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Other users have misspelling occasion as:

pie chart
  1. occassion 17.52%
  2. occation 8.6%
  3. ocassion 4.78%
  4. ocasion 4.46%
  5. ocation 2.87%
  6. occasio 2.07%
  7. occasi 1.27%
  8. Other 58.43%

Definitions of occasion


  1. the time of a particular event
  2. an opportunity to do something
  3. an event that occurs at a critical time
  4. reason
  5. a vaguely specified social event


  1. give occasion to

Examples of occasion

  1. Not that I'm denigrating the effort - I'm good for a few quid once I've got a few beers in me later tonight - but the enforced jollity does occasionally grate.
  2. Your behaviour has occasioned us a great deal of anxiety.
  3. Advancing age has occasionally brought resolution, more often just a little understanding, to many of these riddles, but not necessarily to the resilient ambiguity of history.

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