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Other users have misspelling intelligent as:

pie chart
  1. inteligente 14.12%
  2. intellegent 8.97%
  3. inteligent 8.78%
  4. intelligente 7.82%
  5. intelegent 4.58%
  6. intelegant 1.53%
  7. Other 54.2%
  8. silly, stupid 0%

Definitions of intelligent


  1. exercising or showing good judgment
  2. endowed with the capacity to reason
  3. possessing sound knowledge
  4. having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree

Examples of intelligent

  1. It seems the interest in an intelligent house is rapidly growing.
  2. If we fail to develop emotional intelligence, or cannot control or restrain our emotions, we will lose our intellectual ability to think, reason and live rationally and intelligently. Dr T.P.Chia 
  3. He was a highly intelligent commercial lawyer and then judge who suddenly found himself having to grind out fact after fact from nuggets of information painstakingly.

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