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Other users have misspelling conscientious as:

pie chart
  1. conscients 16.35%
  2. consciencious 13.46%
  3. conscientous 3.85%
  4. conscientio 2.88%
  5. conscienctious 2.88%
  6. conscientes 2.88%
  7. consecientious 1.92%
  8. Other 55.78%

Definitions of conscientious


  1. guided by or in accordance with conscience or sense of right and wrong
  2. characterized by extreme care and great effort

Examples of conscientious

  1. Like other conscientious objectors, he was called to a tribunal.
  2. He fulfilled his duties conscientiously, but his support for the proclamation of the district as a city lost him his seat in 1950.
  3. Conscientious and conservative judges, both state and federal, should have rebelled against the abortion decision in Roe.

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