Definition of 'usually'


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1. Under normal conditions.

2. Most of the time; less than always, but more than occasionally.

3. under normal conditions


1. They will usually be blunt about a place.

2. usually the reason bands have reunions is that one of them is destitute and the others want to help.

3. The last thing that grows in is individual finger movement which usually takes about a year and a half.

4. Rescue centres that usually look after a few dozen at this time of year are having to find room for hundreds.

5. That's not how cancer usually works.

6. It will only lead to a tangle where it ends, usually out of easy reach.

7. Fast ground suits and his prominent style of racing usually works well at tight Ascot.

8. But that was a treat compared to the soup and sandwiches we'd usually get after training.

9. There are usually about 14 an hour.

10. They are usually shy about asking the questions that might deepen their understanding.

11. This usually works in three to five nights.

12. usually after they had been driven to snapping point.

13. This it does usually in one of two ways.

14. They usually plan to let out their land to local farmers.

15. There was not usually any difficulty about finding and harnessing the team.

16. This usually resolves after a few hours.

17. The ones you get straight away are usually the ones which disappear quickest.

18. They are usually calm and plan lies.

19. He usually found it easy to work alongside other drummers.

20. The proportion taken up by the thyroid gland depends on its activity but is usually about half.

21. They seem to come once in a while and usually after a miserable defeat.

22. Each time they change usually one car gets stuck.

23. Their plans are usually the entire plot of the movie.

24. Business people do not usually make an easy transition to politics.

25. But not usually from one of the men who wrote them.

26. The outcome of such planning appeals is usually determined by the planning inspector.

27. The consultancy work is usually for smaller restaurants and little food stores that want a bit of advice.

28. But inventories outside of the plant are usually considered " working capital" and their costs a "cost of money.

29. That is how it usually works.

30. These are usually easy to spot.

31. They usually take about 5 minutes to become al dente.

32. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes.

33. In fact the people that were chosen for management were usually total screwups and were dangerous around such equipment and aircraft..usually their day consisted of walking around asking the mechanics, “Are you done yet?” smoking cigarettes and generally just collecting a paycheck.

34. Tonight is my first sleepover, a term usually used by my seven-year-old daughters...

35. It was a one-hundred-dollar job that the label usually did for free.

36. Of course, in Scripture, the term usually does not refer to the literal blood pump.

37. The violence has prompted rare attention from Israeli leaders, who have begun to call the perpetrators "terrorists" - a term usually reserved for Palestinian militants.

38. ‘Fleas are a fairly common problem and they are usually brought into the house by pets.’

39. ‘Bear in mind that most white wines are high in acid, while reds are usually high in tannin.’

40. ‘The fête was held for the first time on a Saturday, usually it is held on a Friday evening.’

41. ‘It is well known that the average life of a local protest group is usually just a couple of years.’

42. ‘It has urged the government do more to encourage women into jobs usually taken up by men.’

43. usually she was late

Other users have misspelling usually as:

1. usally 20.05%

2. usualy 16.27%

3. usaly 7.04%

4. ususally 2.87%

5. ussually 2.03%

6. usully 1.86%

7. ussaly 1.35%

8. Other 48.53%

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