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1. Thorough, careful, or vigilant; implies a desire to do a task well.

2. Thorough and assiduous: synonym: diligent.

3. Guided by or in accordance with the dictates of conscience; principled.

4. Characterized by a regard to conscience; conformed to the dictates of conscience; -- said of actions.

5. Influenced by conscience; governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience, or by the known or supposed rules of right and wrong; -- said of a person.

6. guided by or in accordance with conscience or sense of right and wrong

7. Controlled by conscience; governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience, or by the known or supposed rules of right and wrong: as, a conscientious judgė.

8. Regulated by conscience; according to the dictates of conscience; springing from conscience: as, a conscientious scruple.

9. Synonyms and Scrupulous, exact, careful, faithful, upright, honest, honorable, righteous.

10. Conscious.


1. In so doing she may be able to salvage our precious right to conscientious objection.

2. As conscientious objectors, this was a way for them to do their part for the war effort.

3. He was conscientious and he cared about what he was doing.

4. For once the conscientious researcher just sat.

5. Issues that police confronted included suspected spies and conscientious objectors.

6. But the defenders of those who are called conscientious objectors fail to perceive the real point of the present question.

7. It is only the majority of hard-working conscientious officers who have to endure this.

8. He remained a retiring, modest and conscientious man who shunned publicity.

9. The Gospel message cannot be divorced from conscientious care for the common good.

10. She was a conscientious mother, but not motherly.

11. He was an extremely able, conscientious and responsible law officer.

12. Like other conscientious objectors, he was called to a tribunal.

13. A considerable part of the day was spent in discussing conscientious objectors.

14. The pores are large and visible, and only the most conscientious care can keep them from appearing clogged.

15. It was a conscientious objection.

16. But I still object to their conscientious objections.

17. She was kind, conscientious and extremely hard-working.

18. Overall, he really does come across as a conscientious young man, anxious to do the right thing.

19. Information technology can help, but there is no substitute for careful, conscientious scrutiny by people with expertise and experience.

20. In fact, the origin of the term 'conscientious objector' comes from refusing vaccine - not from war.

21. But economists and culture vultures seem to be waking up to the possibility that era of conspicuous consumption may be giving way to a new period of what I call conscientious consumption.

22. The only policy which would allow you to do without armament is the policy which England will always respect as on opinion-I mean non-resistance -- (and I remind you that it was respected throughout the last war as an individual opinion, of what we called the conscientious objector,) but it will never be followed as a policy.

23. Even liars have to admit that, if they are intelligent liars; I mean in their private [the word conscientious written but erased] intervals.

24. Now, when a nature intensely conscientious is constantly oppressed by a sense of unperformed duty, that sense becomes a gnawing worm at the very root of life.

25. True, she said many sharp and bitter things; but nobody but herself and her God knew how many more she would have said had she not reined herself up in conscientious silence.

26. All the candidates were described as conscientious, smart, and insightful, and all the descriptions ended with notes, such as "Observation: seems to be candid and trusting," or, "Observation: his/her natural competitiveness was apparent."

27. I think it’s important we have protestors and armchair generals who engage in conscientious or useful critique of (a) war, chiefly because lives and way of life are at stake bothsides.

28. ‘He was thoroughly conscientious, always helpful and very much liked.’

29. ‘Nadine was one of the most thorough and conscientious editors I've ever known.’

30. ‘Despite uncertain health, he was installed as dean of St Paul's cathedral, where he was conscientious in his duties and subsequently buried.’

31. ‘She was conscientious in her duties, and would insist on reading every sentence, - there was no saying where she might find faults of grammar or bad spelling.’

32. ‘Most are hard working, conscientious, and dedicated to the NHS, and continual criticism is demoralising.’

33. ‘There are three areas of character building that a conscientious coach may wish to develop during his time with players.’

34. ‘Hence, a man could be very conscientious in the duties of his occupation and still fail terribly in his calling as a father.’

35. ‘I am conscientious and studious and dedicated to my education thank you very much.’

36. ‘He is observant and conscientious and pays meticulous attention to details.’

37. ‘He abhorred violence of any kind and was hard-working, loyal and conscientious.’

38. ‘The boss said he was the best apprentice they ever had because he was so hard working and conscientious.’

39. ‘He's turned out to be conscientious and hard working.’

40. ‘I would say most councillors recognise that the vast majority of council employees are hard working, conscientious individuals who deserve all the support that elected members can give them.’

41. ‘Operators must be vigilant, conscientious and dedicated in their duties of administering backups and verifying their successful completion.’

42. ‘And the Germans are hard working, conscientious, trying hard to be principled pragmatics, wearing history heavily on their shoulder.’

43. ‘Kind, conscientious and hard-working, Eddie was a man of many noble qualities who commanded the height of regard and respect among his many friends in England.’

44. ‘He was a decent, conscientious, hard working man, who was always very approachable and willing to put himself out for others.’

45. ‘A careful, conscientious driver has a momentary lapse in attention, distracted for a second or two, perhaps by a roadside advertisement, and tragedy results - a person is killed.’

46. ‘For many years she was a dedicated and conscientious member of the Legion of Mary, attending meeting regularly, reciting The Rosary, participating in the Visitation and other work.’

47. ‘The truth is that many of the women are better than the men, they are more careful and conscientious.’

48. ‘It is very refreshing to see that there may be an ability to refuse to pay a levy for a reason relating to conscientious or religious grounds.’

49. ‘He has had the courage to restate his conscientious beliefs in the face of misunderstanding and abuse, and the humility to shoulder the yoke of the 2000-year-old moral tradition that has been entrusted to him.’

50. ‘So if the Legislature wants to accommodate people's religious beliefs as well as their secular philosophical and conscientious beliefs, that's great.’

51. ‘But theists do not violate the functional separation of church and state merely by explaining their own political stance in terms of their conscientious beliefs.’

52. ‘In any case, I believe that it is essential to the integrity of the medical profession that doctors should be allowed to say that they will not carry out a procedure demanded by a patient, on conscientious grounds.’

53. ‘Where so many people find government policies and their execution morally repugnant, we need a moral framework that can expect and honour conscientious dissent.’

54. ‘His society considers the funeral custom of body viewing personal or dependent on the conscientious feelings of the individual.’

55. ‘She's a decent woman who has directed the editorial page to take some very conscientious stands.’

56. ‘No-one shall be required to bear arms or perform military service against his or her conscientious beliefs.’

57. ‘No juror should surrender his or her conscientious beliefs solely for the purpose of returning a unanimous verdict.’

58. ‘His application was rejected because he failed to convince the commission of his conscientious beliefs.’

59. conscientious application to the work at hand

Other users have misspelling conscientious as:

1. conscients 16.35%

2. consciencious 13.46%

3. conscientous 3.85%

4. conscientio 2.88%

5. conscienctious 2.88%

6. conscientes 2.88%

7. consecientious 1.92%

8. Other 55.78%

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