Definition of 'tattoo'


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1. A military display or pageant.

2. A method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface. The skin is punctured with a sharp instrument, which now is usually a solenoid-driven needle, that carries the inks to lower layers of the skin.

3. A signal by drum or bugle ordering soldiers to return to their quarters.

4. An image made in the skin with ink and a needle.

5. A breed of pony from India; a pony of that breed.

6. nautical A signal played five minutes before taps (lights out).

7. (Mil.) A beat of drum, or sound of a trumpet or bugle, at night, giving notice to soldiers to retreat, or to repair to their quarters in garrison, or to their tents in camp.

8. An indelible mark or figure made by puncturing the skin and introducing some pigment into the punctures; -- a mode of ornamentation practiced by various barbarous races, both in ancient and modern times, and also by some among civilized nations, especially by sailors.

9. See under Devil.

10. a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

11. a design on the skin made by tattooing

12. the practice of making a design on the skin by pricking and staining

13. A beat of drum and bugle-call at night, giving notice to soldiers to repair to their quarters in garrison or to their tents in camp; in United States men-of-war, a bugle-call or beat of drum at 9 p. m.

14. In India, a native-bred pony or small horse. Also, by abbreviation, tat. See tat.

15. A pattern, legend, or picture produced by tattooing: used also attributively: as, tattoo marks.

16. baseball To hit the ball hard, as if to figuratively leave a tattoo on the ball.

17. To apply a tattoo to (someone or something).

18. stain (skin) with indelible color

19. To color, as the flesh, by pricking in coloring matter, so as to form marks or figures which can not be washed out.


1. She urged parents to stop young people getting tattoos.

2. He has two tattoos on his arms.

3. It's easy to get a tattoo.

4. She duped a tattoo parlour in Frankfurt into providing its services without charge.

5. He has more needle than a Brixton tattoo parlour.

6. He is a family man - the initials of his parents and daughter are tattooed on his arm.

7. Tile stickers are the temporary tattoos of interior design, ideal for transforming a dreary bathroom or kitchen.

8. I breathe in the tanned, tattooed skin on his hard body, smelling of tobacco and the earth.

9. For some reason men get a little more sensitive when the daughter gets a tattoo.

10. It has to be down to the tattoo parlour to check the age.

11. One has his wedding anniversary tattooed on his arm.

12. She has at least ten tattoos including designs on her ribs and shoulder.

13. He has nice tanned skin and tattoos.

14. That new tattoo is the final straw for us.

15. Would he declare his future intentions or display his notorious tattoos?

16. His beard had grown longer and the tattoos on his arm were prominent.

17. But the tattooed design on the third finger of his left hand told its own story.

18. Getting the name of your employer tattooed on your skin?

19. He has just tweeted a picture of his new back tattoo.

20. The club confirmed that it does not allow tattoos to be displayed.

21. But the thought of her seeing my tattoo makes me feel physically sick.

22. He was proud to have become a tattoo artist and had promised a free trial of his skills once the war was over.

23. The star was snapped with the cheeky garment on an outing to a Hollywood tattoo parlour.

24. As a result, tattoo parlours have for the past few months experienced a surge in business.

25. Sometimes you might get a tattoo, but the names or the clothes can change all the time.

26. I had the tattoo artist put clothes on her!

27. At that moment a crew member walked past me, leading a tattoo artist to the stage for the final segment.

28. Agents for the pair, who have matching tattoos, last night denied they had split.

29. Very rapidly, she jabbed a knife between the splayed fingers of her hand, making an irregular tattoo of drumming interspersed with gasps of pain.

30. ‘From the 17th century drums and trumpets sounded tattoo, originally an instruction to turn off the taps of beer or wine-barrels, to call men back to quarters at the end of the day.’

31. ‘While the band no longer performs at military tattoos, it is, on occasion, recalled to active duty.’

32. ‘He was thrown off his Honda then hit by another bike in front of hundreds of spectators at a military tattoo in West Bergholt.’

33. ‘The top of Blake Street was a wonderful vantage point for watching the many parades, processions and military tattoos that regularly took to the streets.’

34. ‘That is the dilemma facing Scottish pipe major Gordon MacKenzie as he prepares for a military tattoo to end all military tattoos - in the desert.’

35. ‘There will also be wreath-layings at three memorials to the fallen, in Arnhem, Oosterbeek and at Ginkel Heath, along with a military tattoo.’

36. ‘When the crew lost their training base in October 2000 they decided to raise funds for a more permanent base and so the idea of the military tattoo was born.’

37. ‘Chatham Navy Days was rounded off by a military tattoo in the Historic Dockyard, at which Prince Michael of Kent was the guest of honour.’

38. ‘Edinburgh can keep the military tattoo, all of the modern dance, and most of the London stand-up comedians.’

39. ‘You can watch the pipers' ankles swirl past at the military tattoo.’

40. ‘Pipe bands and military bands have also gone due to him, the very essence required for a military tattoo.’

41. ‘The term tattoo now refers to a military pageant, often held at night.’

42. ‘You often bump into visiting vets, middle-aged men with flabby muscles and military tattoos.’

43. ‘It is almost obligatory for any new Edinburgh resident to wax lyrical over the cultural backdrop that the castle, the festival and the tattoo give to the city.’

44. ‘Brigadier Melville Jameson, the chief executive and producer of the tattoo, said a condition of the appearance in Sydney was that a replica castle facade was built.’

45. ‘It stands on Castle Rock overlooking the city of Edinburgh and is approached across the Esplanade, the site of the annual military tattoo and other ceremonies.’

46. ‘Edinburgh's not the only city to boast an annual military tattoo.’

47. ‘He was at the base preparing to fly as an RAF aircraft passenger in a Queen's Golden Jubilee military tattoo.’

48. ‘‘Some members who have done the tattoo in Scotland have said that to do it in Australia is an even bigger honour,’ he said.’

49. ‘All year long the war drums have been beating an insistent tattoo but recently the rhythm seemed to be leading nowhere.’

50. ‘My heart beat a nervous tattoo in my chest, the rest of my body frozen in place.’

51. ‘The vibrant music and the exhilarating beat of the tribals were infectious and soon many in the audience, including yours truly, were beating a tattoo on the floor.’

52. ‘He launches himself into my lap and rains kisses on me, his tail beating a tattoo on the arm of my chair.’

53. ‘My boots beat a tattoo against the flagstones on the bridge and the sounds of battle grew louder: the clashing of steel, the sound of battle cries and death screams.’

54. ‘Charles offered him a curt nod, before turning on his heel and briskly striding out, his polished black boots beating out a rapid tattoo on the varnished floor.’

55. ‘Alyssa's whole body was shuddering, and Pinine could almost hear her pulse beating out a frantic tattoo.’

56. ‘Rain fell steadily, beating a tattoo on the broad leaves of the tree above his head, like the relentless footsteps of an army of marching warriors.’

57. ‘The day dawned bright and and sunny, but Ethan was awakened by the sound of someone beating a tattoo on his door.’

58. ‘Someone started to knock on my door, beating out an incessant tattoo.’

59. ‘But to my surprise, instead he got out a battered pair of drumsticks, with which he beat a brief tattoo on the top of my head.’

60. ‘The endless sound echoed like thunderous footfalls, beating a tattoo on the inside of her skull.’

61. ‘The other beat an hypnotic tattoo to lure out their lunch.’

62. ‘Gradually the rigidity left his play and the trademark square cut began to beat out a tattoo.’

63. ‘All the time the falling water was beating a tattoo on my head and pouring down my neck.’

64. ‘His heart pounded quickly, beating out a fierce tattoo in his strong chest as he walked down the paths which wound and turned into dead ends.’

65. ‘But I'm already striding back to my apartment, my heart beating a mad tattoo inside my chest.’

66. ‘Her heart beats a purple tattoo in her throat and there's a stitch in her side.’

67. ‘My fingers drummed a steady tattoo on the desk, impatiently watching the clock as it took forever to tick over to 3: 15.’

68. ‘We spent the evening there, in her small attic room with rain drumming a staccato tattoo on the roof above and a small fire flickering in the grate.’

69. ‘First of all, there is a significant difference between tattooing the body, cutting the body, piercing the body, painting the body and writing on the body.’

70. ‘Without exception they paint their bodies, they tattoo their bodies, they decorate their bodies and they clothe their bodies.’

71. ‘The four defendants were charged for tattooing their bodies to evade conscription immediately after they were judged physically competent to serve in the military.’

72. ‘Parents would rather their kids go in for glitter as they feel it is a better option to piercing or tattooing the body.’

73. ‘The entire right side of her body was tattooed with road burn and hues of purple, yellow, and blue.’

74. ‘Pre-wedding nerves can sometimes cause a groom to have a total sense of humour failure when a harmless little prank - shaving his eyebrows, say, or tattooing his cheeks - is played on him.’

75. ‘A 15-year-old girl would be tattooed on the cheeks when she had mastered the art of weaving.’

76. ‘If only we could get them to tattoo themselves with some permanent mark.’

77. ‘In addition, the edges of a girl's mouth was tattooed in a traditional design.’

78. ‘On her right arm, starting from her shoulder, her skin was tattooed with black liquid crystal as a snake curling around her arm.’

79. ‘For every year he is held captive he tattoos the back of his hand with a line.’

80. ‘He also cuts himself to mark events in his life and has been tattooed.’

81. ‘Often people come in with really ugly designs and insist that he tattoo them.’

82. ‘It was kind of gross, but I guess that's as close to human skin as you can get without actually tattooing a human.’

83. ‘They did not wear any footwear or any covering on their upper bodies, which were frequently tattooed.’

84. ‘On the street in many an American city, teenage girls have taken to wearing a Hindu-style ‘dot’ between their eyes, and boys to tattooing themselves with Chinese characters they cannot read.’

85. ‘Is Miller going to demand that all Haitians and Jamaicans be tattooed with an ID number?’

86. ‘In Jack's eyes, his mom was unique among tattoo artists because she'd never been tattooed.’

87. ‘The tattooist testified in court that the man was sober when he was tattooed!’

88. ‘The other option would be to tattoo the backs of my hands.’

89. ‘He did everything short of tattooing the organization's logo on his forehead.’

90. ‘One of the drinkers at the bar informed me that Noi is a real butterfly; in fact she has the image of a small butterfly tattooed over her heart.’

91. ‘The little cross tattooed on my left hand is a memory of my Latino friends when I lived in Phoenix.’

92. ‘He has a tattoo on his left hand and a cross tattooed on one of his left fingers.’

93. ‘‘It's the only brand name riders will actually tattoo onto their arms,’ Ghattas goes on to indicate.’

94. ‘He may find himself wearing a pink triangle and a nifty new set of numbers tattooed to one of Iris arms.’

95. ‘He escaped lifelong identification as an SS member only because by late 1944 the regiments were no longer organised to carry out the customary process of tattooing conscripts' blood group on their arms.’

96. ‘Iverson famously gave himself the sobriquet ‘The Answer’, tattooing the words on his left arm for emphasis.’

97. ‘If this whole admission game does happen again, though, I plan on permanently tattooing the word REJECT on my forehead.’

98. ‘Rock stars are known by their tattoos, and even corporate chieftains proudly ink themselves, tattooing the logo of their brand into their skin as a permanent statement of brand loyalty.’

99. ‘Since he can make no new memories, meticulous note taking, taking Polaroid pictures, and tattooing important information to his body are Leonard's only way of remembering the past.’

100. ‘So, I've had conversations before about the probability that I could be paid to tattoo an advert onto my skin.’

101. ‘At twenty-one, Dami turned him into a vampire, and tattooed a red mark onto his forehead.’

102. ‘The real acid test: during the last two years how many of your customers have tattooed your brand on one of their biceps?’

103. ‘But for soldiers, getting tattoos has for many years been a way of nurturing a sense of solidarity with their fellow troops.’

104. ‘We must be prepared for all possibilities, not just the ones that play into reporters' preconceived notions about hunters, soldiers, tattoos and guns.’

105. ‘It has also been believed that someone with a tattoo in a certain pattern calls upon the spirit corresponding to that image.’

106. ‘Jacek was sitting at his desk, sketching out a pattern for a tribal tattoo.’

107. ‘He explained that whether it is done as a rite of passage or to serve some other purpose, tattoos are common to every society from Africa to China.’

108. ‘Most of the traditional tattoos such as patterns of lotus, snake, figures of deities, or religious symbol were mostly etched for religious or spiritual purposes.’

109. ‘That's a pretty nice simple tattoo, plus the location can't be beat.’

110. ‘While the appearance and garb of Samoan women are subject to a range of cultural restrictions, full-body tattoos are common on Samoan men.’

111. ‘The chest, back, arms, legs, and tongue are common places for tattoos.’

112. ‘Cholos often have black ink tattoos, commonly involving Catholic imagery, or calligraphy messages or family names.’

113. ‘My tattoos are simple symbols but layered with meaning.’

114. ‘A few dark tattoos in strange patterns were visible along the base of her spine.’

115. ‘On his upper arm he had a tattoo - a simple red band around his arm.’

116. ‘His left hand was running over his tattoo nervously.’

117. ‘On the bottom floor at the end of the hall was an altar and stood at it was an old man wearing a medallion with the same pattern as the tattoo on Kaiser's arm.’

118. ‘As a result of these happy drugs, most people who have gotten tattoos have trouble recalling the actual pain at the time.’

119. ‘Surrounding her right eye was a yellow tattoo of a hawk's head.’

120. ‘The tattoos showed courage because tattooing is painful, wealth because the tattoo expert was expensive, and beauty because tattooing made the wearer attractive to women.’

121. ‘In its verdict, the court said it was impossible to confirm whether or not the men got the tattoos for the purpose of escaping their military obligation.’

122. ‘Teah, 24, a Lieutenant-Colonel, has tattoos of a scorpion and a cobra on each bicep.’

123. he had a tattoo of a turtle on his arm

Other users have misspelling tattoo as:

1. tato 18.31%

2. tutto 13.88%

3. tatit 7.3%

4. tatoo 6.29%

5. tatto 6.29%

6. taatttttt 3.43%

7. tatou 2%

8. Other 42.5%

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