Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling borrow as:

pie chart
  1. borro 15.32%
  2. borow 8.87%
  3. borrowe 3.23%
  4. uborrow 2.42%
  5. Other 70.16%

Definitions of borrow


  1. take up and practice as one's own
  2. get temporarily

Examples of borrow

  1. Stated income loans only deserve the moniker "liar loans" because they were abused by banks and given to borrowers who lacked the income to qualify full doc.
  2. They had to make do with kitchen tuffets, orange boxes, a piano stool and a rocking chair borrowed from next door.
  3. Initially von Leeb, using troops borrowed from von Bock, was able to mount a concerted attack both on the defensive positions of the southern suburbs and the area north of the main rail line to Moscow, their objective being the historic village now a suburb of Schlüsselburg, right on Lake Ladoga.

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