Definition of 'aesthetics'


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1. The study or philosophy of beauty.

2. The study of the psychological responses to beauty and artistic experiences.

3. A conception of what is artistically valid or beautiful.

4. The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature, expression, and perception of beauty, as in the fine arts.

5. An artistically beautiful or pleasing appearance.


1. The request has as much to do with politics as aesthetics.

2. They distinguish themselves from hippies of the Left because they are more interested in beauty and aesthetics.

3. Politics, aesthetics, literature were all preoccupations for these privileged and idealistic young people.

4. Reasons for antipathy towards ebooks included irritation about'ugly adverts' to matters of art and aesthetics.

5. The term aesthetics was coined in the eighteenth century by the German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten from the Greek word aisthetikos meaning “perceptive, especially by feeling”.

6. Adult self-reported interest in aesthetics is related to a temperamental factor of openness , as reported by the Dana Arts and Cognition Consortium (with many more details and - as is the case in any serious scientific study - caveats concerning observed correlations etc.).

7. The EuroX Magnesium lives up to its name in aesthetics and weight (103 grams).

8. To put it plainly, the half of the Critique of Judgement dealing with aesthetics is not exactly the watertight freighter you might expect from the author of the Critique of Pure Reason.

9. Each work is a journey, an adventure through the carefully placed items, colors, and layers; along the way, note the many Asian references, in aesthetics and objects.

10. Having some committee of aesthetics is a horrible idea.

11. ‘This eternal reality may be God, it may be eternal principles of justice or aesthetics, or it may be the ultimate laws of nature.’

12. ‘The politics of representation are often a detriment to the appreciation of aesthetics.’

13. ‘However she admits it is necessary to have an appreciation of aesthetics as well as the technical skills.’

14. ‘Blue skies are a natural phenomena; principles of aesthetics and design are not.’

15. ‘They have a much greater appreciation of aesthetics.’

16. ‘Appreciation of conventional cinema aesthetics, among both filmmakers and their intended audience, may be naïve or limited.’

17. ‘A butterfly's wing is a uniquely visual exhibition, not only of the aesthetics of nature, but of the machinery of evolution.’

18. ‘Chartres new luminosity and stained-glass windows illustrate a second principle of medieval aesthetics.’

19. ‘Thanks again for what you are doing to contribute to an appreciation of aesthetics.’

20. ‘But how many of us have ever appreciated the aesthetics of the underground terrain as we go from here to there?’

21. ‘There is a lack of overarching concern for aesthetics or consistency that runs deep within our political infrastructure.’

22. ‘However, real ‘urban design’ is not a matter for any profession and is not merely concerned with aesthetics.’

23. ‘This does not mean that aesthetics is irrational - see above.’

24. ‘Mindful of public aesthetics and my reputation, I put the garage door down first.’

25. ‘The addition of these trees to the school grounds will enhance the aesthetics of the landscape.’

26. ‘Concerns over health and esthetics motivated this campaign.’

27. ‘I spend less in the rooms and more in the common spaces, where wear and aesthetics are a concern.’

28. ‘I also appreciated the aesthetics of the heat sink.’

29. ‘The extended chokes especially are popular with clay-target shooters - and hunters less concerned with aesthetics.’

30. ‘‘Physical fitness concerns itself more with aesthetics and appearance,’ he says.’

31. ‘He constructed a system which embraces metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, ethics, and the meaning of life.’

32. ‘It simultaneously reconstructs philosophical aesthetics, especially that of Kant and Hegel, from the perspective of modern art.’

33. ‘Or is it an aesthetic philosophy as distinct from a philosophical aesthetics, such as Adorno's Aesthetic Theory?’

34. ‘In keeping with the conception of philosophy mentioned above, aesthetics was thought of as meta-criticism.’

35. ‘His 1829 essay on Kant's aesthetics won the Prussian royal prize in philosophy.’

36. ‘The desirability of the effects and the legitimacy of the causes are questions left to esthetics, psychology, and moral philosophy.’

37. ‘Presumably, he intended follow up his ethical investigations with respective treatises on epistemology and aesthetics.’

38. ‘They can also be read together to form a view of Kant's theory of aesthetics and teleology.’

39. ‘Richard's own work synthesizes and elaborates upon this eclectic mix of aesthetics, philosophy, and area studies.’

40. ‘We teach many things, but mostly I teach aesthetics, philosophy of the image.’

41. ‘His art is wonderfully representative of the essence of the philosophy of Indian aesthetics.’

42. ‘Officially, this means a doctorate in philosophy, specifically in aesthetics.’

43. ‘Has no one heard of Schopenauer or the philosophy of aesthetics?’

44. ‘He is the first in particular to distinguish, perhaps too sharply, between aesthetics and the philosophy of art.’

45. ‘Additionally, he wrote extensively on aesthetics, hermeneutics, and the philosophy of language.’

46. ‘An absolute answer is impossible, as it is basically a question of aesthetics.’

47. ‘In Hegelian aesthetics, the sacred art of the sublime can only be the art of poetry.’

48. ‘Is Nietzsche the one who first articulated the apollonian v. dionysian split in aesthetics?’

49. ‘I have always wanted to use that fun quote since taking a philosophy course of aesthetics years ago.’

50. ‘Under his treatment, ethics, sociology, aesthetics, and religion become a part of the history of the Absolute.’

51. traditional aesthetics assumed the existence of universal and timeless criteria of artistic value

Other users have misspelling aesthetics as:

1. aestheticsm 6.17%

2. aestheticize 4.94%

3. aesthetcs 4.94%

4. asthetics 3.7%

5. Other 80.25%

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