Definition of 'saddened'


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1. Simple past tense and past participle of sadden.


1. We are deeply saddened to hear that we added to their pain and suffering.

2. We are all deeply saddened by what has happened.

3. All of us were shocked and deeply saddened by the news.

4. Our lives are too short now to spend our holidays being shocked and saddened by what people are doing to the sea.

5. If you knew only these facts, you would be saddened but not shocked.

6. Family liaison officers have been assigned to the victims' families who are understandably shocked and saddened.

7. I am deeply saddened and shocked by the news.

8. We saw from all the shocked and saddened tributes that flooded in after the news that this was the last thing in the world anyone expected.

9. They are shocked and saddened.

10. I am shocked, deeply saddened and profoundly sorry for what has happened to these women.

11. Almond said: 'I am deeply saddened and shocked.

12. Almond said: 'I am deeply saddened.

13. The spokeswoman added: 'We are deeply saddened by his death.

14. The soccer charity he was backing said: 'We are deeply saddened.

15. He said: 'We are deeply saddened by what has occurred and we will miss her greatly.

16. Which I was incredibly saddened by.

17. He added: 'I was saddened.

18. On hearing the news about him yesterday, I felt incredibly saddened.

19. Long ago, when Azeroth was new and we were first sent to protect it and the Emerald Dream, those of my flight honored me by naming the field and that created within it the Eye of Ysera…this became the place from which we watched over everything…Her expression saddened.

20. "Yes," Delphi replied, and then her expression saddened a touch.

21. The president was described as saddened by the news from home.

22. He tried to smile at her forced jocularity; but the hunted expression saddened his eyes again.

23. If he is saddened, that is certainly much more than that his elders should be gladdened.

24. "I had almost given you up, and was just going to cry," she said, laying her little snowflake of a hand upon the one which that morning had chafed the small, stiff fingers of Dora Deane, and which now tenderly pressed those of Ella Grey as the young man answered, "I have not felt like going out today, for my first call saddened me;" and then, with his arm around the fairy form of

25. Woman in Hewlett-Packard scandal 'saddened' that CEO Mark Hurd lost his job THE woman at the centre of the sexual harassment claim that forced Hewlett-Packard chief Mark Hurd to quit says she is "saddened" he lost his job.

26. the news of his death saddened me

Other users have misspelling saddened as:

1. saddend 7.89%

2. sadened 5.26%

3. soddened 5.26%

4. Other 81.59%

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