Definition of 'finally'


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1. sequence To finish (with); lastly.

2. At the end or conclusion; ultimately.

3. manner Definitively, comprehensively.

4. At the end or conclusion; ultimately; lastly.

5. after an unspecified period of time or an especially long delay

6. At the end or conclusion; ultimately; at last; lastly: as, he finally submitted.

7. Completely; beyond recovery.


1. We worked so hard for a lot of years to finally make it happen.

2. Other athletes have staged back garden medal ceremonies after finally getting what they deserved.

3. And he missed a great chance here before finally finding the net.

4. Whisper it but he may finally have put his troubles behind him.

5. Last night it finally arrived with time ticking away and the extra period looming.

6. The internet has finally come of age.

7. It didn't happen but finally it is about to.

8. After years of light ridicule from friends telling me to get domestic help, I have finally given in.

9. It makes the film finally feel real after working my backside off.

10. The relatives of the dead may finally find some closure.

11. When they finally met last night the sparks were flying.

12. Or will his illness finally get the better of him?

13. We have finally come to an understanding.

14. She finally agreed to go out with me on her night off.

15. finally make sure that you reinforce their commitment actually to doing something before you leave the topic.

16. But only when she discarded them did she finally find it.

17. It pulled finally only out last month.

18. Maybe this time the fire is finally getting going.

19. This is the season that trousers finally come in from the cold.

20. He was approached a few times before he finally agreed to an audition.

21. But getting the issue out in the open meant we both finally did something about it.

22. Fish then found from somewhere the energy to hit three more unplayable serves and finally end the match.

23. The Southampton band are finally turning heads after years of graft.

24. finally, put a tiny teddy under the covers.

25. It is all thanks to a building boom, finally taking off after years in the doldrums.

26. I kept talking until finally he put the rubber stamp down.

27. I finally put an end to it.

28. finally, trusts give you flexibility.

29. The plant that launched the genetic age has finally given up the secrets of its own DNA.

30. When the end of the term finally arrived, Marks came to drive Teddy to the house at Hyannis Port.

31. The word finally came from London on the afternoon of November 29.

32. The word finally reaches one of the advertising publications.

33. Interestingly enough, a full FOURTEEN issues into the current Wonder Woman relaunch, the title finally gets a reasonable start to the series this is not even meant as a shot at Heinberg or Picoult, they just were not given the opportunity to truly launch the title, as their runs were limited ones with Gail Simone joining the book as the regular title.

34. My name finally appeared at the top of the third page.

35. ‘About an hour later, we finally arrived at the mall and headed to the clothing stores.’

36. ‘The long wait for followers of the professional sports car racing series is finally over.’

37. ‘When he finally got to relate the details of his adventure, he gave her a paper bag as he spoke.’

38. ‘When I finally closed this book I confess to having some sympathy with the Queen Empress.’

39. ‘Have they not even considered what will happen to these people when the centre finally closes its doors?’

40. ‘The bridge will allow the agency to finally close a controversial gap in the central reservation.’

41. ‘This was pretty much the feeling I had when I finally got up close, and went inside.’

42. ‘Fifteen jobs were lost at that time and when Acre finally closed this week it was down to just five staff.’

43. ‘The editing process has finally come to a close and the film is as good as finished.’

44. ‘The happiest day of my life finally draws to a close and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.’

45. ‘Once it was closed the judge finally looked up from the papers on his desk.’

46. ‘I drank it all in, just being there in the almost deserted cafeteria, so close to her finally.’

47. ‘As the chatter died at the sudden events, it seemed that things were finally under way.’

48. ‘After he had gone on for eons, he finally came to the reason why most in the House were present.’

49. ‘The only reason the district council finally repaired them was because of public pressure.’

50. ‘The two families met soon after, when Susan was finally introduced to her cousin.’

51. ‘The doctor tried to reason with me but finally gave up with a look of exasperation.’

52. ‘The only reason I can write this tonight, is because we finally have a day off tomorrow.’

53. ‘A couple of weeks ago I finally completed the purchase of a one-bedroom flat in London.’

54. ‘She began to doubt Sarah would speak at all, but finally a small, quiet voice broke the silence.’

55. ‘He lingered on for several months, finally succumbing to a series of strokes.’

56. ‘This caused the lead car to lift off the ground and go into a series of rolls, finally sliding on its hood to a stop.’

57. ‘Mention it a few times, point out how cool it is and how you've always wanted one, and finally ask for it outright.’

58. ‘The parties may agree to accept the decision of the adjudicator as finally determining the dispute.’

59. ‘Hendry is hoping he has finally silenced the doubts over his new cue after beating Dale.’

60. finally the family left the house

Other users have misspelling finally as:

1. finelly 2.74%

2. finially 2.12%

3. fianlly 2.06%

4. finnally 1.94%

5. finlly 1.54%

6. Other 89.6%

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