Definition of 'vertebrae'


Word Frequency
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1. Plural form of vertebra.; the bones that make up the spinal column.


1. His initial confidence was misplaced - he fractured two vertebrae.

2. Camarasaurus means 'chambered lizard', because of the hollow chambers in its vertebrae.

3. Yes, a real one with proper vertebrae to carry round and practise with.

4. She broke a hip and shoulder and fractured her vertebrae and could not move.

5. The neck consists of how many cervical vertebrae?

6. His vertebrae look as though candle wax has been poured on them.

7. He will need surgery on damaged vertebrae - but he will not be paralysed.

8. I had also cracked two vertebrae in my back.

9. On that occasion, though, fractured vertebrae were caused by a fall.

10. There are thirty-three vertebrae in humans

Other users have misspelling vertebrae as:

1. vertebre 4.17%

2. vertebraes 4.17%

3. vertevbrae 2.08%

4. Other 89.58%

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