Definition of 'curiosity'


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1. A strange or odd aspect.

2. A desire to know or learn.

3. A desire to know about people or things that do not concern one; nosiness.

4. Archaic Fastidiousness.

5. An object that arouses interest, as by being novel or extraordinary.

6. obsolete The state or quality or being curious; nicety; accuracy; exactness; elaboration.

7. Disposition to inquire, investigate, or seek after knowledge; a desire to gratify the mind with new information or objects of interest; inquisitiveness.

8. That which is curious, or fitted to excite or reward attention.

9. Extravagantly minute investigation.

10. Carefulness; nicety; delicacy; fastidiousness; scrupulous care.

11. Accuracy; exactness; nice performance.

12. Curious arrangement; singular or artful performance.

13. An object of interest or inquisitiveness; that which excites a desire of seeing or deserves to be seen, as novel or extraordinary; something rare or strange.

14. Synonyms. Phenomenon, marvel, wonder, sight, rarity.

15. The desire to see or learn something that is new, strange, or unknown; inquisitiveness.

16. Fancifulness; extravagance; a curious or fanciful subject.


1. I have no curiosity about them at all.

2. This rare and marvellous curiosity is called hair ice, when fine strands of ice appear to grow out of rotten wood.

3. This may be one place where we should satisfy our curiosity and then move on.

4. The programme is driven by a genuine curiosity.

5. Let your curiosity get the best of you.

6. This intellectual curiosity and literary chutzpah is impressive.

7. But betray too eager curiosity she would not.

8. Our childlike curiosity lasted much longer into adult life.

9. What comes of this is a diverting film with a dash of curiosity value.

10. The art of writing popular science is the art of satisfying the curiosity you have piqued.

11. Is there any genuine curiosity behind it?

12. It did not take that long for her curiosity to finally get the better of her.

13. Her intellectual curiosity was matched by her sense of humour.

14. My curiosity about the world comes directly from her.

15. Tune in for curiosity value alone and you might find a few chuckles.

16. Sometimes the who question will help us satisfy simple curiosity.

17. This curiosity and desire to know more led her to contact social services in her mid-20s.

18. She has an amused curiosity about the wider world - rare in fashion.

19. For the spectators, he was more of a curiosity than anything.

20. He was defined by energy, enthusiasm and curiosity.

21. There is so much energy and curiosity here, so much light and life.

22. Beyond that, curiosity about others is the basis of all social skills and helps us form relationships.

23. In turning now more particularly to the work, or rather compilation, of Dr. Bisset Hawkins, let us see whether we cannot discover among what he terms "marks of haste" in getting it up for "the curiosity of the public" (_curiosity_, Dr. Hawkins!), some omissions of a very important nature on the subject of a disease respecting which, we presume, he wished to enlighten the public.

24. The word curiosity is related to the words cure, care, careful, and accuracy.

25. In a quarter-page interview in Business 2.0, Diller mentions the word curiosity six times, and at his first mention of the word he ties the effectiveness of curiosity to the fusion of openness and order—trait curiosity.

26. But Washington was prompted to ask: “Pray, would not the word curiosity answer as well?”

27. This is the true ground to assign for the genuine scientific passion, however manifested, and for culture, viewed simply as a fruit of this passion; and it is a worthy ground, even tho we let the term curiosity stand to describe it.

28. This is the true ground to assign for the genuine scientific passion, however manifested, and for culture, viewed simply as a fruit of this passion; and it is a worthy ground, even though we let the term curiosity stand to describe it.

29. This curiosity is the reason I found myself in the woods of northern Maryland, along with a couple hundred strangers, trying to make fire with sticks.

30. ‘And I am consumed by curiosity and a desire to know what on earth this cool thing is going to be like.’

31. ‘In his essay on Leonardo, Freud even derives curiosity and the desire for knowledge from sexuality.’

32. ‘The latter is a moralistic bore who puts intellectual curiosity second to her desire to pontificate.’

33. ‘The little boy looked at the opponent with a mixed feeling of curiosity and fear.’

34. ‘Questions should be answered as they arise so that the child's natural curiosity is satisfied as she matures.’

35. ‘After having car trouble the teens backtrack to the church to satisfy their morbid curiosity.’

36. ‘I was close to backing out, but my morbid curiosity got the best of me.’

37. ‘When the buzz begins to build about a film, my curiosity is piqued.’

38. ‘My insatiable curiosity got the best of me.’

39. ‘Plus, they're indulging their intellectual curiosity.’

40. ‘With curiosity now piqued, let's dig a bit deeper into the wording.’

41. ‘Idle curiosity prompts the question: who applies it for him?’

42. ‘His eyes searched hers curiously, but he found nothing but mild curiosity in her eyes.’

43. ‘However, a warm breeze on the back of her neck aroused her curiosity.’

44. ‘The young woman was sitting forward in her seat, a look of almost childlike curiosity on her face.’

45. ‘Rob still sparked a great curiosity in me.’

46. ‘Many were also indulging a healthy curiosity about the outside world.’

47. ‘At this statement my ears perked up, curiosity overtaking me.’

48. ‘But it did spark a curiosity that itched until she completed a short story.’

49. ‘I made a quick glance over my shoulder, before I indulged my curiosity.’

50. ‘And amidst the displays of oddities and curiosities, the museum of anatomy was in some ways the oddest and most curious.’

51. ‘Collectors paid much greater sums for medical curiosities.’

52. ‘The unusual surface textures of fossil cycads have been interesting curiosities to collectors for a long time.’

53. ‘There the shoe trees stand: dippy and pure; curiosities; daisies, not orchids.’

54. ‘The primary lesson we took from our Delphic oracle project is not the well-worn message that modern science can elucidate ancient curiosities.’

55. ‘The museum also contains a few worthwhile curiosities.’

56. ‘The exhibit presents the animals as fellow beings we are close to and responsible for, not as exotic curiosities for us to exploit.’

57. ‘Old style anthropological methods treated Indigenous peoples as historical curiosities, as remnants of a dead culture.’

58. ‘The embedding of the displays in a setting with its own architectural claims on our respect and attention makes it difficult to take them as anything but curiosities.’

59. ‘A true memorial must address the imagination and not merely present an assortment of ghoulish curiosities.’

60. ‘But my well-balanced collection (which was mainly paid for) was replaced by curiosities.’

61. ‘It's one of the economic curiosities of American sport.’

62. ‘And what a mixture of curiosities, myth, banalities and omissions it was.’

63. ‘Books, clothes, trinkets and curiosities will be on sale from 10 am.’

64. ‘But beyond the collection of curiosities and oddments, nothing extensive or substantive remains from what he said.’

65. ‘But at some point, you can not only observe these curiosities and understand them, but you can control them.’

66. ‘The mirror is currently on display in the Enlightenment Gallery in a cabinet devoted to other similar curiosities.’

67. ‘curiosity seekers strolled down the street while others cruised past in SUV's.’

68. ‘Most were merely curiosity seekers, so the police did not disperse them.’

69. ‘They also collected specimens of human and animal freaks in private curiosity cabinets.’

70. they say that curiosity killed the cat

Other users have misspelling curiosity as:

1. curiousity 27.95%

2. curosity 2.47%

3. koristi 2.19%

4. Other 67.39%

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