Definition of 'intelligent'


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1. Characterized by thoughtful interaction.

2. Well thought-out, well considered.

3. Having the same level of brain power as mankind.

4. Of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright.

5. Showing sound judgment and rationality.

6. Having a high degree of intelligence; mentally acute.

7. Having intelligence.

8. Appealing to the intellect; intellectual.

9. Possessed of a high level of intelligence, education, or judgment; knowing; sensible; skilled; exhibiting high intelligence

10. Endowed with the faculty of understanding or reason.

11. obsolete Cognizant; aware; communicative.

12. having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree

13. Having knowledge; cognizant: followed by of.

14. Synonyms Common-sense, etc. (see sensible); quick, bright, acute, discerning, sharp-witted, clear-headed.

15. Having the faculty of understanding; capable of comprehending facts or ideas: as, man is an intelligent being.

16. Bearing intelligence; giving information; communicative.

17. Having an active intellect; possessing aptitude or skill; well informed: as, an intelligent artisan or officer.

18. Marked by or indicating intelligence; guided by knowledge or comprehension: as, the intelligent actions of ants; an intelligent answer.


1. If you are single, the most intelligent person you have met could also be the most caring.

2. The chances for intelligent life look very different.

3. This intelligent human being has been killed to satisfy a destructive human need.

4. Earlier series had better guest lists and more intelligent conversations.

5. We have met some of the most intelligent and able people in the world.

6. They are always ready with an intelligent guess when faced with unfamiliar vocabulary.

7. You may be a very intelligent person.

8. He was a bright intelligent young man of my own age.

9. He is an intelligent man who understands the game and the people who play it.

10. She certainly is a lively and intelligent dog.

11. There is no evidence that more intelligent animals have more descendants.

12. It was a sort of intelligent guess by a committee.

13. One website ranked him as the ninth most intelligent person in the world.

14. He does not feel the pressure and very bright and intelligent in his style of play.

15. He was intelligent and perceptive in choosing when to make his interventions.

16. Claims of intelligent animal conversation remain controversial.

17. Imagine that on only a handful of these worlds life evolved into intelligent life and built a civilization.

18. But the idea of holding an intelligent conversation with an animal has only seriously been explored with chimpanzees.

19. Yet not once in the entire film do we see or hear any sign of intelligent life from her.

20. We need to be grown up about this and realise that intelligent human beings should have the same rights as our pets.

21. You'll be able to ask intelligent questions and zero in on particular problem areas.

22. People don't understand that he is intelligent enough to understand it.

23. Cabin crew are supposed to be intelligent, sane human beings.

24. I tell them we are going to have an intelligent conversation and find a solution to the problem.

25. Lively, intelligent popular history.

26. "Twice," said I. "Is he intelligent -- _really _intelligent?

27. Replacing God with the term intelligent designer makes no difference as the history of ID shows that this designer is simply God.

28. Guess who was one of the sponsors of HB 4946 which would have added the term intelligent designer or creator to science standards?

29. The problem is that these ‘arguments’ apply equally well to the term intelligent design as it does to the term creationism.

30. Autechre, whose music was codified by the phrase "intelligent dance music," or IDM.

31. To solidify this point, consider the deposition testimony of Charles Thaxton as to why he started to use the term intelligent design in the

32. ‘He said that the media knew about the uniform floor rates and the increase in taxes was an intelligent guess.’

33. ‘Backs can make intelligent guesses at what needs to be done; forwards just know it.’

34. ‘Tina appears shy at first, but underneath that is a very hardworking, intelligent girl.’

35. ‘I have chatted with him and he seems to be educated, humorous and intelligent.’

36. ‘As educated, intelligent consumers, we have to realize there is no real danger to humans.’

37. ‘I thought the legal profession was made up of fairly intelligent and educated people.’

38. ‘He might not have graduated from high school, but he's obviously highly intelligent and a fast learner.’

39. ‘She presented as an intelligent, educated and articulate woman with a good command of English.’

40. ‘He is highly intelligent, but at this point he functions at the level of a young child.’

41. ‘My Grandad, a highly intelligent man, never got the education his grandchildren took for granted.’

42. ‘Maybe he is a bit of a geek, but he seems to be intelligent, hard-working, and honest.’

43. ‘There appear to be intelligent arguments both for and against this plan.’

44. ‘In this case, however, the event was in fact the result of an intelligent designer.’

45. ‘We're still too travel tired to offer anything like an intelligent answer.’

46. ‘But the rest of the piece actually asks some pertinent and intelligent questions.’

47. ‘They are worldly, intelligent, well-read and hopeful about having a decent future.’

48. ‘There have been some intelligent arguments made against the war.’

49. ‘Any reasonably intelligent person could have concocted that plan.’

50. ‘I have a son that is 27 years old and he is very intelligent when it comes to the computer.’

51. ‘An intelligent person would not have needed to ask that question!’

52. ‘Yet when it comes to our homes the future has already happened and intelligent houses have become a reality.’

53. ‘So if you're the intelligent user of these super intelligent gadgets, you can rest easy.’

54. ‘The show, and it is a show, features intelligent lighting and a state of the art sound system.’

55. ‘What are the ramifications of intelligent machines and how human beings react to them?’

56. ‘We don't have intelligent machines as I believe you are thinking of them.’

57. ‘It seems the interest in an intelligent house is rapidly growing.’

58. ‘What is expected to happen, is that contractors will install the intelligent lamp posts in areas.’

59. ‘We will press buttons by microphone and intelligent machines are coming which can work for us.’

60. ‘Generations have deliberately tried to design intelligent computers and we're still failing.’

61. ‘All this is backed up by an intelligent item system that makes it much easier to just pick up and play the game.’

62. ‘The software makes intelligent guesses about the words you are trying to tap into the keyboard.’

63. an intelligent question

Other users have misspelling intelligent as:

1. inteligente 14.12%

2. intellegent 8.97%

3. inteligent 8.78%

4. intelligente 7.82%

5. intelegent 4.58%

6. intelegant 1.53%

7. Other 54.2%

8. silly, stupid 0%

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