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Other users have misspelling fiance as:

pie chart
  1. fianc 6.48%
  2. veyance 2.78%
  3. fiancia 1.85%
  4. Other 88.89%

Definitions of fiance


  1. a man who is engaged to be married

Examples of fiance

  1. He uncovers more about his private life including the identity of his fiancé, a point of much speculation until now.
  2. Following his defiance, KSM was subjected to a number of coercive interrogation techniques besides being waterboarded the 183 times: he was kept up for seven and a half days straight while diapered and shackled, and he was told that his kids, who were now being held in American custody, would be killed.
  3. Her poetic styles vary from haiku to streetwise dramatic monologue, using the conventions of ‘standard’ English, as well as the defiance of Ebonics.

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