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1. computing, databases A set of instructions passed to a database.

2. A question mark.

3. A question or inquiry.

4. A notation, usually a question mark, calling attention to an item in order to question its validity or accuracy.

5. A doubt in the mind; a mental reservation.

6. A question; an inquiry.

7. An interrogation point [?] as the sign of a question or a doubt.

8. A question; an inquiry to be answered or solved.

9. A question in the mind; a doubt.

10. an instance of questioning

11. A question; an inquiry to be answered or resolved; specifically, a doubt or challenge, as of a written or printed statement, represented by the interrogation-point (?), or by an abbreviation, q., qy., or qu., or by both.

12. Synonyms Inquiry, Interrogation, etc. See question.

13. computing, databases To pass a query to a database to retrieve information.

14. transitive To question or call into doubt.

15. transitive To ask, inquire.

16. intransitive To ask a question.

17. pose a question

18. To ask questions; to make inquiry.

19. To have a doubt.

20. To put a question to (a person). synonym: ask.

21. To mark (an item) with a notation in order to question its validity or accuracy.

22. To express doubt or uncertainty about; question.

23. To address questions to; to examine by questions.

24. To put questions about; to elicit by questioning; to inquire into

25. To doubt of; to regard with incredulity.

26. To write “ query” (qu., qy., or ?) against, as a doubtful spelling, or sense, in a proof. See Quære.


1. One of my goals was to query veteran leaders about the structure of their week.

2. She was caught last year after a credit card bill was queried.

3. These top a new list of the strangest science queries put by the public.

4. He fields a query about whether there is an opposite to misogynist.

5. But a basic query about his current relationship status proves otherwise.

6. But a new approach has been taken using the internet to monitor how people search online for queries about mental health.

7. So try to get your query in before 11.30am.

8. People want to plug in their query, get the results and move on.

9. As the seconds counted down, he queried the call.

10. None the less, there are at least two queries worth making about these proposals.

11. It is almost a query about a player's moral courage.

12. When he queried the bill he was told this was their standard pricing policy to reflect higher rents and longer opening hours at services.

13. The energy giant said more households are resolving queries and bills online as it announced plans to close a centre in Southampton.

14. If he had any doubts or queries I am satisfied he could seek advice.

15. A farmer with a query will get a reply within 15 minutes.

16. Inquiries on how to handle gas and electricity arrears were up by a third, while queries about council tax debt rose by a quarter.

17. Some experts have queried the MoD's reliance on another country for such a sensitive capability.

18. One large board would also be incapable of dealing satisfactorily with queries about results, especially when there is a time limit set for application to university.

19. ‘His second query concerned the request from residents, whose property faces onto the Fairgreen at the rear, to have a footpath installed behind their houses.’

20. ‘Those who have a query, are seeking information or wish to register a complaint and are unsure whom to contact, may call the North West’

21. ‘The station now has more staff to deal with queries and give out information and there are 15 CCTV cameras operating 24 hours-a-day to help ensure passenger safety.’

22. ‘The foundation operates a 24-hour freephone helpline, run by trained staff and nurses, to give information and answer queries on the disease.’

23. ‘The Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism declined to respond to queries regarding the information dispersal.’

24. ‘He stressed that all times he was merely forwarding queries and requests from the man's sister.’

25. ‘For an advice leaflet or for further queries or information, farmers can contact the Environmental Services Section.’

26. ‘They are also interested in reducing the support costs associated with responding to queries from production management specialists.’

27. ‘Call centers in the Philippines answer customer queries for insurance firms.’

28. ‘In fact it brings new pressures to react even more quickly to quotations and queries.’

29. ‘It is disappointing that this item was reported without any contact with the local authority and as a result could raise understandable queries for the public about the work of council staff.’

30. ‘A council spokesperson said he was not in a position to answer the query on the double yellow lines.’

31. ‘When asked if there was a Press Section to respond to queries, she said she was unaware of any such means of dealing with issues and that it was a matter for the engineers.’

32. ‘The kids come to expect that special time and will remind you with their queries: ‘What are we doing for Family Night?’’

33. ‘A key factor for companies operating a telephone-based link to customers is the management of special call centres to handle sales and customer queries.’

34. ‘But there were many words he couldn't understand and he pestered his grandfather with queries about what they meant.’

35. ‘I especially liked the coverage of current issues and the Q&A sections where you answer reader's queries.’

36. ‘Be sure that these queries and objections are answered and understood so as to draw out loyalty and trust.’

37. ‘Women often have complex pension queries, because of broken work records and complicated national insurance rules.’

38. ‘Whilst the staff are able to address insurance queries they do not have underwriting authority and cannot provide underwriting solutions during the meeting.’

39. ‘On the third night I noted that a snake ‘query, boomslang’ had slithered across my legs that night.’

40. ‘It would have had to be an unwary Hun that let me get near him with my pike—design Circa 1500; origin query Birmingham Small Arms Company.’

41. ‘"You reminded me of someone I once knew.‥" (query her sister?)’

42. ‘The brother has a much younger wife, a daughter (query: stepdaughter) now about eighteen, and another daughter who is five.’

43. ‘"Arick" is said by a local informant to have been one Eric Corlett who lived there towards the end of the 17th (query 18th?) century.’

44. ‘The farm of Gors (query, Glan-y-Gors?) lies near Bodwrdda and Ffynnon Ddurdan.’

45. ‘query: would Joyce have ever agreed to this?’

46. ‘query: doesn't it make sense to maintain a first-rate desert training center?’

47. ‘He was asked by various private surgeons to administer to their patients anesthesia by acupuncture (query—does he mean anesthesia or analgesia: there's a bloody big difference).’

48. ‘query: what should I do about my legs in hot weather?’

49. ‘‘I'll be querying whether these new revelations relate to matters that should be declared under the ministerial code,’ said Theresa May, shadow leader of the house.’

50. ‘Two residents from Bridge End Cottages had written to Settle Town Council querying whether the football field was the right location, but the council has yet to discuss the letter.’

51. ‘Replays showed Jayawardene took the low catch on the half-volley and home umpire Asoka de Silva referred to square-leg colleague Dave Orchard to query whether the catch had been taken cleanly.’

52. ‘It is legitimate to query whether all of his views are correct but to make an honest man ‘apologise’ helps no-one.’

53. ‘She completely fails to query whether or not this competitive bloodlust is something we as a society want to encourage.’

54. ‘That is not a call for censorship, but it is legitimate to query whether this project is the most suitable to receive public money.’

55. ‘The golf course is a good public amenity but I would query whether it could be run in a way that at least allows it to break even.’

56. ‘We queried whether the doctor became hungry on the second day, but he assured us that he's long since become accustomed to no-food days.’

57. ‘He queried whether a craftsman who had been employed to carry out repairs was still employed by the council.’

58. ‘Some shareholders are expected to query whether this would be the most prudent use of the money.’

59. ‘Nervousness spread as investors queried whether they could trust the accounting at other high-growth companies.’

60. ‘But the BMJ queried whether these conclusions had been drawn from an examination of the study's raw data.’

61. ‘I was triple checking my switches and querying the boomer for indications on his instruments.’

62. ‘While scientists may well query the value of this kind of concept, I am sure that many social scientists will query its entire validity.’

63. ‘Generally, it was welcomed in Sligo, but some people queried whether the growth of the town might be at the expense of the surrounding areas.’

64. ‘If there was no second opinion from a psychiatrist, the surgeon should have queried this - whether that's standard procedure or not.’

65. ‘Medical experts querying the Hutton conclusion have formed the Kelly Investigation Group.’

66. ‘I have had many friends afraid to go and ask questions or query anything simply because they don't know whether the clerk will decide to unleash her day's frustration on them.’

67. ‘The problem came to light last month when two customers queried bills after signing up to new packages launched earlier this year.’

68. ‘The second column shows how many times each function queried the database and the last column shows the functions' names and source files.’

69. ‘And after querying a few people on the subject, I learned that there had been a recent death in the family.’

70. ‘We recently have sent out questionnaire to query our Japanese readers about their reactions to our magazine and products.’

71. ‘She's been watching things from there, querying military leaders there about how this fits into the overall tactics and strategies for the U.S.’

72. ‘Fred First is querying his fellow bloggers on their dialect oddities, and getting an international response.’

73. ‘Giambi said he had queried Anderson about Bonds' workout and health regimens.’

74. ‘Sometimes a questionnaire can be used to query students.’

75. ‘The finding of most interest is that directly querying individuals about prior diagnosis and/or treatment of bipolar disorder is considerably more efficient than symptom-based screening.’

76. ‘According to this finely observed account, he learned most about the animals by querying hunters and listening intently to what they had to say.’

77. ‘His developers spent years querying doctors on their needs and testing prototypes in real-world settings.’

78. ‘We got a chance to query him on a variety of subjects and his answers provide an interesting look into his mind (or at the very least scratch the surface).’

79. ‘We query the teacher as to her views on assessment and accountability in general and special education, and on inclusion of students in general education.’

80. ‘Clinicians should query parents about eating behaviors when discussing dietary habits at well-child visits.’

81. ‘Anyway, some have asked us to query our readers since we are in touch with so many people in the healthcare industry.’

82. ‘The log-in procedures are different for the two services, but each queries you for passwords on three separate occasions.’

83. ‘In the Scottish ballad, the Mother obviously does not believe her son's first answer, and she queries him again and again.’

84. ‘Though the place was empty, she never got her coffee, and when she queried the waitress, she was told she had to go to another room.’

85. ‘Students were queried with respect to individual needs in order to create an optimal learning environment.’

86. ‘When the controller again queried the pilot, the pilot did not respond.’

87. ‘The students were queried on various social values as well as military recruiting options.’

88. ‘A recent survey shows women are queried more often than men about their expense claims.’

89. there was a query about my training

Other users have misspelling query as:

1. queria 14.09%

2. querry 5.15%

3. quiery 1.67%

4. queri 1.52%

5. Other 77.57%

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