Definition of 'led'


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1. Preterit and past participle of lead.

2. Simple past tense and past participle of lead.

3. [Obs.] An obsequious follower or attendant.

4. a sumpter horse, or a spare horse, that is led along.

5. of lead.


1. Samaranan took his hand and led him forward, the demons skipping in his wake.

2. Mistress Heaner led the way, holding the lamp, which threw fitful shadows onto the walls.

3. The priests spread out, checking the numerous doors that led off the main hall of the First Sister's apartments.

4. The steps down from the elevated station led onto Brighton Beach Avenue, still the heart of New York's Russian community.

5. MEXICO CITY -- As drug violence spirals out of control in Mexico, a commission led by three former Latin American heads of state blasted the U. S.-led drug war as a failure that is pushing Latin American societies to the breaking point.

6. Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia is an Iraqi homegrown Sunni extremist group led by foreigners that came about after the U. S.-led invasion in 2003.

7. Reporters Alistari MacDonald and John McKinnion note that attempts to stop Iran's plans to enrich uranium, a process that can be used to make nuclear weapons, have so far led to three sanctions resolutions in the U.ited Nations, but they have been relatively limited in scope and many European countries have until now resisted U. S.-led attempts to toughen the measures.

8. And he also has been an outspoken critic of the U.S. war led -- the U. S.-led war in Iraq.

9. Now that Providence had seen fit to cast him ashore, if he was to be permitted to continue his flight alone, he would go straight for his goal, the Swiss border, and not be led astray (that is what he called it, _led astray_) by any other enterprise.

10. Ghamsharik also led a group of Afghan militias during the 2001 U. S.-led campaign against the Taliban, including at Tora Bora, a complex of caves near Nangahar's border with Pakistan, from where al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden escaped.

11. The Hezb-i-Islami (HIA) party led by a former premier Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, which runs a separate insurgency force from the Taliban against the government and NATO and U. S.-led forces, said the offer was "completely unacceptable and out of question".

12. In the last three years, under U.S. tutelage, the Sunnis were persuaded, largely through large amounts of money and promises of immunity from prosecution, to abandon the insurgency they had led since the U. S.-led invasion.

13. The Taliban is led by Sunni Muslim clerics who imposed harsh Islamic law on Afghanistan until their ouster by a U. S.-led invasion in 2001.

14. Work and investment opportunities have led many foreigners to flock to Iraq's Kurdish oil-rich north, a region where the thriving economy contrasts sharply with other parts of a country ravaged by sectarian violence unleashed by the 2003 U. S.-led invasion.

15. ‘Companies are developing ways to use organic light-emitting diodes as a source for lighting up rooms.’

16. ‘Japanese scientists have proposed a solution to the puzzle of why blue light-emitting diodes are so bright.’

17. ‘Powerful light-emitting diodes have been shown to help heal wounds in laboratory animals and are now being tested on humans at the Medical College of Wisconsin.’

18. we led him to our chief

Other users have misspelling led as:

1. ld 37.64%

2. Other 62.36%

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