Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling unforgettable as:

pie chart
  1. unforgetible 13.33%
  2. unforgettibul 6.67%
  3. unforgotable 6.67%
  4. unfogetable 5%
  5. unforgettab 5%
  6. unforgattable 3.33%
  7. unforgetbale 3.33%
  8. Other 56.67%

Definitions of unforgettable


  1. impossible to forget

Examples of unforgettable

  1. In that time she accompanied members of the Royal Family on some unforgettable overseas tours.
  2. From the tastefully appointed mosaic inlays and concaved walls adorned with statues and his paintings, the mosaic swimming pool and Japanese garden with plenty of creature comforts, make for unforgettable ambiance.
  3. But by settling for the current standard of cuisine, the Shore is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

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