Definition of 'evaluation'


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1. An assessment, such as an annual personnel performance review used as the basis for a salary increase or bonus, or a summary of a particular situation.

2. mathematics A completion of a mathematical operation; a valuation.

3. computing, programming Determination of the value of a variable or expression.

4. Valuation; appraisement.

5. Careful valuation or appraisement; specifically, in mathematics, the ascertainment of the numerical value of any expression: as, the evaluation of a definite integral, of a probability, of an expectation, etc.


1. This evaluation has been discussed with Mr Smith, who indicates an unwillingness to alter his work habits.

2. Then Yilderim announced that an inspection team, Afghan and Russian, was visiting the site, `for evaluation ", in three weeks ' time.

3. The four birds selected were indeed taken on the basis of a detailed kinship evaluation made possible only with the studbook.

4. Mercy's evaluation of the third angel rose by several degrees.

5. In addition to the monthly written evaluation, at the end of each year the PROJIMO team has an ‘evaluation dinner’.

6. He may sound alarmist, but his evaluation is actually rather balanced.

7. This kind of evaluation is of course time-consuming, and Carleton has the advantage of being a small school (1,800 students) with a low student-teacher ratio.

8. Part of the evaluation is based on the fact that the Medicare “doc fix”, which would add $371 billion to the pricetag, was removed from the Senate bill.

9. You think showing that my evaluation is not demonstrably perfect kills my position.

10. The main aim of this evaluation is to set out the context for this framework and to lead to a series of recommendations that will underpin it.

11. Their findings weren't the final word on whether David Tarloff can stand trial; at least one other evaluation is planned, and ultimately a judge will rule on the issue.

12. ‘A companion paper to this study is a further evaluation of the entire examination.’

13. ‘The specialist will review past evaluations and provide an update regarding a child's current needs.’

14. ‘Such different evaluations raise the question of the extent to which philosophy is open to the amateur.’

15. ‘It all ends with oral examinations, evaluations, and a graduation ceremony.’

16. ‘It judiciously employs evidence from extensive research combined with fair evaluations.’

17. the evaluation process took over a month

Other users have misspelling evaluation as:

1. evaluatio 5.33%

2. evualtion 4.64%

3. evaluati 3.42%

4. evaulation 3.28%

5. evaluacion 2.19%

6. evauation 2.05%

7. Other 79.09%

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