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Using Business Writing Templates For More Productive and Efficient Use of Time

If you need to write something business-related, the chances are it has been done before. So instead of sitting there trying to reinvent the wheel, you should be making use of a convenient template which maps out everything you need to include in your press release, staff bio, marketing case study, follow-up email, or whatever it may be.

That is what Linguix templates offer. Whether you are searching for the basis of a business document or business-related email, Linguix has the solution you need. All templates can be downloaded as Word documents or opened up directly in the Linguix editor, allowing you to avail of the full suite of Linguix writing tools such as grammar checker and writing analysis.

Here are just some of the templates you have access to:

Press Release: New Product

Your company has developed a new product and it’s now ready to go to market. Now what you need is a text designed as a fitting press release to announce to the world what it is that your product will offer.

The release must strike the right balance between marketing and fact. And it must be accurate in the description but not too heavy so as to turn off readers. Linguix offers the perfect press release template for your needs.

Bio (Professional In a Company)

You need a biography of an important employee in your organization. This may be required for your website, for a business proposal, or something else. Well, like a new product press release, this has been done before, many many times.

But what you need is swift access to a bio that you know hits the spot. It needs to be well written, well-structured and paint an accurate description of that individual. Once again, Linguix has the template you need. 


In terms of content marketing strategies, the value of having a blog has been well documented. But as search engines have become more intelligent with their algorithms, so the importance of producing well-written, structured blog articles has become critical.

Linguix offers a number of blog-related templates, from producing a simple blog post to penning something a little more focused, such as a how-to article or a blog post containing an expert interview. In the latter the template provides the perfect format for clear questions and answers, ensuring that you get maximum returns from the content.

Business Emails

The email template section offers up a number of high-quality templates, including professional cold emails, designed to touch base with a new potential client or collaborator and set up a meeting at their leisure. Then there are templates for scheduling a meeting with a warm lead, and a tried-and-tested structure for following up: proven to add value to your email marketing and sales processes.

The great thing about these templates is that the English and content contained within has been framed by experts and bona fide business professionals to exemplify the perfect email for the occasion.

Additional Tools

Linguix is not just a templates tool. As a full, AI-powered writing assistant it can ensure your written content is free from errors and suited perfectly to your audience. 

Get access to synonyms in order to elevate your writing, and then take advantage of additional tools such as ‘snippets’ which allow you to allocate a shortcode to useful text and then enter it into your writing at the simple click of a button.

What is more, the Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge can help you produce error-free content wherever you may write on the web, from social media platforms such as Twitter to collaborative work through Google Docs.  

Quite simply, Linguix takes the pain, and time, out of writing. And don’t forget the business-related writing templates too.

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