Definition of 'exist'


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1. to be; have existence; have being or reality

2. have an existence, be extant

3. To have actual being of any kind; actually be at a certain moment or throughout a certain period of time.

4. Hence To live; continue to have life or animation: as, men cannot exist without air, nor fishes without water.

5. To continue to be; persist.

6. To have actual being; be real.

7. To be present under certain circumstances or in a specified place; occur.

8. To live at a minimal level; subsist.

9. To have life; live.

10. To be manifest in any manner; to continue to be.

11. To be as a fact and not as a mode; to have an actual or real being, whether material or spiritual.

12. To live; to have life or the functions of vitality.


1. This could be done by building another viaduct alongside the existing one.

2. All planned cycle lanes should be halted and existing ones torn up.

3. Normally a prospective member needs to be supported by four existing members to be considered.

4. Apprenticeships in the creative and cultural industries barely existed a decade ago.

5. Making a success of Brexit involves both forging new links and strengthening existing ones.

6. I am afraid that no such outcome exists that will benefit either side.

7. They could often only be justified as part of a new hospital, rather than an addition to an existing one.

8. Today these restraints barely exist.

9. This one only exists thanks to the Sultan's love of music.

10. That one exists just like ET.

11. Most can barely exist to the end of the month.

12. Will the new model be as well received as the existing one?

13. existing members just need to visit the website.

14. What benefits exist to support a healthy workforce?

15. This new section exists because the world has turned digital.

16. We have looked at social problems and services mainly as they exist at the present.

17. It would certainly make a great deal more sense than the existing one.

18. Not all existing benefits will be wrapped up into it.

19. The world that had existed for a whole year really disappeared.

20. Are the inhabitants of the past just as real as anything that exists in the present?

21. It is different because it exists for one sole purpose.

22. The business world would not exist without these people.

23. The system is so ridiculously simple you will be wondering why it does not exist where you live.

24. But right now they barely exist.

25. No such plans exist at present.

26. Twenty years ago, they barely existed.

27. You must give an existing member 's name to prove that you can be trusted.

28. The hosts' continuity of play barely existed.

29. Yet the existing studies live in constant fear of being wound up, and are always a grant application away from closure.

30. You'll merely exist, not live.

31. We want a place where we don't just exist - we live.

32. And I again repeat solemnly Palacký's word that _Austria may exist only so long as her nations wish for it_, and that _she will cease to exist_ as soon as her nations do not want her to exist.

33. Evolution, seeking to be consistent, answers: "It is true that faculties cannot be evolved out of a thing unless they exist in a crude and undeveloped state in that thing, but these higher faculties _do exist_ in the lower orders, potentially, or in a germ form and are developed and become operative only in the higher forms of life."

34. Form is superior to matter, because it needs the latter only to be seen but can exist by itself though not seen; whereas matter cannot _exist_ without form.

35. For example, the proposition _All devils are ugly_ need not imply that any such things as 'devils' really exist; but it certainly does imply that _Devils that are not ugly do not exist_.

36. I need a ruling on this matter from Ruth Anne -- did the term exist before I used it?

37. The inspired editor, if such still exist, is hemmed in by all the corporate requirements.

38. The only way in which a shortage has existed, or ever will exist, is in cases where the “going price” has been held below the market-clearing price.

39. The only God who can be proven to exist is the God of the Bible, which is why I'm sticking with Him.

40. Mark – The reason of why the SCOTUS exist is to be the highest judicial body in the USA, and if they have to 'meddle in people's lives' to do and be what they are meant to, so be it.

41. Now the mayor investigated, but won't comment, the professor backed down because he lied, one of the good cops that African American's say don't exist is being harassed, and Obama wants too settle it with a beer too protect his friend.

42. ‘In other words, knowledge is always of a reality that exists independently of knowers and perceivers.’

43. ‘According to one physicist reality only exists because we think it does.’

44. ‘Again, it is surprising that the most attractive faces do not even exist in reality.’

45. ‘It was fun to see new and wonderful things, things that could never exist in reality.’

46. ‘The lottery win seemed like conclusive proof that Kiron existed, but in reality, it was no proof at all.’

47. ‘Today every object that existed yesterday is older than it was yesterday.’

48. ‘No basis exists for an objection related to paying the taxes or to the level of the taxes to be paid.’

49. ‘Whether or not the object of a thought exists, it cannot be the case that a thought has no content, that its content is nothing.’

50. ‘The gulf exists objectively and has only deepened as a result of their behaviour.’

51. ‘As far as I know no similar analysis of party organizations exists for ethnicity.’

52. ‘There is a sense of a world existing objectively, outside the emotional dynamics of the drama.’

53. ‘Some objects, now existing in scattered parts of the globe, are brought together.’

54. ‘These organizations still exist and try to function despite a general lack of funds.’

55. ‘Moreover, it seems that the objects exist independently of the mathematician.’

56. ‘What use is an instrument that keeps sending back images of objects that can't possibly exist?’

57. ‘This strange phenomena that exists in everyone is widespread all over the world.’

58. ‘You had a group of reporters who wanted to prove that the weapons existed because everyone else said that they did not.’

59. ‘The discovery suggests that life could exist on planets very different from Earth.’

60. ‘Being honest, kind and humane are good ideals to live by whether God exists or not.’

61. ‘It was equivalent to saying that gravity did not exist on Earth and then proving it, right in front of her eyes.’

62. ‘This is the situation that exists between Hawaii and the continental United States.’

63. ‘A similar situation exists in the amount of traffic trying to use York.’

64. ‘Lastly, we cannot ignore the tensions in the Gulf, where a warlike situation exists.’

65. ‘But he adds the situation still exists where there are huge areas covered by one hub.’

66. ‘The worst possible situation is that which existed in the United States and in the Iraqi prison.’

67. ‘The situation that existed at present was a danger to motorists and pedestrians.’

68. ‘How on earth did the Commission allow so undemocratic a situation to exist?’

69. ‘So I'm going to put it all to the back of my mind for a few days, and carry on as though the situation doesn't exist.’

70. ‘My friend said that the common law situation still exists under the current legislation.’

71. ‘The need for any warning exists most clearly in situations like those in the cases just considered.’

72. ‘This still existed under the Popular Unity government and continued oppressing the poor.’

73. ‘Yet that perception exists in the popular imagination, as our poll so depressingly illustrates.’

74. ‘Geist was not limited only to high culture, it also existed in popular culture and what we now call mass culture.’

75. ‘The new police signified a move away from a degree of popular control that had existed in some places over parish constables.’

76. ‘There exists sympathy for the situation, but hardly sympathy for the characters.’

77. ‘The culture is still developing and exists in a continuous process of change and renewal.’

78. ‘Meanwhile real hip hop remains in the underground existing beneath the line of sight of the masses.’

79. ‘Yet a sense of fractured identity, of cultural confusion, continues to exist.’

80. ‘A similar rule exists throughout Europe and it is important that everyone respects it.’

81. ‘The same common law defence of lawful correction currently exists in New South Wales.’

82. ‘I don't want you to get the idea that I exist on takeaways and ready meals, because I don't.’

83. ‘We exist on donations and all volunteers are drawn mainly from local churches.’

84. ‘Are we making it so easy for them to exist on begging that they feel no need to do any work?’

85. ‘The question is whether we can regard one of them as so abnormal that she is not able to exist on her own.’

86. ‘Middle class professionals are now rare as everyone exists from day to day, just surviving.’

87. he could barely exist on such a low wage

Other users have misspelling exist as:

1. existe 41.38%

2. exsist 14.45%

3. excist 2.8%

4. exisit 1.63%

5. existi 0.93%

6. Other 38.81%

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