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1. Alternative spelling of fiancé.

2. a man who is engaged to be married

3. Trust; confidence.

4. obsolete To betroth; to affiance.

5. To betroth. See affiance.


1. Suggest to your daughter and her fiancé that a different tack may help.

2. If my fiancé heard you say that!

3. First her fiancé rang to say there was trouble on the streets.

4. My daughter 's fiancé tried to restrain her and she mouthed off at him.

5. It must be most painful for your fiancé's daughter.

6. My fiancé says he will cut them off, but it seems a lot to ask.

7. My fiancé says he doesn't have the time or energy to entertain her need for drama.

8. I stumbled through the arrangements with the help of my daughter and her fiancé.

9. Earlier, she had learnt from a magazine that her fiancé had a daughter he had neglected to tell her about.

10. My fiancé has two daughters.

11. MY fiancé died two months ago.

12. We drove to our pastor's house where my new fiancé had lots of people waiting to surprise me with an engagement party.

13. A young mother has won her fight to prove that her fiancé fathered her daughter before he was killed in Afghanistan.

14. She has managed to get all our mutual friends on her side and also turned my fiancé's 15-year-old daughter against us.

15. My fiancé says it is better if he looks after them but I don't want all that responsibility.

16. I also hate the term fiance/fiancee so much I refused to use it during our engagement.

17. I need this Andrea air purifier because, frankly, my fiance is a compulsive farter.

18. Katy recently posted a photo of Russell in a wedding dress on Twitter and admitted her fiance is a bit of a Bridezilla and enjoys reading wedding magazines!

19. A 32-year-old woman who vanished just days before her wedding was found alive early Saturday in New Mexico after calling her fiance from a pay phone and saying she had been kidnapped, authorities said.

20. Starcradle, the biggest obstacle to planning your marriage while your fiance is in the States is his need for a tourist visa.

21. Then it emerged that Mr. Nocera's fiance is the communications director at Boies, Schiller & Flexner, a law firm representing Oracle in the lawsuit.

22. ‘She had no supporting witnesses other than her fiancé, whom she has known for only seven months.’

23. ‘Even my fiancé, whom I met in a pub, turns out to resigned from the Young Socialists over Vietnam.’

24. ‘To me this was pointless as I loved my fiancé and he loved me so why not get out and see the world together as a couple.’

25. ‘I've been going out with my fiancé for over three years now and we're getting married next spring.’

26. ‘In Mozart's joyous opera, fidelity is tested, emotions are betrayed and lovers deceived when a cynical gentleman challenges two fiancés to a bet.’

27. ‘To my sister and her new fiancé, congratulations on your recent engagement.’

28. ‘The eldest is engaged to be married but her fiancé is seduced by the youngest sister and the pair are betrayed by the jealous middle sister.’

29. ‘Amanda Cunningham also revealed she was expecting a baby girl next week with her fiancé, Andrew Whitehead.’

30. ‘Of course, her geeky fiancé is no match in the love department for hunky Harry.’

31. ‘Now or ever, both my daughter and my niece are perfectly happy with their fiancés and I will not take their happiness away from them.’

32. ‘We might be able to make him let us switch fiancés.’

33. ‘This would have been brought out in the scenes when they are with their respective fiancés - the feeling of making do which made Meg Ryan's search in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ so important.’

34. ‘Black and I took our seats across from our precious fiancés (once again, sense the sarcasm) and saw them smirking at us, identical looks on their faces.’

35. ‘The party had been a huge success and the night ended for the girls as they both curled up on the seats in the stretch limo and feel asleep leaning against their new fiancés with their arms around their shoulders.’

36. ‘Various relationships with those in the Leppings Lane pen were represented, including those between parent and child, brothers and fiancés.’

37. ‘Luckily, they hadn't brought their fiancés along.’

38. ‘As we moved into more general reminiscences, several people thought of teachers who had lost their husbands or fiancés in the war, with little hope of finding a new man when so many in that generation had been killed.’

39. ‘However, it's still tremendously funny; nervous fiancés and anxious parents everywhere should take note, it could be the perfect place for the bonding to start.’

40. he is my fiance, we will marry in March

Other users have misspelling fiance as:

1. fianc 6.48%

2. veyance 2.78%

3. fiancia 1.85%

4. Other 88.89%

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