Linguix is a good fit
for all your writing purposes


Improve your blog, emails
and social media

Linguix will make your personal writing noticeably better. Good-looking blog posts, personal emails and communication in social media can open new doors, help make new friends and even fall in love. Did you know that according to stats, one of the biggest Tinder turn-offs (left swipes) is poor English?


Take your business communication
to the next level

Our internal statistics show that one of the most popular uses for Linguix Premium is correcting business writing.

No matter what you write – emails, commercial proposals, other corporate texts – you can always be sure that our AI tool will find and fix any errors possible.


Get better grades
and learn faster

Linguix helps students, parents and even teachers to improve their grammar, memorize new words and develop a good writing style. AI-based statistics and a comprehensive knowledge base make you progress faster.


See How Our Free and Premium Plans Compare:

Upgrade to use advanced features Free Premium
Basic grammar and spelling checks
Unlimited grammar checker
2700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
Personalized language learning
Fix 9M typos
20+ essays and other content templates
Synonyms suggestions
Cancel anytime
Current plan
Upgrade to Premium

More features:

  • Get your text fully checked for grammar, spelling and style errors
  • Get access to our online handbook with essential writing tips, how-tos, and statistics
  • Make your writing perfect with our database of 9 million corrections
  • Access your documents from anywhere
  • Use your personal WEB editor
  • Benefit from the library of ready-made templates of essays, press releases, white papers, and much more
  • See recommendations
  • Get performance stats
of users demonstrate
better writing over time
say they began
to write faster
Plenty of students, teachers, and parents report notable progress.

Plans and Pricing

Getting started
Making progress
Save $83,4 a Year
Best results
Save $131,4 a Year
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