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Other users have misspelling prerogative as:

pie chart
  1. perogative 21.88%
  2. prerrogativa 18.75%
  3. prerogativa 6.25%
  4. prerpgative 3.13%
  5. perogotive 3.13%
  6. Other 46.86%

Definitions of prerogative


  1. a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)

Examples of prerogative

  1. Second, that the entire Reichstag assented to the declarations made by the speakers on Tuesday that the Emperor had exceeded his constitutional prerogatives in private discussion with foreigners concerning Germany's attitude on controverted questions.
  2. With the usual prerogative of the wealthy classes, he tended to choose doctors with a reputation for having studied some topics in greater detail than usual.
  3. Your Honour, we have not appealed against that, but what we do say is that we have sufficient standing to obtain either of the prerogative writs if ultimately the Court were minded to grant them and we do not really need more than that.

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