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Other users have misspelling traveling as:

pie chart
  1. travling 17.69%
  2. traviling 16.15%
  3. travaling 5.38%
  4. tarveling 3.08%
  5. taveling 3.08%
  6. travaline 2.69%
  7. travalig 2.31%
  8. Other 49.62%

Definitions of traveling


  1. the act of going from one place to another

Examples of traveling

  1. At twenty thousand meters, with the pods still traveling at a high velocity, parachutes billowed out from the same boxes that had contained the glider wings.
  2. Taken from their families and forced to live in "white" orphanages, three mixed-race aborigine children escape, traveling 1500 miles back home, using the title fence as their guide.
  3. The next stop was the Dominican Republic, where Mays’s All-Stars were met by so many at the airport in Ciudad Trujillo, the team’s traveling secretary said, “They must have declared a holiday.”

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