI-powered writing tool that spots written mistakes and instantly offers up expert-driven recommendations to improve the quality of content. Mistakes such as typos, grammatical errors, punctuation misunderstandings and even errors in tone and voice are picked up upon and corrected. Ensure that the content your organization is producing is free from the type of mistakes that put off potential customers, affect SEO and undermine credibility.

Educating your team members

The Linguix tool may take away the issues of writing errors, but through the dictionary and synonyms services, as well as the grammar editor, it seeks to educate team members in their writing capabilities. With this kind of tool at their disposal, staff members’ ability to write well will only improve. This is corporate English learning at its best.

Advanced stats and team management features

Linguix for Business also offers up an incredible array of insights and statistics in relation to the content that your staff is writing. Get readability scores (based on the highly regarded Flesch-Kincaid system), as well as indications of error consistency. Not only can you use this to manage the talent you already have, but it’s incredibly effective as a hiring tool, helping to ensure you bring in only the most capable individuals.

Corporate snippets

Writing takes time. And time costs money. But what if you were able to save large amounts of time by automating writing tasks through the use of Linguix snippets? Simply allocate shortcodes to text you wish to reuse across the business and then at a simple click of a button allocate the text in the right place. You could save up to $10,600 a year that easily!

What should I do next?

If you can see the value that Linguix for Business will add to your organization, then the next step is to book a demo. All of the advantages of this intuitive set of writing tools and accompanying services and management services will soon be available for you to work with.

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