Definition of 'dialysis'


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1. rhetoric Asyndeton.

2. medicine haemodialysis

3. rhetoric The spelling out of alternatives, or presenting of either-or arguments that lead to a conclusion.

4. chemistry a method of separating molecules or particles of different sizes by differential diffusion through a semipermeable membrane

5. Hemodialysis.

6. The separation of smaller molecules from larger molecules or of dissolved substances from colloidal particles in a solution by selective diffusion through a semipermeable membrane.

7. Debility.

8. (Rhet.) Same as Asyndeton.

9. (Gram.) Diæresis. See diæresis, 1.

10. (Chem.) The separation of different substances in solution, as crystalloids and colloids, by means of their unequal diffusion, especially through natural or artificial membranes.

11. A solution of continuity; division; separation of parts.

12. separation of substances in solution by means of their unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes

13. In chem., the act or process of separating the soluble crystalloid substances in a mixture from the colloid, depending on the principle that soluble crystalloid bodies will diffuse readily through a moist membrane, while colloids diffuse very slowly, if at all.

14. [capitalized] [NL.] A genus of dipterous insects.

15. In botany, the separation of parts normally united, especially the parts of a whorl.

16. In medicine, loss of strength; weakness of the limbs.

17. In petrography, transformation of rocks by weathering and processes of disintegration: in contrast to processes of metamorphism.

18. In grammar:

19. In rhetoric:

20. In anatomy, separation of parts in general; dissolution of continuity of parts previously united.


1. More than a third of those waiting need a new kidney and have to be hooked up to a dialysis machine four times a week.

2. This sort of money could be used to buy two kidney dialysis machines.

3. Cole is receiving dialysis three times a week as she waits for a kidney transplant.

4. Would kidney dialysis companies support or oppose the repeal of this act?

5. Doctors warned him he faced a lifetime of dialysis without a transplant.

6. The space programme led to improved dialysis machines.

7. In one of his rooms we found many dialysis machines.

8. They received dialysis and other kidney treatment at hospital.

9. He now uses a portable home dialysis machine.

10. I'M a kidney dialysis patient who goes to hospital three days a week.

11. Her only option was to go on kidney dialysis and wait for a suitable transplant organ.

12. Her heart is too weak to cope with kidney dialysis treatment.

13. He was left blind and virtually deaf and needs kidney dialysis.

14. She also suffered kidney problems and for nearly three years spent four days a week hooked up to a dialysis machine.

15. She has also lost most of her toes on her other foot and has to have dialysis three times a week at hospital.

16. Ruby Juniper needs gruelling dialysis three times a week to stay alive.

17. He needs dialysis three times a week, causing him to miss work.

18. It can also lead to kidney failure, leaving many dependent on costly dialysis machines.

19. Over time you shared how your medication had ruined your kidneys, meaning dialysis three times a week.

20. I needed dialysis three times a week for four hours.

21. Both have been diagnosed with acute kidney failure and are on dialysis machines at a specialist unit in London.

22. She now undergoes dialysis three times a week, but is hoping to join the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

23. Sufferers can die within a few weeks unless they receive a kidney transplant or undergo dialysis, an expensive procedure for cleansing the blood.

24. A year and a half ago she suffered sudden kidney failure, after which she spent three days a week undergoing dialysis.

25. ‘Both RC-bound Zn ions can be removed by equilibrium dialysis against a metal chelating resin.’

26. ‘The fraction which precipitated upon dialysis against water represented a 5-fold purification.’

27. ‘The unit causes electric dialysis by producing electromagnetic oscillations in the water.’

28. ‘Free dye was removed by Sephadex 50 column followed by dialysis against rigor solution.’

29. ‘The profile for free thyroxine is that obtained using equilibrium dialysis and low sample dilution.’

30. ‘Kidney transplants are an alternative to dialysis when both kidneys have ceased to function.’

31. ‘Mr Gilpin needed renal dialysis to stay alive.’

32. ‘The man had to visit his doctor three times a week for renal dialysis.’

33. ‘Occasionally, hypercalcemia can develop in patients with advanced renal failure and who have been receiving long-term dialysis.’

34. ‘And the numbers of people starting dialysis for kidney failure fell by two thirds and there were huge cost savings.’

35. dialysis helps rid your body of harmful wastes

Other users have misspelling dialysis as:

1. dialisis 11.11%

2. dialissis 9.26%

3. dilishis 8.33%

4. dlishis 6.48%

5. dyalisis 4.63%

6. diallissis 1.85%

7. Other 58.34%

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