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Other users have misspelling surprise as:

pie chart
  1. surpise 16.21%
  2. suprise 14.79%
  3. supprise 4.93%
  4. surpsie 4.93%
  5. surpris 4.71%
  6. sorpresa 2.85%
  7. surprize 2.41%
  8. surpresa 2.19%
  9. surprice 2.08%
  10. Other 44.9%

Definitions of surprise


  1. cause to be surprised
  2. attack by storm; attack suddenly
  3. come upon or take unawares


  1. the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you
  2. the act of surprising someone
  3. a sudden unexpected event

Examples of surprise

  1. She jumped back with a little yelp of surprise.
  2. Second, at the same time, I'm somewhat surprised and mildly appalled that this story hasn't generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.
  3. They establish a colony on Ragol but this perfect planet soon unleashes a few surprises and all hell breaks loose.

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