Prepositions after "unconvinced"

"unconvinced by" or "unconvinced of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases unconvinced by is used

I am unconvinced by unnamed sources.

I'd unconvinced by the pre-publication praise.

Doshi said he was unconvinced by these claims.

The modern reader, perhaps unconvinced by Chris Fogle's idolatrous embrace of the I.

By the way I've read a couple of Ring's books and came away unconvinced by his theories.

Posted by: Q 2009-09-10 2:57:36 PM I read your link, Bret; I'd simply unconvinced by it.

I am not disputing your claims, just saying that by your own wording, you appear unconvinced by your own claims.

While I am unconvinced by its message, I think this is why What is History? remains, for the majority of British.

Tom Fucoloro again: Remember that we are building a plan for people who are afraid or unconvinced by cycling today.

They are usually open to the idea of god, but so far unconvinced by any evidence or argument put forward to support it.

In 27% of cases unconvinced of is used

I am unconvinced of the value of these.

Romney looked unconvinced of his new avatar.

Nambu looks askance at Joe, unconvinced of the answer.

However, even after reading the article again I remained unconvinced of the theory.

Maybe you're a seasoned developer, unconvinced of the value of going to a conference.

But I'd altogether unconvinced of the validity of any of the inputs I've read about thus far.

Many parents felt there was insufficient evidence of their effect and were unconvinced of the programs ' successes.

Thus, developing countries remain hesitant and unconvinced of the necessity for elaborating new rules in this area.

Member for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, but having looked at the amendment with great care I am so far unconvinced of its necessity.

In 14% of cases unconvinced about is used

I'd still unconvinced about WAR.

Comments I remain unconvinced about Neymar.

Many Scots are unconvinced about independence.

I am very unconvinced about this child benefit change which has been cobbled together.

That may give you a clue why more and more people are unconvinced about the CO2 model).

I'd anti carbon tax and unconvinced about the effects of climate change, manmade or otherwise.

But under the sway of bacteriology, the scientific community remained unconvinced about Laveran's discovery.

But his doctor, Siyabulela Bungana, remains unconvinced about Stilnox's ability to rouse patients out of a coma.

As the planet battles weather extremes, an Auckland climate scientist is still unconvinced about the role of human-induced global warming.

He is still prone to giving vent to his feelings, whether he is unconvinced about an umpiring verdict or reacting to taunts from the crowd.

In 2% of cases unconvinced in is used

Still unconvinced in the Full back department though and I hope Skrtel returns to last seasons imperiousness.

I know this because I was one of the unconvinced in an important swing state and my mega-church was filled with others like me.

Despite assurances from Obama and the top people in his Administration that Iran will not have atomic weapons and the United States will support Israel, they remain unconvinced in Tel-Aviv.

In 2% of cases unconvinced with is used

Nevertheless, there are reports that some individuals continue to be unconvinced with its effectiveness.

Ashley Young and James Milner also have high percentages of Final Third Pass accuracy stats, although we are still unconvinced with both this tournament.

Though unconvinced with his explanations, she went on to order her three course meal while he mentally did the calculation hoping that he had enough to pay.

In 1% of cases unconvinced as is used

However, we remain unconvinced as to the acceptability of the proposal.

I will concede the corrolation (deferring to your trading experience ), but I am unconvinced as to the causality.

However, I am unconvinced as to how much a young individual can gain from playing against less than full strength sides in half empty stadiums.

In 1% of cases unconvinced on is used

Did anyone remain unconvinced on Sunday night? Spain were not just better; they were brilliant.

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