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Other users have misspelling tennessee as:

pie chart
  1. tennesse 15%
  2. tennesee 6%
  3. tenessee 4.67%
  4. tennessy 2.33%
  5. tennese 1.67%
  6. tenness 1.67%
  7. tennassee 1.33%
  8. Other 67.33%

Definitions of tennessee


  1. a river formed by the confluence of two other rivers near Knoxville; it follows a U-shaped course to become a tributary of the Ohio River in western Kentucky
  2. a state in east central United States

Examples of tennessee

  1. The report listed Lowe's injuries as "incapacitating" and he was taken by Rural/Metro Ambulance Service to University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.
  2. Thirty-six hours before his execution, Tennessee judges voted to reconsider his case.
  3. Tennessee has a good chance of becoming a much "redder" - Republican - state after next year's elections.

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