Definition of 'drool'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. saliva trickling from the mouth

2. Informal Senseless talk; drivel.

3. Saliva.

4. to talk nonsense

5. to secrete saliva in anticipation of food

6. to secrete saliva upon seeing something nice

7. To slaver, as an infant; drivel; drop saliva.

8. To let saliva run from the mouth; drivel.

9. To let run from the mouth.

10. Informal To make an extravagant show of appreciation or desire.

11. Informal To talk nonsense.

12. To drivel, or drop saliva.


1. One of his bodyguards was actually drooling at the thought.

2. No doubt it will have all the male fans drooling.

3. Other sports can only drool with envy.

4. It is a list of contemporary art that would have the staff of any auction house drooling with envy.

5. The upshot is a Classic renewal that has purists drooling at the prospect.

6. So, does he spend all day drooling at the thought of a decent meal?

7. SOMETIMES you look at the coupon and drool at the prospects of dosh, dosh and more dosh!

8. The Drog reckons the dynamic duo can forge a perfect partnership which will leave Blues fans drooling.

9. It's drooling fan worship, in one of our leading museums.

10. ST tends to do that although I think it is more for brevity than anything else .... piracer: That looks like Matsusaka beef, no? chocolate reindeer: * drool drool drool*

11. You can tell because drool is coming out of both sides of his mouth.

12. If drool is coming out of both sides of his mouth.

13. She keeps talking, and talking until your eyes dim and you start to drool from the mind-numbing nonsense that fall from her mouth.

14. The drool is coming out of both sides of their mouth.

15. I think what saves this movie from drowning in its own drool is that it's played for laughs, rather than treat it like a suspenseful corporate espionage film.

16. Model Gisele Bundchen's first post-pregnancy photo shoot for Colcci shows the Brazilian stunner in drool-worthy shape only six-and-a-half weeks after giving birth to her son Benjamin.

17. ‘When Cordelia puts some of the stuff in her mouth, she rolls it around in her mouth, looks terrified, and drools uncontrollably.’

18. ‘She stirred and then opened her mouth and began to drool.’

19. ‘All our mouths dropped, and began to drool, I know Jesse did.’

20. ‘The dog was drooling at the mouth and a lady with a small child went into the road to avoid walking near it.’

21. ‘I just started drooling and twitching uncontrollably, my mind seeming to flicker on and off, on and off, over and over and over.’

22. ‘Let's just say that I'd be drooling if my mouth wasn't so full of dust.’

23. ‘His mouth drooled at the sound of food and she kissed him on the head.’

24. ‘Her jaw dropped and she was floored, beginning to drool already.’

25. ‘I could smell tea and fruit, and my mouth started to drool.’

26. ‘That's the kind of number that gets fiscal conservatives foaming at the mouth and makes democrats drool.’

27. ‘Connie pulled open the various boxes and tubs and pans of edibles and almost began drooling.’

28. ‘It also helped that she hadn't began drooling over him the minute he walked in the door.’

29. ‘In the end the sound of the bell alone was enough to bring about a behavioural response - the dog began drooling.’

30. ‘She began to drool mentally, about to devour it right at the moment.’

31. ‘When she can't take any more, she puffs out her baby cheeks and drools on his sleeve.’

32. ‘The baby drooled happily in response to a sudden breeze.’

33. ‘Babies start drooling now, but the first teeth do not usually appear until six or eight months of age.’

34. ‘Meanwhile he barred his teeth and began to drool.’

35. ‘He was drooling slightly, out of the corner of his cavernous mouth, and as a result looked rather stupid.’

36. ‘His eyes were closed and his mouth was half-open; so far that he was almost drooling.’

37. ‘And now that I've drooled over Danny's site, my eyes are wandering over to the cupboard where I keep a secret stash of notebooks, colouring pencils and of course a supply of purple pens.’

38. ‘Another girl friend drooled over Steve McQueen.’

39. ‘While the sales lady took 45 minutes to ring it up, I drooled over the jewelry and pointed out items for the kid to tell her father to get for me.’

40. ‘The Italian star had been admired, drooled over and hyped for a decade, turning into one of the world's most famous divas in the process.’

41. ‘The cast showed that they are not there to be stared at and drooled over - they are there because they are a part of our body as well as a part of who we are.’

42. ‘American bosses drooled over big names such as the Chocolate Orange, but showed little interest in anything else.’

43. ‘The profits would be made by the developers who have drooled over Gravina for years.’

44. ‘But that was one thing about the girls in this school, they drooled over all three… not wanting to miss the chance that one might look their way while they were drooling over the other.’

45. ‘If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be laboring over this stupid play like this, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have to beg my best friend and drool over the same guy every other girl drooled over.’

46. ‘I see the weekly box office numbers, the way they're tabulated and drooled over… the way a movie is judged a success or a failure on its opening weekend.’

47. ‘The girls in school drooled over him but he seemed to be immune to it all as he rarely dated, and if he did it was never serious - he was too immature to have one of those relationships.’

48. ‘My sister, Audrey, drooled over him all through dinner.’

49. ‘Guys drooled over her and girls despised her for it.’

50. ‘The town discussed it over tea, drooled over his well-written letters, and hoped for the day they could see this mysterious favored son.’

51. ‘She had curly chestnut brown hair, blue-gray eyes, stood 5'8, and had long slim legs that guys drooled over.’

52. ‘I drooled over him as I watched his slightly goldish-brownish hair drift in the breeze of the kid snoring behind us as we wrote notes to each other.’

53. ‘The teen-aged boys drooled over her, but some started to believe.’

54. ‘She was the perfect girlfriend, the girl that guys drooled over.’

55. ‘The old lady introduced him to the other old women who began to drool over him.’

56. ‘Sure, you'll stare at her, maybe even drool, but as soon as she opens her mouth, you get turned off.’

57. ‘Bill was staring at Heather with a small puddle of drool just waiting to fall from the edge of his parted lips.’

58. ‘I know sometimes I drop the act and my eyes glaze over and a droplet of drool trickles from the corner of my mouth.’

59. ‘The hideous fangs that hung from his mouth were covered in drool, releasing a deadly, foul odour.’

60. ‘A small line of drool trickled out the corner of his mouth, and he breathed so loudly he almost snored.’

61. ‘Her head was turned to the side and I could see a trickle of drool shining from the corner of her mouth.’

62. ‘‘No, I'll have my bill,’ Josh answered, reaching for a napkin to wipe a trickle of drool off his chin.’

63. ‘A trickle of drool oozed down his unshaven chin.’

64. ‘I could have sworn I saw some drool trickling down his chin, but maybe not.’

65. ‘A fine line of drool even made it's way down his cheek.’

66. ‘Ted was busy flipping through a fun magazine, Sam was asleep on his desk, a small pool of drool forming around his mouth, and Tanya was drawing up the plans for the con job.’

67. ‘I heard drool was bad for keyboards so you really shouldn't fall asleep at the computer.’

68. ‘I nodded my head frantically, pretty sure drool was dribbling down the side of my mouth.’

69. ‘As he turned to walk back toward me, I could see little droplets of drool forming at the corner of his mouth.’

70. ‘A small child looks on in fascination, his mouth emitting a long string of drool onto his mother's hands.’

71. ‘She had half expected drool to dribble down his chin.’

72. ‘I nodded off to sleep, my drool dribbling onto my English book.’

73. ‘He looked down to see his notebook on his desk, with a small dribble of his drool on the page.’

74. ‘The red foxes wait as drool goes down their mouth with anticipation.’

75. ‘He was lying splayed on the ground, drool oozing from his mouth and onto the floor.’

76. ‘Skip had fallen asleep in the back and snored loudly, drool beginning to dangle from his mouth.’

77. We heard some droll stories

Other users have misspelling drool as:

1. dyrhol 16.22%

2. drhl 16.22%

3. drole 8.11%

4. ldrl 5.41%

5. deroule 5.41%

6. Other 48.63%

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