Definition of 'echoes'


Word Frequency
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1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of echo.


1. They stood facing each other, the echoes of the thunder dying away across the peaks.

2. He heard echoes of himself in Majorca trying to persuade Carrier.

3. Liquid light and liquid movement are the motifs in this work, and the title echoes that theme.

4. The title echoes Rumsfeld's famous observations about "known knowns" and "unknown unknowns" and so on.

5. My name echoes in the hall long after that door is closed.

6. Great Regulars: The title echoes the Scottish poet

7. “Her name echoes throughout this mansion,” he said.

8. Although the phrase echoes statements made by Lincoln, and although versions of the sentiment have been advanced at various times in American history, the precise phrase "suicide pact" was first used by Justice Robert H. Jackson in his dissenting opinion in Terminiello v.

9. she could hear echoes of her own footsteps

Other users have misspelling echoes as:

1. ecos 8.5%

2. echos 5%

3. eachoth 4.5%

4. Other 82%

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