Definition of 'receipt'


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1. obsolete A receptacle

2. obsolete A revenue office

3. A recipe, instructions, prescription

4. The act of receiving, or the fact of having been received

5. obsolete The fact of having received a blow, injury etc.

6. in the plural A quantity or amount received; takings

7. A written acknowledgment that a specified article or sum of money has been received

8. A quantity or amount received.

9. The fact of being or having been received.

10. A recipe.

11. A written acknowledgment that a specified article, sum of money, or shipment of merchandise has been received.

12. A formulary according to the directions of which things are to be taken or combined; a recipe.

13. The act of receiving; reception.

14. obsolete Reception, as an act of hospitality.

15. That which is received; that which comes in, in distinction from what is expended, paid out, sent away, and the like; -- usually in the plural.

16. obsolete Place of receiving.

17. See under Gross, a.

18. obsolete Hence, a recess; a retired place.

19. obsolete Capability of receiving; capacity.

20. A writing acknowledging the taking or receiving of goods delivered; an acknowledgment of money paid.

21. an acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made

22. Synonyms Recipe, etc. See reception.

23. A. place for the reception of persons or things; a place where anything is received or taken in; a station or a receptacle for lodgment.

24. The act or state of receiving by transfer or transmission; a taking of that which is delivered or passed over; a getting or obtaining: as, the receipt of money or of a letter; he is in the receipt of a good income.

25. A formula or prescription for the making of something, or the production of some effect; a statement of that which is to be taken or done for some purpose: distinguished from recipe by the common restriction of that word to medical or related uses: as, a receipt for a pudding; a receipt for gaining popularity.

26. A thing received; that which is received by transfer; the amount or quantity of what is received from other hands: as, the receipts of cotton at a port.

27. A written acknowledgment of having received something specified, with date, source, signature, and such other particulars as the case requires.

28. Power of receiving or taking in; extent of accommodation; fitness for holding or containing.

29. Reception; admittance; a granting of entrance or admission.

30. To mark a bill as having been paid

31. To give or write a receipt (for something)

32. mark or stamp as paid

33. report the receipt of

34. Toreceive;harbor.

35. To mark (a bill) as having been paid.

36. To give or write a receipt for (money paid or goods or services delivered).

37. To give a receipt.

38. To give a receipt, as for money paid.

39. To give a receipt for.

40. To put a receipt on, as by writing or stamping.


1. Dig out invoices for money received and receipts and bills for expenses.

2. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

3. Keeping the receipts will mean you can return the items.

4. He asked the cashier for a refund without a receipt.

5. He would also look at shopping receipts and say he could shop better and more cheaply than me.

6. The racket had been going on for at least three years before that but employees didn't have to keep the receipts that long.

7. VAT receipts are being used to build a clearer picture of GDP.

8. Your other half finds a stash of shopping receipts and accuses you of overspending.

9. Before proceeding with payments take down any reference numbers and make sure you receive an online receipt.

10. They have to spend more on welfare while they receive less money from tax receipts.

11. He sends her bills and receipts and she approves or rejects payments.

12. Keep receipts in a safe place and review them against your bill.

13. The deadline for the free switch will be three weeks after receipt of the letter.

14. This might speed up the receipt of a refund once the case is resolved.

15. Do we issue annual receipts for giving?

16. You will therefore have a different sterling receipt or payment to that initially recorded.

17. Buy the pair you want but keep the receipt and try to return them?

18. He then claimed refunds using forged receipts.

19. You have returned it with a receipt but the shop says that you have to accept a repair.

20. European Houses were only expected to get about one third of their receipts from the box office.

21. The box-office receipts from this production ensured that the company balanced its books.

22. She should also acknowledge receipt of the money into the boyfriend's account.

23. The Swedish government is worried that credit card receipts and restaurant bills may increase your cancer risk.

24. This includes copies of all receipts, letters and emails plus notes from phone conversations.

25. VAT receipt supplied and insured delivery is free.

26. VAT receipts have hardly grown at all this year, reflecting the slowdown on the high street.

27. The success of films about adolescent males coming of age has boosted box office receipts at the country's biggest cinema chain over the summer.

28. The Foreign Secretary acknowledges receipt of your information.

29. I was surprised on redeeming my mortgage this week with a sum of 65,000 to find that it was not their normal procedure to acknowledge receipt.

30. The other receipt is as follows: – Take of grated bread, mashed potatoes, grated carrot, chopped suet, currants, and sugar, each a quarter of a pound, two eggs beaten up with a little salt, and a little grated nutmeg and lemon-peel, with a very little powdered cinnamon to flavour it.

31. I am in receipt of your e-mail and response to my enquiry to Mr. Bob

32. Knowing full well that almost anything could happen to it in transit to the main office, I relented an paid a 15% customs duty fee on the amount shown on my receipt from the supplier.

33. I have a receipt from the post office which also lists the office's address in that manner.

34. "Shut up, Mulligan!" was Bert Rhine's command, in receipt of which he received a venomous stare from the cripple.

35. Glennda the Beckerhead can say these things because in his back pocket he has the receipt from the loaves and fishes miracle showing Jesus charged a fair market price for the produce and made a tidy little profit, and because those missions the mormons run to age their football players are not about helping the less fortunate but about proselytizing and adding converts.

36. On any one day, over 1,000,000 people are in receipt of poor-law relief in the United Kingdom.

37. ‘As a councillor, I have been in receipt of hundreds of letters from the local community expressing their concerns at the condition of our roads.’

38. ‘Talk of a large population of children growing up in welfare dependent homes can be misleading if it ignores the fact that most families in receipt of a benefit do not remain on that benefit for extended periods.’

39. ‘The fact that the employee is dismissed while in receipt of his contractual sick pay does not make the termination automatically unfair.’

40. ‘Grants to improve heating and insulation of property are available to pensioners in receipt of pension credit or attendance allowance and anyone receiving a disability living allowance.’

41. ‘The number of people of employable age in receipt of incapacity benefit for longer than six months has quadrupled - from half a million in 1981 to two million in 2002.’

42. ‘More than 50,000 low-income households are in receipt of such financial support, funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs.’

43. ‘Those in receipt of social welfare are eligible.’

44. ‘Elderly people in receipt of a mobility allowance are being seriously disadvantaged when they reach the age of 65 years, it has emerged this week.’

45. ‘At present there are about 271 members contributing to the scheme, with approximately 1,100 in receipt of a pension.’

46. ‘I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 29th May 2003 and comment as follows.’

47. ‘We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 7th February and reply as follows.’

48. ‘He has not yet even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my letter.’

49. ‘My decision with respect to costs shall be reserved pending receipt of written submissions from the parties.’

50. ‘Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday, November at 12 noon.’

51. ‘The closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday, August 5 at 5pm.’

52. ‘After receipt of the equalization payment she will not have a need for support.’

53. ‘Employers must retain records in respect of each employee in receipt of taxable benefits.’

54. ‘The result is that the total number in receipt of the benefit has risen.’

55. ‘The closing date for receipt of entries will be Friday December 6, 2002.’

56. ‘Upon receipt of your instructions we will write to the debtor demanding payment of the outstanding sums.’

57. ‘In some parts of the country, criminal gangs will pay homeless people to rummage though dustbins for receipts and bank statements.’

58. ‘Sometimes I think I'm broke and then I'll find a €50 note nestling between a taxi receipt and an ATM statement.’

59. ‘A single mother from Stratton is warning people to check their receipts and bank statements after she was charged twice for the same items.’

60. ‘Save your receipts and each evening write down your expenses for the day.’

61. ‘He just gives you a small receipt printed out by computer.’

62. ‘Then something like a receipt or a statement came out of the machine and she took ages reading it before reinserting her card and doing the same again.’

63. ‘Therefore, if you paid cash, a receipt may be the only proof you have.’

64. ‘All collectors will carry appropriate identification and official receipts will be provided.’

65. ‘Still another computer scans the debit card information, tells the cashier's computer that the transaction is complete, and prints a receipt.’

66. ‘You will receive a receipt and acknowledgement by return.’

67. ‘To his surprise, the agent wrote him a receipt for the cash and stamped it.’

68. ‘Check your statements against your receipts and contact your bank or credit card company immediately if you spot anything unfamiliar.’

69. ‘Shredding your statements and receipts is also a good way to protect yourself from ‘bin raiders’, who piece together personal financial information from your rubbish.’

70. ‘Watch out for errors on your accounts by keeping good records: hang on to all your receipts and ATM slips and check every statement carefully.’

71. ‘Then there's his gripe about having to pay a €125 deposit for his broadband service and not receiving a receipt to acknowledge that he's coughed up.’

72. ‘Customers then place their order, print off a receipt and return home.’

73. ‘Shred or rip up all financial documents (including all receipts, statements, bills and junk mail) before disposal.’

74. ‘Having a set place to put your monthly bank statements, receipts, and bills can make the difference between chaos and order.’

75. ‘Get in the habit of regularly shredding statements, receipts, credit card applications, and other material with personal identification information.’

76. ‘Check your receipts against your statements carefully.’

77. ‘These records are equivalent to the till receipts you are given when shopping in the physical world.’

78. ‘Income tax receipts also include money netted by the Revenue Commissioners from its special investigations into tax evasion.’

79. ‘A growing number of states are in deficit as declining business profits reduce tax receipts and other revenues.’

80. ‘According to Professor Spencer, a drop-off in income tax receipts has been the result of the collapse in the technology sector, and the fading fortunes of wealthy financial workers.’

81. ‘Some market analysts argue that income tax receipts - where the greatest fall has occurred - have been distorted due to the change in the fiscal year.’

82. ‘With the collapse in world equity markets and the fall in house prices, capital gains and inheritance tax receipts will continue to fall for the foreseeable future.’

83. ‘Our income tax receipts currently account for 8 per cent of GDP approximately.’

84. ‘Income tax receipts have soared by 19 per cent in the last year and the economy is all but back to full employment.’

85. ‘The huge receipts from capital gains tax in the late 1990s are gone.’

86. ‘The long-term funding gap facing Social Security is large because promised benefits exceed payroll tax receipts by trillions of dollars.’

87. ‘That surplus is being unexpectedly whittled away as the income tax cut and the economic slowdown lower federal tax receipts.’

88. ‘Income tax receipts are 1.8% ahead of the same period last year, compared with a Budget target of 8.4%.’

89. ‘Income tax receipts were down 3.1% in the January-February period compared with the same period last year.’

90. ‘Income tax receipts are up 10.1 per cent and corporation tax receipts are up 13.1 per cent.’

91. ‘Some small businesses with gross receipts up to $10 million can now use the cash method of accounting.’

92. ‘Unlike the financing of payments from export and income receipts, reliance on borrowed funds may not be sustainable.’

93. ‘In the balance of payments the money flowing in comes from export receipts and from capital imports (like receiving foreign loans and foreign direct investment).’

94. ‘While Asian firms make up 30 percent of all minority companies, they account for 52 percent of all receipts from minority businesses.’

95. ‘A solicitor does not have to disclose a client's entire file to the accountant - only correspondence covering payments and receipts.’

96. ‘Industry newspaper Variety estimates that around 65 per cent of total box office receipts for Hollywood films come from overseas.’

97. ‘And consider this, videogame sales for 1998 were nearly triple the total box office receipts for Hollywood films.’

98. ‘A capacity 14,500 crowd will produce gate receipts of £400,000.’

99. ‘More revenue had to be raised from customs as receipts from land sales tapered off.’

100. ‘The Ohio testers found that most of the receipts can be made easily with present-day ingredients, techniques, and equipment.’

101. ‘Romans have always loved eating well (Apicio, who lived in the I century A.D. left a lot of cooking receipts) and today Roman dishes are considered Italian dishes.’

102. ‘Confirmation letters will be sent on receipt of booking and receipted invoices will be sent on receipt of payment, which must be made before the event.’

103. ‘It is a receipted bill (dated 21 August 1817) from Bennets Hotel in Inverness.’

104. ‘Only correctly receipted invoices will be acceptable in support of a claim for grant assistance.’

105. after I payed for the product I received a receipt

Other users have misspelling receipt as:

1. recipt 22%

2. reciept 22%

3. recept 14.74%

4. recpt 2.04%

5. recipte 1.81%

6. resipt 1.81%

7. Other 35.6%

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