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1. The act of criticising; a critical judgment passed or expressed; a critical observation or detailed examination and review; a critique; animadversion; censure.

2. The investigation of the origin and history of literary documents; textual criticism.

3. A critical comment or judgment.

4. A critical article or essay; a critique.

5. The act of criticizing, especially adversely.

6. The practice of analyzing, classifying, interpreting, or evaluating literary or other artistic works.

7. The rules and principles which regulate the practice of the critic; the art of judging with knowledge and propriety of the beauties and faults of a literary performance, or of a production in the fine arts.

8. disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings

9. A critical judgment; especially, a detailed critical examination or disquisition; a critique.

10. The critical or Kantian philosophy (which see, under critical).

11. The act of criticizing; discrimination or discussion of merit, character, or quality; the exercise or application of critical judgment.

12. In a restricted sense, inquiry into the origin, history, authenticity, character, etc., of literary documents. Higher criticism concerns writings as a whole; lower criticism concerns the integrity or character of particular parts or passages.

13. The art of judging of and defining the qualities or merits of a thing, especially of a literary or artistic work: as, the rules of criticism.


1. She often faced criticism for her single status.

2. Her father was an artist who did years of hard labour for mild criticisms of party policy.

3. There also has been criticism about enforcement.

4. Some of the toughest criticism comes from economists themselves.

5. The comments provoked widespread criticism, and she apologised.

6. The criticism was unfair, or at least premature.

7. The report was greeted with scepticism and fierce criticism, he said.

8. A new giant has been discovered in literary criticism.

9. The 28-year-old is not often subject to criticism in his home country, indeed his status makes him almost immune to it.

10. The sentences have drawn criticism around the world.

11. This art criticism takes up the bulk of the book.

12. Yet such criticisms are often made with little concern for what women actually feel.

13. Previous judgments have heaped criticism upon those responsible.

14. This issue begins with two pieces of poetry criticism.

15. The manufacturer says the criticism is unfair.

16. There is also a further implication here for the role and place of literary criticism.

17. The police have faced persistent criticism that their investigation then was too limited in its scope.

18. The tax department has come in for fierce criticism over its dealings with big companies.

19. Why are we so worried about criticism?

20. Conquest still continued writing poetry and criticism.

21. Computer games come under a lot of unfair criticism for destroying the fabric of family life.

22. Rare in contemporary literary criticism is the scholar who betrays a love for literature.

23. Obviously judges are unlikely to speak about their specific cases or to make stinging criticism of political policy.

24. It is also a less strong criticism of free schools to say that some are failing than is often thought.

25. The walkout comes at a time when unions and collective bargaining by public employees have come under criticism across the country.

26. His outspoken comments often drew criticism.

27. Yet rather than quell the criticism, his comments left voters baffled.

28. The move has drawn criticism from frontline services, which are already facing huge financial pressures.

29. High street banks come in for regular criticism - often rightly so.

30. Yesterday senior officers studied the towpath were she was last seen, amid mounting criticism of their investigation.

31. Other essays in the collection include art criticism, a meditation on her father and the science of reading.

32. It seems reasonable to apply criticism to those judgments, but none of us can be stoned too readily.

33. This is a criticism of US policy in all but name.

34. Honest and earnest criticism from those whose interests are most nearly touched, —criticism of writers by readers, of government by those governed, of leaders by those led, —this is the soul of democracy and the safeguard of modern society.

35. The main criticism is the Amazon behemoth DRM (Digital Rights Management) issue, where the formats are locked and incompatible with other devices.

36. My main criticism is that the movie fails to make the distinction between real experiment and thought experiment.

37. The pursuit of complexity in criticism is one thing, and it is certainly true all critics need not be generalists, hoping one day to reach even that reader of U.S.A. Today.

38. When you use the term criticism, are you really referring to passing judgment?

39. I cannot understand how so many commenters come to this site and see “pitchforks and burning torches” … Someone MIGHT be able to make the argument that some of the criticism is a pushing it a little but, overall, everyone seems pretty reasonable.

40. As such, they gave Texas a better chance of winning (unlikely but feasible had they gotten the ball back) and this criticism is absurd. shmalex Says:

41. Much of the criticism is about Notre Dame and their role in honoring Obama and not necessarily opposing Obama's speech itself.

42. Whatever the criticism is about Democrats, I will gladly accept them over Repubs anyday.

43. Maybe the criticism is the explicitly spiritual ending to a previously hard sci-fi story.

44. ‘Indeed, readers have written to the Evening Press expressing these very criticisms.’

45. ‘I think many of the criticisms expressed here hold a lot of water.’

46. ‘No criticisms were being made of the Defendants on the basis that they were negligent.’

47. ‘He is a friend of the West, and that is what makes his criticisms, when they come, so much more devastating.’

48. ‘He likes to get the criticisms in there before anyone else has a chance.’

49. ‘In fact half the respondents indicated they more or less agreed with the criticisms.’

50. ‘So now I'm waiting on them to return a report to me with all their criticisms and queries.’

51. ‘Despite these criticisms, the European governments stuck to the gradual approach.’

52. ‘His appeal to a wide section of the public naturally drew criticisms from the purists.’

53. ‘One of the criticisms of the Halberg Awards is that too few people decide who wins.’

54. ‘Bradford Council has rejected criticisms that it failed to follow planning guidelines.’

55. ‘At the Scottish parliament on Thursday, there were few criticisms of the move.’

56. ‘His irate criticisms flung from the directors' box or prompted by journalists are manifold.’

57. ‘I am going to come back to some of the criticisms about misconduct proceedings themselves in a moment.’

58. ‘That's two criticisms with no examples, and I just don't see what you mean at all.’

59. ‘With their constant criticisms of each other it is unlikely they can ever be on the same team.’

60. ‘But some of his criticisms about lack of professionalism at the club are well made.’

61. ‘Despite the bad weather and the criticisms, the players were lobbying for it.’

62. ‘He said he had not yet seen the report and was unaware of the criticisms.’

63. ‘Do you accept any of the criticisms he makes about the way he was treated and about the way the investigation was run?’

64. ‘Indeed, philosophy should be a good deal more like literary or artistic criticism than it thinks it is.’

65. ‘Jung pointed to the decline over the past years in the fields of Austrian culture and artistic criticism.’

66. ‘The internet is a good stage for writers to receive criticism and support, and to improve quickly.’

67. ‘Elizabethan tragedy, on the contrary, doesn't demand so much explanatory criticism.’

68. ‘It opened a new vista in the area of art criticism in Tamil literature.’

69. ‘I need the support and the constructive criticism to keep me going!’

70. ‘I begin with some contextualization of what is at stake here for Milton criticism.’

71. ‘In this sense, literary and cultural criticism can be a useful diagnostic instrument.’

72. ‘It has taken highly specialised forms of criticism to separate creative writers from their critics.’

73. ‘The rule compels the writer to receive criticism in a workshop without responding.’

74. ‘There is not a word of serious analysis or criticism in the entire volume.’

75. ‘We needed opinions, and editing and criticism, just as we need in teaching in order to develop and perfect.’

76. ‘When they relate poetry to music, they invite harsh criticism on two fronts, not just one.’

77. ‘Feminist criticism has debated what difference it makes, what difference it should make, if the reader is a woman.’

78. ‘I asked them to write two sentences of alliterative art criticism.’

79. ‘Narrative criticism has made a major impact on study of the gospels.’

80. ‘The same cannot be said for criticisms which appeared in The Scotsman newspaper on Friday.’

81. ‘At the end of the film, he and one of the producers were really eager to hear the criticisms of the audience.’

82. ‘What is perhaps most dispiriting about this book is the tone of these criticisms.’

83. ‘But my really harsh criticisms of the film are kept for the film's attempts at meaning.’

84. ‘Today, we have the tools of historical scholarship, biblical criticism, and science.’

85. ‘It is a work of biography and criticism with the drama and sweep of a historical novel.’

86. ‘Many students would be happier if poetry was poetry, and criticism was criticism.’

87. ‘That is what Barthes is seeking in his earliest work of criticism, Le Degré zéro de l' écriture.’

88. ‘His third volume, Poems, and collections of prose and criticism appeared in 1928.’

89. ‘We can only assume that the sort of reading which writers must undertake is not one covered by the term criticism.’

90. ‘Her library stocks a handful of copies of the Steinbeck texts she needs, but not a single work of literary theory or criticism.’

91. ‘As a writer of poetry I have more freedom to do this than as a writer of academic prose or criticism.’

92. the senator received severe criticism from his opponent

Other users have misspelling criticism as:

1. critisim 8.22%

2. critisism 5.59%

3. criticsm 4.61%

4. critisum 3.95%

5. critisicm 2.3%

6. criticismo 1.97%

7. criticis 1.64%

8. Other 71.72%

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