Speed up your
email and social
writing with snippets

Automate everyday typing tasks with snippets (content templates) and save up to $10,600 a year!


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Speed up your writing
on millions of websites

create your snippet, assign it a shortcode, hit ⌥⇧ Space on Mac or Shift+Ctrl+Space on Windows to instantly insert the template.
Stop wasting time on typing

Stop wasting time on typing
and increase productivity

Tired of repeatedly typing things like "I saw your profile and thought it would be nice to connect"? Create a snippet with a shortcut "intro" and Linguix extension will instantly insert your template on any website.

Improve consistency

Snippets for specific situations like internal communications, sales pitches, or incoming support requests improve messages' consistency and help you solve tasks faster.
Improve consistency

Automate typing and save real money

Office workers spend around 28% of the working day managing emails. This means using Linguix snippets feature can save up to $18 per hour or $10,600 annually!
Automate typing
Type up to 90% faster

Create snippets for your most frequently used messages and instantly insert them by using shortcuts.

Works wherever you want

Linguix works on Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, and millions of other websites.

Boost your team's communication

Companies can create snippets for sales, support, and HR teams.

Here what Linguix users are saying

Why customers love Linguix
“I like the following: - great usability - price (it is much cheaper than Grammarly) - content templates library (useful when you do not know how to write a press release or smth) - secret mode (content is not stored) - they also have a nice blog with grammar and content creation tips.”
Alex Peterson
Smile Bright Media Inc.
I've just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I've tried some checkers before, they also fired useless alerts).
VJ Johnson
Freelance business consultant
Linguix is great product. I have been using for the last one year and have seen the evolution of the product. Good job guys.
Sateesh Hegde
It's an awesome app for me as a business owner for constant communication with customers. Premium subscription fully pays for itself.
Stanislau Sakharchuk
Co-founder & CEO at AMS
It is a very easy tool to use. It works effectively against typographical errors, my biggest problem as I write fast. In addition, it corrects grammatical errors and works as a Chrome extension resulting in something super convenient. Cons: I use it regularly and it seems a very complete tool, I have nothing negative to say.
Juan G
head of graphic design
and photography agency
head of graphic design and photography agency

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