Definition of 'congratulations'


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1. Plural form of congratulation.

2. Expressing praise and approval, expressing approbation


1. Chris and Jeff were showered with congratulations and good wishes.

2. After the congratulations, Anna wrote, `About time you rejoined the civilised world.

3. Your congratulations is appreciated – and I will continue to turn on i-tunes on my laptop and get up and dance every couple hours for my “break”, engaging in my other occupation!

4. Once again congratulations for getting to the heart of expenses in a short witty article.

5. When word came down of a judge's ruling that gays could serve openly in the military, an Air Force officer received joyous congratulations from a comrade.

6. I too would like to add my congratulations from the cold and wet Northwest.

7. congratulations! You completed all your exams

Other users have misspelling congratulations as:

1. congradulations 24.89%

2. congraluations 7.17%

3. congradulation 3.38%

4. congratualtions 3.38%

5. congratulaions 2.53%

6. congratulations 2.11%

7. congragulations 2.11%

8. cogratulations 2.11%

9. congatulations 2.11%

10. congratuations 1.69%

11. Other 48.52%

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