Definition of 'excellent'


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1. Of the highest quality; splendid.

2. Exceptionally good of its kind.

3. Of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good for its kind.

4. Archaic Being so to an extreme degree.

5. Obs. or Ironical Superior in kind or degree, irrespective of moral quality; -- used with words of a bad significance.

6. Excelling; surpassing others in some good quality or the sum of qualities; of great worth; eminent, in a good sense; superior

7. obsolete Excellently; eminently; exceedingly.

8. Surpassing; transcendent; consummate; complete: in an ill sense.

9. Excellently; exceedingly.

10. Synonyms Worthy, fine, admirable, choice, prime, valuable, select, exquisite.

11. Excelling; possessing excellence; eminent or distinguished for superior merit of any kind; of surpassing character or quality; uncommonly laudable or valuable for any reason; characterized by good or sensible qualities; remarkably good: as, an excellent magistrate; an excellent farm, horse, or fruit; an excellent workman.


1. We have some very well-placed sources who are gathering excellent material to aid us with our negotiations.

2. But Tamar was trying to impress me very forcibly with her candour and her excellent memory.

3. Sitting in the same position for several hours has that effect even on a woman in excellent physical condition.

4. Until that day, Panshin had always treated Lavretsky, not exactly haughtily, but at least condescendingly; but Lisa, in describing her expedition of the previous day to Panshin, had spoken of Lavretsky as an excellent and clever man, that was enough; he felt bound to make a conquest of an ‘excellent man.

5. What I've noticed is in the last year I hardly spotted any malware, my AV (I had the excellent Nod32 and now the excellent+ Avira) used to find more than 60\% of all flash drives infected, lately this percentage dropped to less than 10\%.

6. II. i.177 (405,8) well kiss'd! an excellent courtesy!] [-- _well kissed_, and _excellent courtesy_; --] This I think should be printed, _well kiss'd_! an _excellent courtesy_!

7. (I lived there for 12 years and if socialism is what you call excellent, cheap, taxpayer-paid quality health care for all, well, call me a socialist and stop letting me bail you out with my taxes!)

8. That's what I call excellent behavior, and that schoolmaster certainly knows how to organize the activities of his class.

9. By all means let us be what they call excellent friends.

10. David Willetts told the Commons home affairs select committee he had had three meetings with the immigration minister, Damian Green, to discuss differences in the detail of reforms to the student immigration system, which he described as an "excellent British export industry", worth more than £4bn a year.

11. (One other woman in the program was barred from early release by her sentencing judge.) "Her behavior has been what we call excellent, excellent behavior," Wayne County Jail Chief Jeriel Heard said.

12. Former CIA director John McLaughlin told The Associated Press from London Monday that he supported Panetta's nomination because of his management experience, judgment and understanding of Washington, which he called excellent qualities for a CIA director.

13. ‘In fairness, the pitch has seen some serious work on it and is in excellent condition.’

14. ‘For man is made to the image of God, which condition is undoubtedly most excellent.’

15. ‘He looks very strong in defence and should prove an excellent asset and the first class centre.’

16. ‘From this starting point pure fear is an excellent motivator to maintain perfection.’

17. ‘Followed by an excellent lunch, fine wine, more coffee and a Cuban cigar to finish off.’

18. ‘The schools have had outstanding test and exam results as well as the excellent reports.’

19. ‘The nursing staff were excellent and kept us fully informed of our her condition.’

20. ‘He was an outstanding writer on his subject giving many excellent accounts of his work.’

21. ‘My favourite ever piece of digital art is an excellent example of this kind of sublime infinity.’

22. ‘They keep an excellent pint, have a wicked sense of humour and Jimmy knows lots of rugby songs.’

23. ‘We already have an excellent relationship with a supplier of a top class product.’

24. ‘There was a cool, shaded garden and an excellent veranda from which to watch the street go by.’

25. ‘A quite excellent place to eat and the perfect place to end a very busy and interesting day.’

26. ‘A good strong powerful striker who is excellent in the air and has brilliant shooting.’

27. ‘Gilbert was an excellent mathematician and the author of a fine analysis textbook.’

28. ‘Jambolan juice is an excellent source of sherbets and syrups for making cool drinks.’

29. ‘It was a fine start to what promises to be an excellent season of historic rallying.’

30. ‘It seems like an excellent idea and we'll be popping down to get a couple soon.’

31. ‘For those with lesser appetites, this would probably be an excellent value meal for two.’

32. ‘The fireworks looked excellent from our vantage point in the Castle Terrace car park.’

33. made an excellent speech

Other users have misspelling excellent as:

1. excelente 15.1%

2. excelent 11.89%

3. excellente 4.66%

4. exellent 4.66%

5. exelent 4.34%

6. excellen 3.13%

7. excellant 3.05%

8. execellent 2.09%

9. ecselent 1.53%

10. Other 49.55%

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