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1. UK, slang a police officer.

2. US, slang a federal government officer or official, especially FBI and DEA agents.

3. the central bank of the United States; incorporates 12 Federal Reserve branch banks and all national banks and state-chartered commercial banks and some trust companies

4. Simple past tense and past participle of feed.

5. imp. & p. p. of feed.

6. imp.&p.p.offeed.

7. Preterit and past participle of feed.


1. What the optimists sometimes ignore is the often precarious role of technology in keeping humanity fed.

2. Should not the service of those who keep the country fed be recognised too?

3. So here are some great deals to get you and your family fed - for a very tasty price.

4. She was force fed; the most horrendous thing I have witnessed in my life.

5. For whats its worth, recognizing that the the fed is an imperfect institution, it makes sense to have some checks and balances built into the system.

6. Just eyeballing the speed, I didn't notice much of a difference between regular search results and the same term fed through ChunkIt.

7. This is fed from the southeast by cold waters from the Humboldt Current and from the northeast, by the moderately warm sub-tropical waters from the North Equatorial counter-current via the Peru Flow.

8. .270 WSM, or .300 WSM The Skinny: Because the BLR is fed from a clip and not a tubular magazine, it can be chambered for a variety of short-action cartridges, including magnums with pointed bullets.

9. * I think the tax credit is 1000 per child up to a rather high income limit (100k?), and this particular proposal is tweaking the low end with refundability for those people only paying less than $2000 a year in fed taxes anyway (current law a family of 4 with an income of 40K has a fed income tax liability of around $1500)

10. The fed is a slow-changing institution and it has been ruled by assorted free market fairies and objectivists since about 1980.

11. As for the commerce clause issue, if I supported this law (I dont) I would be looking for precedents in fed legislation for forcing citizens to buy goods or services from corporations.

12. The Orbo generator is fed from a battery which it, in turn, recharges; with an intact 1st law of thermodynamics, less energy must be generated than consumed and so the battery will run down and the machine stop.

13. But a massive shield of rain fed by moisture deep into the tropics (cool water vapor loop) lurks to the south.

14. ‘Naturally, the box the feds supplied was rigged with every surveillance gizmo known to man.’

15. ‘Wherever they go they think the feds, or the police, or spies are watching them.’

16. ‘I didn't follow the case against the man at all or how good a case the feds made against him.’

17. ‘As the new job looms ever closer, it appears that the feds are finally closing in on him.’

18. ‘When it came time finally to arrest the man, it was in my father's closet that the feds found him.’

19. ‘Why the feds aren't interested in pursuing more of them is puzzling.’

20. ‘When they accessed their machines back home, the feds recorded the login info, and later returned to root the boxes.’

21. ‘Jim asked to make a phone call, but was told he would have to wait until the feds had questioned him.’

22. ‘It would be far, far easier to just shut down the boxes, pull them, and give them to the feds.’

23. ‘Not only can you be sued if you lie in your advertising, but you can also get in trouble with the feds.’

24. ‘If the feds were going to hunt him for peddling porn, why pay taxes to finance their cause?’

25. ‘When a scam involves millions of dollars, then the associations get involved, along with the banks and the feds.’

26. ‘Since then the feds have continued their investigations and most of the money has been recovered.’

27. ‘The feds are on their way, and Ralph here is all the protection anybody could ask for.’

28. ‘The feds today unsealed the charges, which were initially handed down last week by a federal grand jury in New York.’

29. ‘A gunman killed in a shootout with police had texted his girlfriend minutes earlier to say: "The feds are following me."’

30. ‘The looters were trying to get in and out of JD Sports before the "feds" arrive.’

31. ‘When kids talk about the feds, it's obvious that they're not talking about the FBI.’

32. ‘"Come on, who likes the feds? They're annoying, nagging," said one young man.’

33. ‘He overtook me near London, then near Nottingham he had been pulled over by the feds.’

34. ‘That's what's put me off going to Poole Quay - bloody feds all over the place, spoils your ride back as you're always on the look out for them!’

35. ‘Were the feds hassling bikers?’

36. ‘I know its a sensible place to have it, but have you had any grief off the feds regarding the position of your tax disc?’

37. ‘As well as all the usual unprintable insults, this 12-year-old taunted us with "Kill the feds!"’

38. ‘My twin brother is a fed, he's still safe, though no doubt he will be brainwashed in time.’

39. ‘In the middle of 1931, the fed doubled the discount rate.’

40. ‘What we don't know is whether the fed's intervention will work.’

41. ‘Had Rosie been running the fed, the whole market meltdown could have been avoided.’

42. ‘We can't bring that rate down to 5%, no matter what the fed does.’

43. ‘Falling profits in the second and third quarters of 2002 seemed to substantiate the fed's concern.’

44. ‘As the fed has moved to boost short-term interest rates, long-term interest rates have stayed unexpectedly low.’

45. ‘If the fed is aggressive, and if we don't have any major external disruptions, I think we're going to be okay.’

46. ‘Business leaders have begun pointing out how the fed has squeezed the economy in general and their companies in particular.’

47. ‘After several interest rate hikes, the fed's moves to slow what has been a heated economy seems to be working.’

48. ‘The fed has slashed rates 12 times since 2001, producing a boon for fund investors.’

49. Feed the guests the nuts

Other users have misspelling fed as:

1. fide 11.26%

2. fhd 6.95%

3. fdd 4.97%

4. fede 3.31%

5. feeded 2.65%

6. Other 70.86%

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