Definition of 'advisor'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. One who offers advice.


1. You plan to make an application as soon as your financial adviser returns from his holiday.

2. See if your financial adviser uses the platform.

3. They weren't written by an official or special adviser.

4. But what she meant was her ministers' special advisers.

5. Those given transfer quotes of more than 30,000 must talk to a financial adviser.

6. When she phoned her financial adviser, he said he had processed the transaction after receiving her emails.

7. In my consulting career I worked with many companies whose owners placed similar demands on their expert advisers.

8. Now the former Downing Street adviser is offering style tips to the rest of us.

9. When May took over, she said she would clamp down on special advisers.

10. The special adviser was seen as a fierce guardian of Mrs May.

11. You can find specialist advisers at unbiased.

12. You can find a local financial adviser at unbiased.

13. Today he names a panel of expert advisers for his review of infrastructure planning.

14. We need to make parents and careers advisers more aware of the opportunities.

15. The service does not provide the sort of advice you would receive from an independent adviser.

16. The adviser is considered responsible for this and can be held accountable if they get it wrong.

17. Others suggested that the stunt had been discussed by a group of advisers.

18. Did you give guidance to the special adviser on his crucial role?

19. They and their families need help from specialist outreach advisers.

20. We asked five expert independent financial advisers.

21. Ministers too should be able to recruit more outside advisers and experts.

22. They should bring back careers advisers rather than just focusing on league table results.

23. Either way he needs to seek independent advice from advisers in both countries about this.

24. Speak to a specialist independent financial adviser.

25. Seek advice from a financial adviser who specialises in annuities.

26. Her relationship with it was that of an independent expert adviser.

27. Just contact our career advisers for information.

28. An independent adviser offers advice on all investment products from all providers.

29. It would be worrying to suppose that he has a group of advisers who are prone to do the same.

30. Current staff taking to the skies include former mortgage advisers, mental health nurses and management consultants.

31. The ports group 's advisers are expected to meet representatives from the potential buyer this week.

32. He admitted he did not understand, then gave up and put an economic adviser on his mobile phone speaker instead.

33. The former tax adviser has invested in UK office blocks.

34. He got two key scalps as advisers responsible for a'nasty party' image.

35. No entourage, no special advisers, no fuss.

36. For McClellan to say that Scooter Libby, who was the VP's Chief of Staff, very seldom met with Rove, the President's main advisor, is by itself a very naive commentary.

37. As things are wont to do when my advisor is around, the past couple of days have been a whirlwind.

38. No matter where you are on your educational journey, having a mentor and advisor is key.

39. My advisor is perfectly helpful, but spends waaaaaayyyyyyy more time with another person.

40. My advisor is still very supportive of the Non Goldens so it's not like I fell off a cliff.

41. the United States sent military advisor to Guatemala

Other users have misspelling advisor as:

1. avisar 14.65%

2. avihzar 12.74%

3. avissar 8.92%

4. avishur 7.01%

5. adivsor 2.55%

6. advisior 1.91%

7. avisara 1.91%

8. Other 50.31%

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