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1. uncountable A state of being acquainted, or of having intimate, or more than slight or superficial, knowledge; personal knowledge gained by intercourse short of that of friendship or intimacy

2. countable A person or persons with whom one is acquainted.

3. Knowledge of a person acquired by a relationship less intimate than friendship.

4. Knowledge or information about something or someone.

5. A person whom one knows.

6. A relationship based on such knowledge.

7. to be intimate.

8. [Obs.] to make the acquaintance of.

9. A state of being acquainted, or of having intimate, or more than slight or superficial, knowledge; personal knowledge gained by intercourse short of that of friendship or intimacy

10. A person or persons with whom one is acquainted.

11. a relationship less intimate than friendship

12. A person known to one, especially a person with whom one is not on terms of great intimacy: as, he is not a friend, only an acquaintance.

13. The state of being acquainted, or of being more or less intimately conversant (used with reference to both persons and things); knowledge of; experience in: used with with, and formerly sometimes with of.

14. The whole body of those with whom one is acquainted: used as a plural, as if for acquaintances. See acquaintant.

15. (make (someone's) acquaintance) To meet someone for the first time.


1. She fled abroad to escape her tormentors and keeps her past a secret from new acquaintances.

2. There is a difference between intimacy and social contact, close friends and acquaintances.

3. What is it that old acquaintances aren't supposed to forget?

4. At first acquaintance Bedfordshire seems a rather nondescript county to walk in.

5. An acquaintance who always makes you smile could be The One.

6. To most friends and acquaintances, I remained my old self.

7. You have got your retirement to catch up with old acquaintances over dinner.

8. Edward did not refer to the past for some time after they had renewed their acquaintance.

9. It will be a new acquaintance for me.

10. His own books carry the imprint of their close acquaintance.

11. She had a regular round of calls with neighbours for coffee and had many friends and acquaintances.

12. The first "acquaintance" process after delivery may be an especially important one for parents.

13. The person will fail to recognise various old friends and acquaintances.

14. His engaging smile was always the first thing new acquaintances noticed about him.

15. Economic commentary and a flair for language are rarely close acquaintances.

16. She also ceased most of her contacts with her former friends and acquaintances.

17. Rarely will you feel so at home on a motorcycle at first acquaintance.

18. He wrote that he had been contacted by acquaintances seeking advice as to whether they should talk to me.

19. Better still, the musicians to whom he was introduced were happy to make his acquaintance.

20. Visiting by friends, acquaintances and loved ones is open.

21. Is there any sort of etiquette for probing the relatives of one 's acquaintances for information?

22. The French seem to value making physical contact with acquaintances more than we do here.

23. How does an Englishman greet an acquaintance whom one meets in the street?

24. It is partly the sharp contrast between seeing a close friend and a mere acquaintance that makes contacts with outsiders seem so stiff.

25. I look forward to seeing the place again, renewing old acquaintances.

26. A small acquaintance with history or anthropology suggests that humans have the capacity for the most outlandish beliefs as well as the most wicked crimes.

27. During the night, individuals from both groups visited each other, renewing acquaintances.

28. Times of greeting and sharing in a public context, especially with strangers or distant acquaintances, are unnatural and sometimes painfully uncomfortable.

29. I’ve heard so much about him, and I do so want to make his acquaintance.

30. ‘Intuition represents knowledge by ‘direct acquaintance with things.’’

31. ‘Next it brought an experimental acquaintance with grace and forgiveness.’

32. ‘Some had experience of Frankish Gaul and hence some acquaintance with Roman institutions and culture.’

33. ‘Our first acquaintance with power is, presumably, our experience of the power of personal agency.’

34. ‘I'm currently on leave, so I should obviously be using all this spare time renewing my acquaintance with children's telly, particularly if it's getting this risque.’

35. ‘Black manages to compress a good deal into a limited space, calling on his thorough acquaintance with a vast array of primary sources.’

36. ‘It was a moment of collective acquaintance with history and the past.’

37. ‘Long acquaintance with her own profession makes her impatient with fantasists and phonies.’

38. ‘Despite the title, this play adds little to our knowledge or appreciation of Beckett although assuming a fairly comprehensive acquaintance with his works.’

39. ‘I left feeling a bit cheated, but in the following days renewed my acquaintance with the Shostakovich concerto - encouraged by the memory of an inspired performance.’

40. ‘While awaiting the widening of 16th Avenue N.W., you can broaden your acquaintance with poetry at Annie's Book Co.’

41. ‘Sentimental souls are invited to renew their acquaintance with the Warrumbungle National Park during its 50 year celebrations next month.’

42. ‘The result was Donovan's renewed acquaintance with the world of the bohemian café, a world of poetry and music, philosophy and social politics, meditation and art.’

43. ‘Long acquaintance with a work is therefore essential.’

44. ‘Caresses marks my first acquaintance with the work of the Catalan playwright Sergi Belbel - and I am certainly richer for the introduction.’

45. ‘It's appalling to think that a book like this may enter classrooms and inflict itself on young minds with little or no acquaintance with art history.’

46. ‘Anyone who has any acquaintance with the Bible will know that prophets regularly used strong language when confronted with hypocrisy or decadence.’

47. ‘Should the rest of us trust what we see on television when our acquaintance with a case is confined to that little bit of testimony that is billed as a confession?’

48. ‘After graduating from Paris, Burman returned to India to renew his acquaintance with the tradition of the art and the culture of his native land.’

49. ‘It was a fine achievement and I hope the singers enjoyed singing it as much as I enjoyed the opportunity of renewing my acquaintance with this excellent piece.’

50. ‘If you get some special facilities because of your acquaintance with the doctor, don't make it public - have regard for the feelings and sentiments of other patients.’

51. ‘She despises George and is diverted by the renewal of her acquaintance with the rakish Judge Brack who offers the possibility of flirting, gossip and intrigue.’

52. ‘It was the most amazing part of his acquaintance with her yet.’

53. ‘Now, because of her acquaintance with Moher, Zalie was looked at as if she were one of the most important people ever born.’

54. ‘Early in his career he had made the mistake, at the outset of his acquaintance with a lady, of telling her that he loved her and exacting the same avowal in return.’

55. ‘With the renewal of his acquaintance with her, Jean's life takes a new turn.’

56. ‘Now, have you had opportunities, in the course of your acquaintance with Mr. Favreau, to watch him walk?’

57. ‘Over the five years of our acquaintance with her, Fanny avoids pregnancy when it would be professionally inconvenient.’

58. ‘When his marriage is disrupted by the renewal of his acquaintance with Shimamoto, it comes back to haunt him.’

59. ‘One fellow London-dweller of my acquaintance said recently she was finally decamping from the city.’

60. ‘As soon as the statement was issued to the press, however, anyone enjoying even the slightest acquaintance with the player recognised that the words were not his.’

61. ‘Many shooters use nothing else, One young fellow of my acquaintance, an avid shooter and hunter, mentioned he had never owned a wood-stocked rifle.’

62. ‘If, during the course of the night, you happen to meet two philosophical ladies of your acquaintance, it is important that you conduct yourself respectably.’

63. ‘After all, the ladies of your acquaintance belong to high society.’

64. ‘I genuinely love the company of women, unlike certain misogynistic Lotharios of my acquaintance.’

65. ‘Very clever, Valda, though some professional magicians of my acquaintance manage this trick with much more aplomb and good humor.’

66. ‘It was lovely to renew acquaintance with Gareth Edwards in particular, possibly the greatest ever scrum half, whose fine Welsh accent endears him.’

67. ‘My acquaintance with her just before she entered government made the experience particularly alarming.’

68. ‘His telling anecdotes draw on years of personal acquaintance with key figures, and alert attendance at arcane, cultish tech conferences.’

69. ‘She has difficulty believing the rumours of her husband's acquaintance with the infamous Mrs. Erlynne, but yields to the rumours anyways in hope of finding true love.’

70. ‘In some ways it is not the close friends but the acquaintances I miss the most.’

71. ‘I leave behind a number of acquaintances and two close friends who have lived every moment of this ordeal with me.’

72. ‘The people I called friends, more close acquaintances, left for university.’

73. ‘Most of the friends and acquaintances he contacted said they were not interested.’

74. ‘The list seems to go on and is not just limited to my immediate circle of family, friends and acquaintances.’

75. ‘An average day for her exhausts the topics of friends, acquaintances, drawing and books.’

76. ‘Most people are content with having more acquaintances and very few friends.’

77. ‘His death evoked widespread regret and shock amongst his many friends and acquaintances.’

78. ‘Now they have and they are really enjoying meeting and greeting old friends and acquaintances.’

79. ‘People who have had that sort of bad experience are reluctant to return and warn off their friends and acquaintances as well.’

80. ‘And the news from business partners, friends and acquaintances in America is similar.’

81. ‘It's inevitable that as one moves from one place to another, it is easy to lose touch with friends and acquaintances.’

82. ‘The rest of the male participants were thought to be friends, acquaintances and hangers on.’

83. ‘I have observed something completely different within my own circle of friends and acquaintances.’

84. ‘I'm finding that with a lot of my friends or acquaintances going back to school, I miss it.’

85. ‘There were also several friends and acquaintances who knew Robert well.’

86. ‘Most of my friends and acquaintances are anti-war or at least uncomfortable about it.’

87. ‘He had big-name friends, acquaintances, mistresses and more book deals waiting.’

88. ‘All my friends and regular acquaintances are smarter than me on all sorts of different levels.’

89. ‘Friends and acquaintances would comment that we were more like sisters.’

90. ‘To give an example from the purely personal level, an elderly female acquaintance of mine does not drink coffee.’

91. ‘So basically, you look at the family members, acquaintance, or a total stranger.’

92. ‘His varied acquaintance included Boswell, Bentham, Godwin, Paine, and Coleridge.’

93. ‘It is striking to realize how much of this material is personal-not subjective, but rather framed by her own family history or immediate acquaintance.’

94. ‘He could have included elite journalists in that circle of acquaintance.’

95. ‘In such terms Mr Gradgrind always mentally introduced himself, whether to his private circle of acquaintance, or to the public in general.’

96. ‘Djuna Barnes was one of the bohemian set in 1920 and 30s Paris, and her creative circle of acquaintance included Gertrude Stein.’

97. I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances

Other users have misspelling acquaintance as:

1. aquaintance 16%

2. aquintance 9.6%

3. acquintance 8%

4. acquantaince 5.6%

5. aquaintence 3.2%

6. acquaintence 2.4%

7. Other 55.2%

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