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1. in the plural Transports of delight; words or actions performed in a state of ecstasy.

2. rare An enthusiast.

3. One subject to ecstasies or raptures; an extravagant enthusiast.

4. plural Ecstasy; rapturous emotion.

5. Feeling or characterized by ecstasy.

6. figuratively Extremely happy.

7. Marked by or expressing ecstasy.

8. Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured.

9. Pertaining to, or caused by, ecstasy or excessive emotion; of the nature, or in a state, of ecstasy

10. Delightful beyond measure; rapturous; ravishing.

11. Pertaining to or resulting from ecstasy; entrancing; overpowering.

12. Affected by ecstasy; enraptured; entranced.


1. It was recorded live in Leipzig to an ecstatic audience ; perhaps you had to be there.

2. We are ecstatic about welcoming a new addition to our family soon.

3. It was a fantastic conversation and we are feeling ecstatic.

4. The audience bursts into ecstatic applause as she struggles to get through a door carrying a dummy.

5. It received a generous reception without being ecstatic.

6. Most works are captured from live performances and include ecstatic applause.

7. They were ecstatic about them and the rest of their food.

8. At the end of the game he found that his name was being chanted by the ecstatic crowd.

9. It comes, and he looks ecstatic.

10. The welcome was ecstatic, the gratitude seemed genuine.

11. For the camera at least, she looks ecstatic.

12. It is a character of being, a sound of ecstatic joy.

13. After the lights go down, the audience is ecstatic.

14. The Argentinian seemed overwhelmed by his ecstatic reception and faded so badly he was substituted after an hour.

15. Nonetheless, the crowd are ecstatic.

16. She looked exhausted but ecstatic.

17. Single Cassius received an ecstatic reception.

18. When he emerged from the hospital, he told the ecstatic crowd outside that his son had fair hair and blue eyes.

19. Some days I feel ecstatic and very excitable.

20. So why was I left feeling less than ecstatic?

21. She says: 'I am just ecstatic to get this far.

22. He said: 'I was ecstatic to see my name on the team sheet.

23. The playing was faultless, the singing blithely exquisite, the applause ecstatic.

24. This ecstatically inspired communication, which I call ecstatic talk or n|om talk, shakes and tunes the mind, clearing it from distracting influences and opening a connection to spirited creative expression.

25. Show this in ecstatic glimpses, as when mists upon a hill

26. Leaving aside the inevitable demonising of the military, large corporations and industry, the lionising of noble savages in ecstatic pantheistic harmony with their computer game vegetation – all of which are irritating enough in their own right – the dialogue was so mind-numbingly trite, it make Titanic look like Proust.

27. Ari Roth writes on the Theater J blog: But the main reason for my waxing ecstatic is the performance last night of Swiss film and stage star, Grazziella Rossi, in the duet for actress and saxophone, the monodrama SABINA SPIELREIN, running for one more night — tonight — at Theater J. Check out this amazing [...]

28. Up to 10,000 people a day have been flocking to a Florida baseball stadium to lose themselves in ecstatic music and appeal to Bentley for divine healing, which the T-shirted, bling-wearing redhead sometimes offers by kneeing the sick in the stomach or kicking them with his biker boots and shouting “Bam!”

29. But the main reason for my waxing ecstatic is the performance last night of Swiss film and stage star, Grazziella Rossi, in the duet for actress and saxophone, the monodrama SABINA SPIELREIN, running for one more night — tonight — at Theater J.

30. Regarding Camby, Dunleavy said: ` ` I was ecstatic from the standpoint that even thought he has been out a while, he was able to come in and make some good passes and play good defensively. ''

31. Clearly, Olema residents tolerated inefficient daily negotiations over cash expenditures, the absence of a formal leader, and the friction caused by the nonmonogamy principle, because they judged that keeping structure to a minimum would hasten the day when the world's people would live perpetually in ecstatic communion.

32. The word ecstatic doesn't do justice to the way people felt that triumphant night.

33. ‘When my eyes finally adjusted I was ecstatic with happiness.’

34. ‘Here's how ecstatic Boston fans got the news from their morning paper.’

35. ‘But I hoped he felt the same as I had, ecstatic and bubbling with happiness.’

36. ‘And when the game finally became available over the Internet last year, fans were ecstatic.’

37. ‘But the kids will be ecstatic, and a happy child often begets a calm vacation.’

38. ‘At the visitor centre, the comments on the building were almost all enthusiastic, even ecstatic.’

39. ‘I'm absolutely ecstatic at having the opportunity to learn from a professional cheerleader.’

40. ‘Her two friends had been ecstatic to see her looking so much better.’

41. ‘I was absolutely ecstatic because it was the best shot of the day.’

42. ‘She grins at the sight of me, positively ecstatic at how beautifully I had cleaned up.’

43. ‘He didn't want to scare her, but her reaction made him ecstatic.’

44. ‘I received just over 200 for the last chapter, which made me ecstatic.’

45. ‘They didn't expect that until 2020, so that number makes them ecstatic.’

46. ‘The French talk in almost ecstatic terms about the spine of the team being restored.’

47. ‘I'd been, if not exactly ecstatic, at least content with my lot.’

48. ‘All the inmates were ecstatic to hear that, but weren't exactly sure if it was true.’

49. ‘She giggled, ecstatic to hear from him.’

50. ‘Shaun was ecstatic to hear about the wedding.’

51. ‘He walked up to the table with a smile, and seemed excessively ecstatic to find her.’

52. ‘The ecstatic crowd promptly rose to the occasion showing tremendous enthusiasm and support for the home band.’

53. ‘Religion has always provided some kind of ecstatic experience.’

54. ‘Are the people who experience ecstatic religious states just having a really good trip?’

55. ‘Much of Sufism seems to be focused on trying to raise up that higher self, the ecstatic experience in which you are in union with God.’

56. ‘But if you just have ecstatic experiences and the Torah is not stacked up on your heart, nothing happens.’

57. ‘Nothing wrong with that especially when the resulting outcome is something bordering on a religious experience of aural ecstatic proportions.’

58. ‘Perhaps the energy generated by ecstatic dance in worship of the spirits can call the rains to come.’

59. ‘Though I think the best reference is as one where it was used for specific religious practice to achieve ecstatic states: Soma.’

60. ‘Indigenous religions are big on this; all those ecstatic dances of the shaman are essentially the same experience.’

61. ‘What's odd, however, is the sheer fervour with which he's using them, eyes blazing, grinning like a devotee of a particularly ecstatic religious cult.’

62. ‘While he does eventually renew his belief in the Lord it comes as a result of resolving family conflicts and not an ecstatic vision of the Lord.’

63. ‘ecstatic temporality transcends particular entities in two respects.’

64. ‘ecstatic trances can produce a feeling of "pounding" in the head.’

65. ‘Intransigent towards ecstatics, sarcastic towards Catholics, intractable towards heretics, Calvinism participated unwittingly in the disenchantment of the world.’

66. ‘This interp was profoundly influenced by the fear elicited by the Thugi ecstatics, who represented only a small and twisted offshooting of Tantra and the worship of Ma, but is now presented as the whole of it.’

67. ‘A song by the American rap group Cypress Hill accompanied an exquisitely edited video - this was the artist's first excursion into the medium - of a belly dancer and Sufi ecstatics dancing at a moulid (religious celebration).’

68. ‘Why, then, were we shown rather unrepresentative scenes of predominantly female ecstatics?’

69. ‘In theory, since God is no respecter of persons, the role of mystic / ecstatic should have been open to all.’

70. the memory of freedom was kept alive in ecstatic dances and visions

Other users have misspelling ecstatic as:

1. extatic 3.2%

2. exstatic 1.6%

3. Other 95.2%

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