Definition of 'sounds'


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1. Plural form of sound.

2. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sound.


1. He sounds like a complicated man who's sensitive to trouble.

2. A faint smear of reflected light was visible in the darkness, and distant sounds of shouting reached them on the still night air.

3. The Shark recited his speech again over the sounds of mastication.

4. "N" sometimes sounds like ng, and so represents 7, as in "Bank" (977) which _sounds_ like

5. The phrase sounds so innocent, but it means launching a decapitating surprise attack, a first strike against a foe in order to take out leadership targets like Moscow and military targets, especially nuclear weapons.

6. Since then I've always thought of Elway as El Johnway, because the title sounds appropriately mythic and grandiose.

7. My name sounds to my ears like a hiss, long drawn out and evocative of the serpent I have so lately seen carved into the door of the chapel below.

8. The name sounds like an exotic woman; maybe the name of some foreign thriller in the movie house.

9. The title sounds like a type of cheese, which is about right.

10. the sound of rain on the roof

Other users have misspelling sounds as:

1. sonds 6.41%

2. souds 3.56%

3. sownds 2.61%

4. Other 87.42%

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