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1. manner without approximation; precisely.

2. focus Used to provide emphasis.

3. As you say. Used to indicate agreement.

4. In all respects; just.

5. In an exact manner; accurately.

6. In an exact manner; precisely according to a rule, standard, or fact; accurately; strictly; correctly; nicely.

7. In an exact manner; precisely according to rule, measure, fact, circumstance, etc.; with minute correctness; accurately: as, a tenon exactly fitted to the mortise.

8. Signifies agreement or recognition


1. Which is exactly how we like it.

2. These games show you exactly how we need to evolve.

3. We are almost exactly the same age.

4. We work very hard and know exactly what we have to do on the pitch.

5. Two films this year nailed exactly what it means to be human.

6. This can look exactly like a stroke but is cured almost instantly by an urgent dose of glucose.

7. They're really honest and say it exactly how it is.

8. It isn't long before you can see exactly why they stopped enjoying the tours.

9. It doesn't stop them understanding exactly what is going on, though.

10. You just know exactly what kind of chants are going to come back to us now, but I can deal with that.

11. When considering a new account it is crucial to think about exactly how you use it.

12. We would all find a doll that looked exactly like us equally disconcerting.

13. He just seemed exactly the right kind of person to ask.

14. We have put an exhaustive amount of information out there to show people exactly what we do.

15. Or that they carry their young for almost exactly the same time as we do?

16. This may not sound much of a challenge until you see exactly what is involved.

17. It is hard for most of us to know exactly what to say.

18. Many of us understand exactly what he meant.

19. Now we know almost exactly how many books are being sold.

20. Which means she knew exactly what it was.

21. She used these advantages exactly as a champion should.

22. We have the business exactly as we like it.

23. The resulting picture of the coronary arteries can show exactly where a narrowing or blockage occurs.

24. It was found in almost exactly the same spot it had been dropped.

25. Then you can see exactly what you have time to do.

26. It is most important that you understand exactly what the question requires you to do.

27. He knows exactly who wrote that line.

28. What exactly is meant by comprehensive school health?

29. He wanted to explain exactly how it used to work.

30. There they will meet people exactly like themselves.

31. Projects a laser to show exactly where hair will be cut.

32. They are entirely callous and in a position to get out of you just exactly what they want.

33. It was just exactly where you wanted to go on a rainy night a long way from home.

34. The plot is almost exactly the same and the pace seems to have dropped a notch or two.

35. ‘The first electron micrograph in each figure shows exactly which part was examined.’

36. ‘It is too painful and distressing for me to describe in detail exactly what happened.’

37. ‘The brothel turned out, when I went to check it out, to be exactly as Phillip described it.’

38. ‘Not all of the features above worked all the time or always exactly as described.’

39. ‘It described a curve exactly the same as he had seen when looking at the carriage wheels.’

40. ‘Part of him knew exactly who would be described but he wanted the homeless man to say it.’

41. ‘It's the most perfect of words, because it sounds exactly like the concept it describes.’

42. ‘In fact the solution given, although in a special case, gives exactly the modern method.’

43. ‘The figures would be then worked and reworked until they exactly met his needs.’

44. ‘You can read the pages exactly as they are laid out in the physical paper and download pdf's of any pages you want to keep.’

45. ‘It was just such a funny thing to know that my movements were exactly charted by this little slip of paper.’

46. ‘A face is perfectly symmetrical where one side is exactly the same as the other.’

47. ‘She has dealt with me at exactly the right level and in precisely the right way to see me through the treatment.’

48. ‘Its molecule is almost exactly the right shape to fit closely against a molecule of the substrate.’

49. ‘If the bearing is correct, the wreck of the windjammer should be exactly below us.’

50. ‘Years later it evokes exactly what we were thinking and feeling at the time.’

51. ‘He used to sit there and paint and he'd tell us exactly what time the colour would change.’

52. ‘The Neale needed a good start to the second half and that was exactly what they got.’

53. ‘His was a natural gift and, if it is not a contradiction in terms, this is exactly the way he styled it.’

54. ‘Quite a lot of regard is being given to exactly those issues in this term of Parliament.’

55. ‘He doesn't pull any punches and he lets you know in no uncertain terms exactly what he wants from you.’

56. ‘I'm not sure what bird it is exactly, it's definitely a raptor, and looks like a huge hawk.’

57. ‘We now know exactly what Lancashire has done in terms of modernisation, and what is needed.’

58. ‘As a rule, there is no term in the contract about exactly where he is to work.’

59. ‘While commonly used by many authors, it is not so easy to pinpoint exactly what they mean by the term.’

60. ‘I want to ask him to open the books and tell us exactly what this war is costing in financial terms.’

61. ‘Whether this assertion is warranted and what exactly it amounts to is quite another question.’

62. ‘Well a lot of the problem was the definitions of what is a yacht and who exactly is Rich.’

63. ‘No question it's an excellent film but how accurate is that description exactly?’

64. ‘It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what I hated about this painting.’

65. ‘More precisely, have you guessed exactly where the one large casino is going to be yet?’

66. ‘We need to identify exactly where problems exist and respond to them with precision.’

67. ‘No one can be absolutely correct about when exactly life begins and every person will have his or her own view.’

68. ‘Do you know exactly what you want to do with yourself once your undergrad degree is over?’

69. ‘When the first Icehotel in the world opened, some people were a little bemused by exactly what it was.’

70. ‘Second, what does it mean, exactly, to talk about children dying from air pollution?’

71. ‘It would have been a perfect spot for stargazing, had she known exactly what it was she was looking for.’

72. ‘So we need to identify exactly what the barriers are to see if we can correct them.’

73. ‘Now, just exactly where have all the scraps of paper with the new addresses got to?’

74. ‘Newspapers can monitor exactly which stories in that spot will sell most papers.’

75. he was doing exactly what she had told him to do

Other users have misspelling exactly as:

1. exacly 8.38%

2. exactl 7.04%

3. excatly 5.19%

4. exaclty 4.02%

5. excactly 3.02%

6. exatly 2.68%

7. exacty 2.51%

8. exactely 2.18%

9. Other 64.98%

10. about, approximately 0%

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