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1. The break in the working week, usually two days including the traditional holy or sabbath day. Thus in western countries, Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally abbreviated to w/e.

2. The last part of the week, typically from Friday evening through Sunday evening, but sometimes including other adjacent days, especially when seen as a time of leisure or recreation.

3. Occurring at the weekend.

4. Of, relating to or for the weekend.

5. To spend the weekend.

6. To spend weekends or a weekend.


1. They were certainly a theme of the opening weekend.

2. These times were longer at the weekend.

3. The same number is expected to attend next weekend.

4. This weekend the clocks go back and we will be plunged again into inky afternoons.

5. We used to spend weekends together and sometimes holidays along with our husbands.

6. And Bedford prison was also the scene of rioting last weekend.

7. Working nights and weekends is part of the job, as are long hours.

8. I was with friends at their house for dinner last weekend and the couple next door were having a party.

9. I was very hurt and have been very low but my ex called last weekend and said he was coming over.

10. And likewise in last weekend's dominant away performance at Everton.

11. The hours vary and are longer on weekends.

12. Watch out for another round next weekend.

13. Is it necessary good manners to thank for a dinner or a weekend by writing?

14. This weekend there were calls for him to resign.

15. This is the weekend to go out looking at the wild or dog roses.

16. You could spend your whole weekend exploring the ships and museums properly.

17. Putting together simple snacks like these is what a slightly longer weekend is all about.

18. Its officials failed to return our calls this weekend.

19. So much so that he was denied numerous weekend passes.

20. They go into the weekend and worry about it.

21. How did you spend the last weekend?

22. This weekend was the town fiesta.

23. We all work weekends and nights.

24. But last weekend they began moving into the central London apartment.

25. For one thing, it scored the best opening weekend of any film so far this year.

26. More than 40 rockets landed in and around the southern town over the weekend.

27. You'll have no problems finding petrol at night and at weekends.

28. Time is running out to see this fantastic exhibition, which closes next weekend.

29. Some families went out for dinner at the weekend, but we played tennis or went swimming.

30. Britain enjoyed unseasonably balmy conditions over the weekend with periods of bright sunshine and temperatures well above October averages.

31. England conceded a series of penalties and free kicks at the scrum when they played and lost so heavily against Wales last weekend.

32. If she wants her curfew moved up, you might compromise on a midnight curfew on weekends for a period of a month.

33. Here is how the rest of the Prem looked on the opening weekend 16 years ago.

34. ‘I might apply to stay open later at weekends and all day Sunday in the summer but certainly not 24 hours a day.’

35. ‘His car also has turned out to be a helpful transportation tool for leisure activities on weekends and vacations.’

36. ‘The figures are not released to the public but were leaked to a Sunday newspaper at the weekend.’

37. ‘My friend Jeremy is flying in from Edmonton to host a large weekend bash at his camp.’

38. ‘Just a couple of hours from the UK, it's ideal for a weekend break or something longer.’

39. ‘The men were on their way to Amsterdam for a weekend break.’

40. ‘The first race of the weekend will be on Saturday although a time has yet to be finalized.’

41. ‘The service starts again on Saturday at weekends only until the school summer holidays, when it will increase to a daily basis.’

42. ‘The Library is open on Church Holidays and closes Saturdays of Bank Holiday weekends.’

43. ‘The page is laid out to give weekdays twice as much space as the weekend days.’

44. ‘We will be having exams on Saturday and Sunday as well, so I hope your weekends are better than mine.’

45. ‘The weekend before school broke up, Emily threw a farewell party for Liz and Steven.’

46. ‘Finn springs a surprise wedding on Allie while away on a weekend's break in Naples.’

47. ‘Malmesbury Town Council has voted to bring back a weekend market on a trial basis.’

48. ‘I spent many weekends at his house getting up to all sorts of mischief.’

49. ‘I spent many weekends there in my early twenties, vising a boyfriend and a friend from school.’

50. ‘My weekend routine normally involves singing two services at church every Sunday.’

51. ‘They do not have to spend most of the weekday evenings and a day at the weekend marking homework.’

52. ‘My uncle had a change of heart about weekending with the chairman of the board.’

53. ‘Having lived alone for years - working in London and weekending at her house in the West Country - she has, she admits, become quite selfish.’

54. ‘When she fails to show, he tracks her all the way to a ski lodge where she's, of course, weekending with a concerned medic.’

55. ‘I might find some time to post during the weekend, but mostly I'll be weekending.’

56. ‘If you're weekending by car, it won't take up much room in the trunk.’

57. ‘Vast numbers of Britons have holidayed and weekended there in recent years.’

58. ‘Few of us who have holidayed in Provence or weekended in Paris could dispute the fact that the French tend to aim for quality over quantity.’

59. ‘Dinner is taken in the homely dining-room, which on our visit had a reassuring mix of regulars and weekending urbanites.’

60. they visit their grandfather every weekend

Other users have misspelling weekend as:

1. weeknd 5.05%

2. weakend 3.79%

3. weekened 2.02%

4. week end 1.77%

5. wkend 1.52%

6. Other 85.85%

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