Definition of 'scary'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Prov. Eng. Barren land having only a thin coat of grass.

2. Poor land, having only a thin coat of grass.

3. Causing, or able to cause, fright

4. US, colloquial, dated Subject to sudden alarm; nervous, jumpy.

5. Causing fright or alarm.

6. Easily scared; very timid.

7. Colloq. U. S. Subject to sudden alarm.

8. Colloq. U. S. Causing fright; alarming.


1. Which can be quite scary and formidable.

2. We lack the power to save ourselves from so many scary things in our world.

3. Their story is told in the first of a scary new documentary series.

4. Welcome to the far less scary world of waxed cotton.

5. It was very scary to think what it was trying to do.

6. This is really quite scary at first.

7. This whole thing has been quite scary.

8. Sometimes having no responsibilities can be the most scary thing of all.

9. It was scary thinking all these people want me to offer a solution.

10. There could be something really dark and scary going on.

11. Want to see something truly scary?

12. It is quite exciting, but also rather scary.

13. There's something scary about the rigidity of that.

14. They become our ally against newer, scarier monsters.

15. That really is rather scary.

16. She said: 'It is a scary move but it will be pretty refreshing for him as well.

17. She said: 'It was scary.

18. A show source said: 'It was a really scary incident.

19. ‘He kept trying to frighten me - waiting until a really scary bit and then grabbing my arm suddenly.’

20. ‘It's a scary movie that expertly plays on some traditional and commonplace fears.’

21. ‘It was a bit scary because the large ferries were steaming past us and at one point we were even dive-bombed by seagulls.’

22. ‘Teenagers may look a bit scary to us adults these days, but it's fashion nothing more sinister than that.’

23. ‘It can be a bit scary to travel on buses when there is anti-social behaviour.’

24. ‘Since I'm basically carrying my life savings around with me, it can be a bit scary.’

25. ‘You only have to watch an exciting or scary movie to see how easily we can fool ourselves.’

26. ‘Some horrific things happen in it, to be sure, but until the end it's not a particularly scary movie.’

27. ‘I'd paid up immediately because the letter was a bit scary and the sum was so small I could afford to.’

28. ‘The sight of ten-year-olds with assault rifles is scary and the exploitation terrifying.’

29. ‘The world is really in a state of flux and it is scary - we cannot afford our fear becoming a reason to hate.’

30. ‘Manwarren said we live in scary times and music was one way to deal with the social ills now facing the country.’

31. ‘Some residents said they had not slept through the night due to scary sounds of gunshots and blasts.’

32. ‘If you have always wanted to be able to tell a scary ghost story, pop along to Gatton Park during half term and learn from an expert.’

33. ‘I attended the first day of the Whinash public inquiry and it was scary.’

34. ‘Dozens of skulls hang overhead, making the longhouses a mysterious and scary place.’

35. ‘I really got into gambling in a big way, and ended up playing blackjack with some pretty scary people, but it was a riot.’

36. ‘It is also very scary when you realize that your country is run by a group of sociopaths.’

37. ‘It is a dark, and at times genuinely scary, tale set on the wild North Yorkshire coast in the 1700s.’

38. ‘It was scary for the children as well when everything was in darkness.’

39. ‘It sounded posh enough, although I suspected the prices might be a bit scary.’

40. ‘I can't think why anyone would want to attack her - that's what makes it more scary.’

41. ‘I couldn't be in love so soon… it was a scary thought.’

42. ‘That is really a scary thought when you think about our founding fathers.’

43. a scary movie

Other users have misspelling scary as:

1. scery 59.45%

2. scarry 6.99%

3. scarey 4.7%

4. skary 2.51%

5. scaria 1.42%

6. schary 1.09%

7. squery 0.98%

8. sicry 0.87%

9. skarry 0.87%

10. Other 21.12%

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